The family structure

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There are many different options for the composition or structure of the family. Typically, a family divided into the following types:

— "nuclear family"Consists of husband, wife and their children;

— "augmented family"- Enlarged Union in its composition — a married couple and their children, plus parents of other generations, such as grandparents, uncles, aunts, living together or in close proximity to each other and forming the family structure;

— "blended family"Is a" revamped "family, which was formed as a result of the marriage of divorced people. Mixed family includes step-parents and non-native children, as children from a previous marriage pouring into a new family unit;

— "single-parent family"Is the economy, which is a single parent (mother or father) because of divorce, death of a spouse or care, either because marriage had not been concluded (D. Levy, 1993).

There is also a division of the types of families in accordance with those to whom belongs the dominion and the right decisions. That is:

— partriarhalnye families where the head of state is the family father;

— matriarchal, where the highest authority and influence enjoyed mother;

— egalitarian families in which there is no clear-cut family heads, and dominated situational distribution of power between the father and mother.

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