The gods of ancient Greece

The most famous and celebrated gods and heroes is rightly famous for ancient Greece. It is unlikely that there will be someone who has ever heard of Mount Olympus and the Greek gods. Greek deities are quite different from today's view of God. They are very similar to humans, they are not alien to the human passions and feelings.

Despite the fact that the gods of the ancient Greeks were a great many traditionally allocate 12 major gods, seated on the highest mountain — Mount Olympus, each responsible for a particular area of activity. Moreover, it is worth noting that the gods of ancient Greece were hierarchized. So, the most important god Zeus was considered — the son of titanium thunder, god of lightning, thunder and everything. I had two brothers Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. According to legend, after Zeus overthrew his father, he shared with them the power: Poseidon got the sea, Hades became the ruler of the kingdom of the dead, and Zeus was in heaven.

Official wife of Zeus, Hera is his own sister. Hera is the keeper of the family hearth, motherhood and marriage. She is one of the most powerful goddesses, which is also known for her jealousy. Many of the stories of the ancient Greek myths are built on the pursuit of Hero lovers of Zeus, and his illegitimate children.

Another interesting and powerful deity is considered to Ares — the bloodthirsty god of war. It is characterized by cunning, deceit, and a love of destruction. By the Olympians also include Apollo and Aphrodite. Apollo — the golden-haired god of the sun with golden arrows, the twin brother of Artemis, goddess of the hunt, the Saami beautiful god of Olympus. The most beautiful goddess appears in the myths of Aphrodite — the goddess of beauty and love.

The most revered goddess of Olympus — Athena — goddess of wisdom and strategy. Its main characters are the owl and the snake, and the olive tree. In honor of Athens was named one of the largest centers of Greece, Athens.

By the gods of Olympus also include Hermes — the patron saint of travelers, Demeter — the goddess of fertility, Dionysus — the god of wine and patron of the theater, Hestia — goddess of the sacrificial fire and eternally virginal maiden.

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