The expert referred to the successor Satan response of the Russian Federation on European missile defense

Our homeland does the latest liquid-fuel rocket in response to the deployment of missile defense in the Yankees Europe, told RIA Novosti on Friday Announcements consultant commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General purpose retired Viktor Esin.

"We would not have to create a languid missiles if the Americans did not have a missile defense system," — said Esin. He noted that the decision to develop a 100-ton ICBM was made in 2010 year.

According to him, the decision of the Russian Federation to the latest ICBMs will not lead to the return of the cool period of the war. "It's faster and lead to an exacerbation of a particular arms race," — said the expert.

Earlier, the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces Sergei Karakayev told the news agency that Our homeland create a languid latest 100-ton intercontinental ballistic missile by 2018. It will change the world-renowned languid ballistic missile R-36M2 "Governor", known in the West under the name "Satan", with a payload of up to 10 tons. Previously, all of the latest Russian development of intercontinental ballistic missiles — a sea-based ("Mace") and land ("Topol-M", "yars") — were solid fuel.

The decision to develop a missile defense system in NATO Europe was adopted in November 2010 at the summit in Lisbon. For the organization of the system is meant to combine existing components of the national missile defense systems of the participating countries alliance also use deploy missile defense elements in Europe, the United States.

In the interests of European missile defense system NATO means a radar system (RLS) in Turkey, the base interceptor missiles SM-3 in Romania and Poland, and the ships of the U.S. Navy based in the Spanish port of Rota. In addition, part of the NATO missile defense system for Europe will include mobile radar system of early warning of missile attack, placed on Navy ships Netherlands.

In October 2011, the NATO Secretary General said that system Defense alliance reaches full operational readiness level in 2018. According to him, the source of the readiness of missile defense NATO will be announced at the NATO summit in May 2012 in Chicago.

Our homeland and NATO agreed to cooperate on European missile defense project at a summit in Lisbon in 2010 year, but the talks have stalled because of the U.S. refusal to provide legal guarantees of non-targeting system deployed against Russian deterrent forces. Our homeland in response to the deployment of missile defense in Europe wants to make a set of measures of military-technical and diplomatic nature. Russian side stated that if the condition does not work, it does not exclude the ability to accommodate complex "Iskander" in the Kaliningrad region.

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