The crews of the BTR-80 and the Marine Corps artillery Northern Fleet completed puzzles on the polar landfills

Mortar units and self-propelled howitzers completed the next step battle training, performing complex day and night shooting at targets on the polar sites. The crews of armored vehicles have confirmed the ability to fire up and go in the night with the criteria reported the press service of the Western Military Area

To fire in the calculations mortars, guns, military equipment and crews support units involved about 300 people.

Combat crews mortar "Tray" and the self-propelled howitzers, "Carnation" did record-firing exercises control in the single payment and batteries, and the crews of armored personnel carriers BTR-80 — after the nomination march on ground NIGHT MODE during adverse weather conditions.

Preparation of calculations and artillery crews of military equipment held in the run-up company tactical exercises battle shooting, graduating winter training.

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