The essence of the talisman. What is a guardian?

The essence of the charms are exactly what their names imply: their vocation — to protect people, especially during hard times, in times of conflict, terrorism, and other ills. In other words, to protect the owner from any intentional negative influence, whatever it may be and wherever may come. Negative impacts can be purely physical effects — such as disease (caused by the way, are often not only by natural causes, but we overcame the evil eye or due to damage).
Amulets can protect its owner and of any impact on his psyche, the soul, the emotional sphere. They will protect you from the imposition of the will of others, charms, suggestions from the outside and from severe depression.
Charms — It experimentally, for many centuries magical items selected by studying which our ancestors came to the conclusion that they can guard and protect us from unfriendly forces. Charms are different. This is a necklace, bracelet, oberezhnye embroidery on clothing, patterns which are stylized symbols of the ancient gods or protectors kind decorations on windows, shutters, trim, and the roof over the porch, over the gate house.
Today we almost lost the skills of everyday protection that was used by our ancestors. And it is unlikely to contribute to our quiet life. With the disappearance of a strong daily protection we are very easy prey to malevolent forces of the shadow world. They easily get into our lives, we often do not even notice it. We go to the doctors complaining of fatigue, irritability, insomnia, malaise, that "something was wrong with me, Doctor, they do." And what we can in these cases to help the doctor? Oh, nothing — like sickness is not his profile.
Of course, a great help and protection we give the church, but you probably should not be neglected and the most minor safety equipment, we are able to establish themselves, so if the question is about our health and life. All the more so with the Church of today, many of us are still very complicated and ambiguous.
Let's now move on to the general arguments over private and try to understand the mechanism of warding in terms of the properties and capabilities of Energy.
The impact of wards of the color spectrum of the human aura. Putting itself guardian of the corresponding color, we are able to quickly patch the power breakdowns in one or another part of the aura, which may be dangerous to our health and even life. From the point of view of someone who can see the aura, it will look as strengthening glow a certain color of the aura when equipped talisman (more about the colors will be discussed below).
What charms can be useful to us? Of course, the most powerful amulets will be your personal, transmitted by inheritance in the family: earrings, rings, or rings, necklaces — every thing which, according to tradition, happiness in family life. Increasingly, such items are passed down the female line — rings and earrings for men at least — knives, belt buckles. If your family do not have these things, they will have to choose themselves, but it is not easy if you do not have a pronounced psychic abilities. So let's talk about the most simple, but at the same time very effective. This — oberezhnye embroidery. Should embroider flowers and figurines bearing a protected sense: the silhouettes of a horse, dog, cock or a fabulous bird with a woman's face. These characters come from the times of cults worshiping pagan gods and symbolize friendship, do not expose us to magical creatures. It is particularly convenient to use oberezhnyh embroidery and appliques for children's clothing, because kids hard to wear necklaces, rings or bracelets.

There is a law: a really strong talisman can not buy. He must be found among the things that have been handed in your family inherited. This may not happen that often. But any tradition one should start, right? Why, if your family has no traditional charms, it will not create one so that he then passed from hand to hand — your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren?

Embroidered charms

People have always believed that things made with their own hands, can save a lot of trouble. It is believed that the most powerful amulet — is something that you have done for blood relatives. If mom knitted for you to wear or embroidered handkerchief, do not rush to throw a gift to the most distant shelf cabinet. This is the strongest guardian, because a loved one has spent on its creation time and their energy. Charm can make on its own, but it is better not to do it for yourself, but for your loved one. This article will give you some tips that will help you make the energy to really powerful thing.


Most materials available — this, of course, the fabric and thread. Embroidery — the best guardian while decorating any accessory. If you can sew, you can easily manufacturers' guardian for her husband or child. If we never were holding a needle and thread — not a problem in this case is important, not beauty, but the intention that you make at work. All the thoughts that you put into an embroidered thing you carry on, for whom are making charm.

Tips on making embroidery Charm:

1. Do embroidery without nodules. Secure the thread without knots, since they have a negative effect on the charm.

2. To protect against adultery and treachery to do embroidery in orange-red.

3. If you cook the guardian for the child, an animal sew red or black thread.

4. In order to make a talisman that will protect the student from aggression, embroider something blue or purple thread.

5. To improve the financial well-being or protection from the risks of entrepreneurship, make green embroidery thread. Green — the color of money, he will help you in all business endeavors.

6. Embroidery thread in black will help protect you from pregnancy and infertility.

7. Talisman for health embroider tree, or even better green spruce. The tree has always been a symbol of longevity, which is why talk about the family tree and the tree wishes.

8. To protect his love embroider flowers, best bright red.

9. To successfully give birth to a second or third child, pay attention to cross stitch. Let this be a teddy bear or some cartoon character.

10. Try small objects in one color embroidery thread. Let this be a little discreet pattern in the corner of a handkerchief or ornament on a towel.

Creating charms, must comply with certain rules:

1. Charms can be made for you.

2. No one can force someone to make a talisman for yourself or beg to do it. Amulets are made only in good faith and on the pure soul.

3. The strongest wards — those that are made, are made for you by your blood relatives: father, mother, brother, children. Marital ties are traditionally not considered by blood, but if the marriage is a happy and harmonious, mutually created wards also have great strength.

4. Should be very careful when choosing the materials for the wards, because some of the material (stone, wood), which is good for you, it is not appropriate for the person you are creating this amulet.

5. In the process of creating a talisman you need to think about the person for whom you are doing, keep before the mind's eye his way, to feel his energy, attitude, character, needs.

If you follow all five rules are likely to make you really be able to defend guardian of his master on a variety of troubles and misfortunes.

Most secure, affordable and convenient for making amulets materials — a common thread: wool, linen, cotton. And the easiest talisman has long been considered an embroidery. It has traditionally been present in any tissue, towel, clothes. The main thing in embroidery Charm — color and pattern. The color scheme must comply with the part of the spectrum, which is designed to protect the embroidery.

What thread, for what purposes it is better to embroider.

Cotton threads are best suited for real-time protection from the evil eye and spoilage.

Silk is good to keep clear thinking, helps in difficult situations of his career.
Wool protects those whom evil is, alas, is affected. She closes the breakdown of your energy. Wool embroidery on clothes made in the neck, the heart, the solar plexus, the abdomen, that is, where are the main centers of man.
Hair usually embroidered silhouettes of animals (the ones that you like, which you intuitively drawn), at least — the trees and fruit. It is not necessary to embroider wool birds and stars. But the sun is fine, will always protect you from the cold and darkness in my life!

Len calming effect, especially "works" when using an ancient symbolic patterns — the depiction of the sun, stars, birds, trees.

Location and color of embroidery.

It is important to do oberezhnuyu embroidery without nodules, since nodes terminate energy ties with native embroidery:

— loving protection areas — red-orange patterns, which are dominated by the circular and cross-shaped form;

— protect a small child from adversity — the silhouette of a horse or a rooster, red or black thread, and for older children, students — the blue-violet range, which protects from severe mental fatigue;

— Blue-green or golden embroidery helps successful business management in any industry.

Women often used in embroidery black than red — the color of mother earth in an attempt to protect his belly from infertility. Love is often needed for warding blue or green — blue protected from destruction from the elements, green — from his wounds. The children were not. It was believed that children are under the care and protection of his family.


The word "pattern" is derived from the Latin word "ornamentum" and translates as decoration. Patterns we call pattern consisting of repeating elements. The basic meaning of ornament — to decorate the surface of the object, to emphasize its shape.

Ornament originated long before written language. This is confirmed by the fact that even the old man who dressed in animal skins, warmed by the fire, dug themselves for the home dugout, decorated ornaments household items. On clay vessels, tools ancient people can see simple patterns: points, lines, wavy lines, lozenges.

Read the signs — a difficult task. Scientists are unraveling the mysteries of the case.

It is known that ancient man was a hunter. He knew that the strength of the beast was the tusk — it is his weapon. Tusk or painted cut in a diamond shape. This sign contained the strength and power. Therefore, early man painted on your body, things that surrounded him.

Overlap to diamonds — a sign of a happy hunting and good luck, symbol of life and fertility. To the field at harvest were generous, the man asked for the Sky, Sun and Earth luck, cast spells. For this he was repeating patterns.

And also:

wavy lines symbolize water — horizontal — the earth;

— oblique — rain, crossing the path of the sun;

— points between them — the seeds thrown at her.

Can reveal many secrets ancient ornaments. Solving them, we begin to understand that the language of symbols ancestors handed us his relationship to nature. Bowing down before her, as if begging for her mercy, protection, patronage, the ancient wizard displays a hand in the form of a kind of spell ornament.

Note that people are carefully selected from a variety of characters and cherished only those that, in his opinion, contributed to the good, a good harvest, fertility, good luck.

In oberezhnyh patterns often acting is kind of one part and not the whole pattern as a whole — just a floral or geometric motifs, enclosed in a circle or oval, circular edging sleeves, hem, gates. After all, to have a real defense, enough to stitch pattern, consisting of a closed, rounded contours.

Should not be on any one thing to embroider several different purposes oberezhnyh patterns — best for each of them to select a single thing, or the result of an embroidery get some energy turmoil. This applies to the materials used for making the thread — no need to use a pattern of several types of material.

Crosses — A barrier and loathing of evil, a sign of closeness.

Tree (often herringbone) — A symbol of the relationship in the world, a symbol of long life.
Flower — A symbol of beauty and innocence, red flower — a symbol of earthly love, sex appeal.
Stars — A sign of the heavenly fire. Stars should have triangular or flat beams. Sign of intelligence and educational ideas.
Groups — The symbol of fertility, motherhood, fertility, the sign of the feminine in nature.
Squares — A sign of farmers, a symbol of fertility fields. Often alternate light and dark squares, sometimes amplified by shading or across.
Spiral — A symbol of wisdom, if colors blue and purple — secret knowledge. Abhor that which is the most powerful symbol for all the dark entity of the shadow world — if the color is red, white or black.
The wavy line — The waves, the water, the ocean. It symbolizes the beginning of life, the ability to adapt to circumstances. If the lines are vertical — a sign of improvement, "Stairway to Heaven", the path to the secret knowledge.
Triangle — The symbol of man, especially if accompanied by small dots or circles from the top. Symbol of human communication.

Specific colors are associated with the protection of a talisman of one of the seven chakras of man.

Red — For the bottom, located in the coccyx and the charge of the genitourinary tract, the rectum, the musculoskeletal system.

Orange — For the second, located at a few fingers below the navel, responsible for sexual energy, and kidneys.
Yellow — For the third chakra (solar plexus) — vital energy centers are also responsible for all the organs of the abdominal cavity.
Green — For the fourth, heart chakra. It controls the activity of not only the heart, but also lung, spine, hand, is responsible for our emotions.
Blue — For the fifth, throat, responsible for respiratory and ear, throat and skin, and human creativity.

Blue — For the sixth (the zone of the "third eye"), responsible for our intellectual abilities.

Purple — For the seventh (benevolent), connecting us with the higher powers, with God.

Now you just try to put all together — color, type of thread, patterns — and do oberezhnuyu embroidery for a loved one, thinking first of all, from what troubles you defend him.

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