The former head of Mossad recommended Iranians worry about their own safety

The issue of military attack on nuclear facilities Iran Israeli media have a certain time consider only one thing: arguments about specific dates invasion. Fuel to the fire poured last managing Israeli intelligence Efraim Halevy, who said that if he were an Iranian, the next 12 weeks, he would have lived in terror. Warning of the need to minimize nuclear programs from the address in Iran come more What often: not so long ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of the Armed Forces Minister Ehud Barak said that the time allotted to the Iranian authorities after diplomatically talks on nuclear topics, proceeds. Statements of politicians have been made by them immediately after a meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

The nuclear establishment in Iran seen from space. © CTR / AP Photo

Israeli politicians have pointed out that at the time, when there are a variety of sanctions against Iran, Government continues to develop, and they are not limited to the enrichment of uranium for peaceful purposes, and previous experience indicates that no new measures can not stop development. According to the more accepted in the media assessment of the situation, to take more decisive action Israel might move or reach the end of the presidential elections in the United States, or by the spring of next year, but recent statements make the first option more possible — writes the Jerusalem Post.

Suspicions of the address Iran baseless: despite statements by officials of the only peaceful disposition utilities that are made of the analysis of space images, which show objects Iranian nuclear industry and activity in their area indicates working. On the ability of the military implementation of articles of Iranian nuclear scientists they say, according to press reports, and intelligence reports. Although the impact of international sanctions has been recognized by the U.S. government and the UN, Israel claims that affecting the Iranian economy as a whole and in some cases lowering the standard of living, they do not have touched specifically nuclear utilities that funded only by the state.

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