The German Greens: Russia is responsible for the fate of political prisoners

"The verdict Andrei Sannikov is as tragic as absurd. Dictator Lukashenko instructed the former presidential candidate draconian prison sentence only because Sannikov called for democracy and free elections." This statement was made in Berlin, the German Bundestag faction chairman Juergen Trytyn and Coordinator for Eastern European politics Marieluise Beck.

According to German politicians, the political processes that are taking place in Minsk, the evidence of torture of political prisoners in the KGB prison, and how investigators extort recognition of political prisoners, reminiscent of the Stalin era.

"Belarusian regime clearly ignores taken them to the OSCE commitments on democracy and human rights. This arbitrariness in the heart of Europe can not tolerate."

As the policy attempts to extend Lukashenko a climate of fear in order to destroy the opposition and stay in power, are doomed to failure. Command system of the dictator is on the verge of bankruptcy and is in need of foreign aid. In this situation, the EU as a precondition for any negotiations for a new Partnership urges Minsk immediately and unconditionally release all political prisoners.

"In turn, the Russian, who has actively supported the opposition during the presidential election campaign and build a joint state with Belarus, is also responsible for the fate of political prisoners in Belarus. So President Medvedev called on the Belarusian regime to release political prisoners," the statement said Marieluise Beck and Jurgen Trytyna.

On the eve of the Bundestag held a meeting with the ex-presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich and the daughter of ex-candidate StatkevichCatherine. The meeting was attended by representatives of different parliamentary groups and journalists. They discussed the next steps that could make Germany and the EU to support civil society in Belarus.

Responding to questions from the media about the torture applied to it, Sannikov and probably other political prisoners,

The German Greens: "Russia, which has actively supported the opposition during the presidential election campaign and build a joint state with Belarus, is also responsible for the fate of political prisoners in Belarus."

Mikhalevich said that such abuse had taken place not only in the KGB detention center, but also to "Volodarka" where he and Andrei Sannikov for a short period. Techniques like to throw from one chamber to another, and even in prison, were used to put pressure on the prisoners, said Michalevic. But at the same time, they have helped to know what is happening with other political prisoners. So, in the next chamber "American", he learned from a man who was sitting with Sannikov that of a very poor state of health is very bad leg and could not walk properly.

"We also need to Sannikov was transferred to another prison — on Volodarka. Unlike the KGB detention center, in other prisons, there is a system of communication through the note. So I just learned that there is Sannikov. And we were able to maintain contact him somehow, but it was short-lived, "said German journalists Michalevic.

By Catherine Statkevich, she recently received only a third of all the time a letter from his father. "He writes general information, since nothing concrete, he can not write, but he wants the letter came. And more — no news of him."

"I have been following the trials in Belarus" — continues the daughter of a political prisoner. — "Since Germany has played a huge role in the EU, I have a big request to German politicians that they insisted on the release of all political prisoners in Belarus."