The economic crisis does not allow Greece to fight sea pirates

Greek frigate was withdrawn from the European group to fight against sea piracy. The revocation reason — economic crisis. This was announced Ministry national defense of Greece.

According to the Greek Ministry of the role of the frigate's operations in the Indian Ocean costs the country in two and a half million euros per month (ITAR-TASS).

But Greece is going through at the moment a severe economic crisis — You have to see the worst of the second world war. Greek government in 2012 to reduce the defense budget of 400 million euros.

The ministry uttered that frigate return to Greece for a month earlier than planned — in other words, on March 8 instead of April 4. In addition, ship will not participate in the anti-piracy mission in the next half of the year.

Recall that the EU since 2008, conducts naval operation "Atalanta", whose efforts are focused on countering piracy off the coast of Somalia.

In February this year, the European Alliance has decided to extend the operation until the end of 2014

Alternately in the operation involving up to seven warships at once (to a greater extent — frigates). The main tasks of ships: ships accompany the United Nations humanitarian aid to Somalia to patrol and respond quickly to reports of occurrence in the waters of pirates.

Note that Greece was the first country to take command of the "Atalanta".

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