The economic outlook of the GOZ-2013

Once proved to be rising in certain energoelementy RF, information began to appear, it can lead to new challenges in terms of the state defense order. The fact that many Russian defense companies use for their own production of natural gas, the price of which may be increased in July this year is very significant. There are reports that cost the gas may increase by about 11%, about the same as the increase in summer left past year.

Naturally, an increase in gas prices lead to higher prices and other energoelementy that used in the production — such as coal. In turn, prices can go up to the production of defense companies. A special section deals with materials used in the construction of military equipment. Such materials include, inter alia, and steel. Now cold sheet cost is dependent on numerous reasons, one of which is the price of energy needed for production.

Does not determine the price of thousands of cubic meters of gas, "Gazprom" is not only on the ground RF, and in regard to foreign consumers. For some countries, as it turned out, cost the blue fuel can even be reduced. In the middle of such states as paradoxically, Lithuania. The fact that "Gazprom" is ready to go for a 20% discount on gas for Lithuania in this case the authorities of the Baltic republic will withdraw the claim on its own 5 billion litas filed against gas company RF. Of course, the strategy is fully effective, and "Gazprom" cleverly uses its own ability to adjust prices for consumers taken separately.

Will the gas monopoly to go for price concessions with regard to defense companies in the country — as long as discussions are not, well, it is unlikely to open a discussion.

But there was other information that solutions for the problems of cash security state defense order in 2013. Vnesheconombank is now able to lend to the SDO.

To do this, VEB will created a special oversight committee, which will teach the ability of credit or other enterprises in the defense sector. It is not the question on how there can be such preferential loans, and whether the benefits provided in general. The Russian government has supported the initiative VEB lending defense contracts at the end of December 2012.

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