The correct attitude

November 27, 2011 12:52


Have you ever had the idea that we — the artists of his own life? Have you ever thought seriously about what the person who most influenced your life — it's about you? Just depends on you, what colors you choose for your web life

So the world, that the world we live only in the present. When we remember what happened in the past and think about what will happen in the future — all we are doing at the moment of our lives. In no other way. Therefore, the present is the foundation for your future. It is today and now you determine what you will be tomorrow. In other words, this will determine your future. When you get some results today — is a result of what you did a few days, months or even years ago — in those days, which at that time was your present. And the fact that you get the next day (after a month or a year) depends on what you are doing today. So now it is worth considering how you want your future.

I think it is obvious to you that our thoughts affect our actions, but rather, define them. If you constantly think about what you are — a small man, and no matter what can not, then you have not made any significant step that would like to change your life for the better. But if you think about the fact that everything is in your hands, and begin to act according to your beliefs. Beliefs — this is what we believe.

Tell me, how did you know that 2 * 2 is 4, and 7 * 5 to 35? You are convinced of the correctness of your answers, because the multiplication table is firmly etched in your mind. Remember how many times you memorize this table, repeated, copied … A very large number of times. That is why the answers pop up in your head so quickly. The same thing happens with the beliefs that you hold. The more often you repeat them, the stronger they take root in your mind. But you and only you are the owner of his own thoughts. Only you can decide what you will believe. If you are constantly going to convince yourself that you are not wanted and no one does not love you, then, in the end, so be it. Because you begin to conduct themselves according to your beliefs. So if you want your future to be better than your present, go for it, and, above all, clear out of my head all the negative thoughts.

Choose for yourself the beliefs that will help you improve your life (for example, how often tell yourself that you get out of life or repeat that you are open to everything new — instead of having to think about what your life — sucks or you're afraid of change.) Do not allow a return to his old negative thoughts, move them out of your head completely, replacing the new positive affirmations.

As I said, our thoughts determine the nature of our actions. The sooner you act in accordance with their new beliefs, the better for you. If you decide to stop complaining about life and enjoy it, it is important not only to think about it, but also take any action for this. In this case, you should learn to feel that life is really beautiful, no matter what.

Enjoy walks, reading books, from talking on the phone, from the sun's heat, the drops of rain — in short, of all that life expresses itself in the world. If you learn to do this, in the future you will always enjoy life. It is currently defines what will be our future.

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