The crews of the ships of the Baltic Fleet marines had landed on the Black Sea coast

The crews of the ships of the Baltic Fleet marines had landed on the Black Sea coast, told ITAR-TASS today at the Office of the press service of the Defense Ministry and disk imaging.

"The huge amphibious ships of the Baltic Fleet / BDK /" Alexander Shabalin "and" Kaliningrad "in the exercise group of the Navy, which began on January 19, successfully conducted amphibious landing exercise to the wild coast of the Black Sea area, — the Ministry of Defense. — In the process of battle studying successful acts crews huge amphibious ships have allowed to disrupt the sample counter planting undertaken by conventional enemy. "

According to the War Department, after being subjected to the planned activities battle training in the waters of the Black Sea huge amphibious ships "Kaliningrad" and "Alexander Shabalin" take a course on the area of the Bosphorus straits — the Dardanelles. Passage of the Straits is scheduled for 24 — 27 January 2013. After the release of the ships in the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Fleet will join the other members of the designated exercise area.

The Defense Ministry also said that the guided-missile cruiser "Moskva" and watchdog ship "Sharp-witted" from the groups operating in the Mediterranean, is now in the evening arrive in the designated area, where they will hold a number of naval exercises, including battle shooting. For safety area Firing in accordance with the requirements of international maritime law was declared unsafe in advance for shipping.

Other warships taking part in the exercises: large anti- ship "North", a watchdog ship "Yaroslav the Wise" BDK "San Francisco" and "Azov", at the present time are in transit in area maneuvers.

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