The experimental samples of guns and experienced the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant (pistols)

IMZ since its inception (in 1942), and to this day has been creating and combat service pistols. The plant is now naikrupneyshim Europe for the production of these products. With the war years at the plant carried pistols famous TT (Tula, Tokarev) and Nagant revolvers. Since 1952, begins commercial production of the world-famous Makarov pistol. Usually with the production of products to create almost immediately begin research to find new operational and combat capabilities of basic design, a study of ways to increase the adaptability of products.

In the 1950s and 60s R & D focused on increasing the combat effectiveness of the TT pistol with the development of a variant over-capacity magazine (from 8 to 15 rounds), and extension staff Makarov pistol barrel to increase the energy of the bullet and accuracy of fire.

7.62-mm pistol TT design R.G.Sevryugina, experienced model early 1950's. Magazine capacity 15 rounds, aiming distance of 50 m

9mm Makarov pistol design L.L.Gorbunova, experienced a standard 1968 magazine capacity of 8 rounds, aiming distance of 50 m

In 90 years, with the emergence of computer modeling, microelectronics and new polymer materials, the company has been developed range of pistols based on the PM with advanced features and special features.

Pistol MP-448 "Skif" was created in the late 1990s, the designer of Izhevsk Mechanical Works D.A.Bogdanovym. The gun was designed to creation tools, having a smaller probability mass and dimensions with the highest reliability in the use of all criteria. The aim was also to increase the adaptability of production task. The standard was designed using computer technologies: the first was built by his model, then created a blank for the mold. The database design — a Makarov pistol (PM). In contrast to the PM in the gun "Skif" used a lighter frame of durable molded plastic, changed shape of the handle and its slope. With this improved ergonomics gun and its stability when shooting. To facilitate the ability to fire on either the right or left-hand installation likely oboestoronnego flag guard, magazine catch on the right or left side of the handle. The gun is easy to maintain and operate — it has a total of 35 items with the store, incomplete and complete disassembly is carried out without the introduction of tools with a ramrod. In addition to the basic version of the model available MR-448S "Skif-mini", wherein the smallest dimensions.

9mm MP-448 "Skif" design D.A.Bogdanova, experienced model 1999 Magazine capacity: 12 rounds Effective range 50 m, weight 0.64 kg

Gun MR-443 "Bars" — a compact pistol with the highest stopping power weapon. Different reliability, manufacturability, safety inflated by proclamation. Standard was developed by the designer of Izhevsk Mechanical Works D.A.Bogdanovym first 2000s. A close analogue of this product is the PSM (compact semi-automatic pistol), who is considered the narrowest used in the Russian military prototype. In contrast to the MP-443, which also has a small size, are used more massive bullets — 9x18PM and 9x17K. The use of ammunition provided by the substitution of the barrel. Frame rail gun, which allows a comfortable cooperate, promotional unconscious sighting, shape handles and sufficient strength of using cartridge 9x18PM. Due to the push-button latch store decreases the time to reload the gun compared with PSM pistol and increases comfort appeal with the gun. MR-443 "Bars" was intended to arm the operational staff as a tool to hide constant wearing (or so-called guns a "second chance" — a spare gun), and to give weapons belonging to the above-mentioned structures.

9mm MP-443 "Bars" design D.A.Bogdanova, experienced a standard 2005 magazine capacity of 6 rounds, aiming distance of 50 m, weight 0.56 kg

Pistol MP-447 — a unique reference to the electrical system, conventionally called "Beer" (with identification of the owner of the gun guns). Its designers to develop the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant running S.V.Gulyaeva was started in 1998 and completed in 2001. Design was done on the initiative of the company. The main goal was to create a standard-issue weapon law enforcement officers with the least risk of his taking possession and use by others. The database design — a Makarov pistol. Electrical interlocking of the trigger is removed only if the middle finger of his shooting hand ring with a correspondingly programmed chip. Getting out of it allows the signal to make a shot with a built-in handle pistol electromechanical drive. MR-447 "Beer" was produced in small quantities as a premium tool. In the middle of the hosts exclusive development — Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, CEO of Izhevsk Mechanical Works V.S.Chuguevsky.

9mm MP-447 "Beer" (gun gun owner identification) design S.V.Gulyaeva, experienced a standard 2001 magazine capacity of 8 rounds, aiming distance of 50 m

Development of a new army pistol

Municipal Competition "Grach"
In 1991, the Ministry of Defence has announced programm PIOKR (scientific research and experimental development) under the code "Grach". Its aim was to develop a new army pistol, which had to provide break-protected and armored targets, as well overshadow the power and capacity of the store Makarov pistol. Initially planned to establish a standard unit in which the expense of a replacement set of barrels and store could use a variety of ammunition — 9x18PM, 9h18PMM and 7.62 h25TT.

Pistol "Rook-1" design A.I.Zarochintseva, experienced model 1992 modular design of the cartridges of 7.62 h25TT, 9h18PM, 9h18PMM

In the competition for the development of a promising army pistol took part TSNIITOCHMASH (g Klimovsk) TsKIB COO (g Tula) and IMZ. In Izhevsk in the initial steps were studied three versions: "Grach-1" (the designer A.I.Zarochintsev), "Rook-2" (Designer V.A.Yarygin), "Rook-3 '(designers B.M.Pletsky , R.G.Shigapov).

Pistol "Rook-1" is the first version of the model "Grach" presented by the designer of Izhevsk Mechanical Works A.I.Zarochintsevym in the first step of the competition. The standard is a modular design, allowing the use of cartridges of 7.62 h25TT, 9x18PM, 9h18PMM. To do this, change the barrel and pretty shop. Shooting ammunition IM is a free gate and ammunition PMM and TT — delayed blowback, with inhibition of powder gases to be discharged through a side opening in the barrel. The trigger mechanism is standard — double act, which allows for the firing of the DA mode as well as the preparatory cocked the hammer. In tests in 1993 at the site "Rzhevka" was revealed strong sensitivity of the circuit to the gas deceleration in contamination of the powder carbon deposits: after 60 rounds gas brake stopped working, roll shutter speed dramatically increased. As a result, increases the load on the hand, and the persistence of the gun was low. Through the 1300 destruction of the shots came out of the frame. After that, work on the gun, "Rook-1" was stopped.

Pistol "Grach-2" design V.A.Yarygina, experienced model
1992 modular design chambered 7.62 h25TT, 9h18PM, 9h18PMM

Pistol "Grach-2" — a model developed by the designer of Izhevsk Mechanical Works V.A.Yaryginym. On the first steps of guns is also a modular design for the cartridges 9x18PM, 9h18PMM and 7.62 h25TT, but then it was decided to develop a design chambered for 9×19 excessive penetration and 9 mm Para. Most of the design decisions pistol is among the ordinary to merit the highest reliability. The mechanism of the automation is based on energy efficiency in the trunk of a small pullback and its hard locked. Standard has a trigger mechanism with a public offering of the trigger, which allows for the firing of only single shots as the DA mode, and with the preparatory cocked the hammer, fixed sights. Safety appeal with a gun provided by the presence of two-way thumb safety and the safety cocking. On both sides of the trigger shutter-covered ridges casing that eliminates the engagement of odezhku or items of ammunition, stores the trigger mechanism in the fall guns and ensures the safety of the shooter. Frame rail gun, a pistol in a lightweight version of the execution frame of durable plastic. In 2003, the Government's decision, "the 9-mm pistol Yarigina" (AEs) was officially adopted for the Russian army. October 9, 2008 the Interior Ministry announced the move with the Makarov pistol on Yarigina as a staff weapon. PYA now come into service of army units and internal troops of the Interior Ministry special forces and other security agencies are premium instrument.

9-mm pistol "Grach-3" design B.M.Pletskogo and R.G.Shigapova, experienced model 1992 Magazine capacity 12 rounds, aiming distance of 50 m, weight 0.92 kg

Pistol "Grach-3 '(PMM) is a modernized version of the famous Makarov pistol (PM). The new standard was developed by the designers of Izhevsk Mechanical Works and B.M.Pletskim R.G.Shigapovym first 1990 for a role in the competition. Before them was the creation of the task under the gun designed specifically for high-momentum chuck it 9h18PMM. It has the dimensions of a standard ammunition 9x18PM, but coupled with the fact has great penetrative action. From the Makarov PMM 1951 standard is different chamber design with modifications. On its surface made three additional helical grooves, braking and rolling back gate smoothing the difference between standard and high-momentum firing ammunition. It is possible to use in a new swatch as the patron 9h18PMM and 9x18PM. Another difference from the basic model PMM — increased magazine capacity. Button slide stop has become more comfortable, if a PM. MMP was adopted by the Army in 1994 as a temporary measure until a more promising development scheme "Grach-2."

Research and onytno design work on the creation of tools for different purposes

At the current time TL is quite promising structures with the potential in different directions for different requirements, as Russian paramilitary structures and foreign customers. Pistol "Vintuk" at the Yarygin pistol chambered 10h23T with traumatic rubber bullet was developed at the request of the FSB as a weapon of limited destruction. Unlike civilian samples traumatic guns that gun has a muzzle energy of an inflated up to 120 J and sighting range of 10 meters.

Gun limited lesions MR-472 "Vintuk" design A.I.Lozhkina and A.B.Ushakova, experienced model 2009-10. 10h23T used cartridge, magazine capacity 16 rounds Effective range 10 m, weight 0.81 kg

PYA V.A.Yarygina pistol design, the most experienced model chambered for 9×21, 2008 Magazine capacity 18 rounds Effective range 50 m, weight 0.81 kg

Version of the pistol under a powerful Yarigina cartridge 9×21 developed by the appeal of the Ministry of Defence with the ability to increase the kinetic energy of the bullet to pierce the armor of personal funds.

In the 1990-2000-ies. at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant has developed the concept of the production of the pistol. In accordance with her heavy users gained practical experience in the development of unique designs with the ability to supply guns not only on the Russian request (for Russian ammunition and requirements), but with the emergence of more flexible delivery systems for weapons exports (under zabugornye cartridges and requirements). There are lines of light and languid guns for various purposes.

9mm MP-444 "Bagheera" design R.G.Shigapova, experienced standard end of the 1990s. Magazine capacity 10 rounds Effective range 50 m, weight 0.76 kg

Pistol MP-444 "Bagheera" — one of a family of instruments of samples made by the designer of Izhevsk Mechanical Works R.G.Shigapovym parallel with the development of the band Yarygin pistol. It was intended as a basic model in the light of pistols with high tech production at several calibers of ammunition. One of the design features of the gun is the presence of a buffer significantly reduces the recoil momentum. The sight is unchanged, with 3 pure white dots. Reference frame is equipped with slots for fixing the illuminator or laser pointer is made of durable polymer plastic to reduce weight. MR-444 "Bagheera" is easy to maintain and operate, incomplete and complete disassembly carried out without the introduction of tools with a ramrod.

Pistol MP-445 "Varyag" design V.A.Yarygina and D.P.Varlamova, experienced model chambered for .40 S & W, 2000s. Magazine capacity 15 rounds Effective range 50 m, weight 0.88 kg

Pistol MP-445 "Varyag" — a model that has become the basis for a series of so-called "heavy" pistol chambered high power. Efforts to complete it began in 1997 by designers Izhevsk Mechanical Works and V.A.Yaryginym D.N.Varlamovym. The novelty of the design was to design a series of small-size and full-size pistols, made on the same basis with the ability to change the caliber of its orientation for export sales. The standard was developed in several models chambered for .40 S & W (10×22 mm). These models with repetitive structures, different outer design. The database design MR-445 — fundamentally scheme of Yarygin pistol. The main body of the gun in front of him, there are grooves for mounting laser sights and tactical lights. To reduce the weight of the gun and increase adaptability to use a frame made of durable plastic. Sample tests were carried out together with the spices of the FSB special forces. Pistols MP-445 series were created as tool for use in a practical shooting competition (IPSC), but remain opytneyshemi.

9mm MP-446R "Viking" design V.A.Yarygina and D.P.Varlamova, experienced model 2000 Magazine capacity 15 rounds Effective range 50 m, weight 0.81 kg

Pistol MP-446 "Viking" — the standard, intended for the overseas under highly popular abroad cartridge caliber 9 mm Para.On developed at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant in the period from 1998 to 2000 and the constructors D.Varlamovym A.Kozinym running designer V.A.Yarygina. The database design MR-446 — fundamentally scheme of Yarygin pistol. The magazine release can be installed on either the right or left. Reference frame is made of durable molded thermoplastics. In 2001, a gun put into series with the ability to create sales for export only. With the development of practical shooting sports movement in Russia (the tournament 1PSC) in 2004
carried out the development of the sports version of the gun MP-446S for sale on the domestic market. In the sports model allows bundling long barrel pistol, sporting an eye and a metal frame. In 2006, the police developed a version of the pistol MP-446R with the ability to change the special pads on the handle under certain anthropometric data arrow. At the current time gun MP-446 is produced and exported to Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Peru and other countries.

Summarizing, it should be noted that these instances are only a small part of the sample instruments that reflect the research and development work Izhevsk gunsmiths second half of the XX century, are only some direction in the development of military small guns.

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