The government comes up with excuses to stop people create families

The mandatory test for HIV infection can spread to the whole of Russia. With a similar proposal was made by the senator of the Federation Council Valentina Petrenko. Lawmaker cited the example of Chechnya, where the practice has been used successfully. Thus, in the country without proper help lovers refuse to register the marriage.

According to the senator, a registry office, a record must pass the test without specifying its results. In turn, the head of the State Duma Committee on Health Sergei Kalashnikov named HIV testing marrying "extremist measure". After Compulsory Assessment against all the international human rights norms.

If we consider that in Russia today bought any help, you get a piece of paper on HIV-testing the marriage is not difficult. It remains the only proven way to introduce compulsory lie-detector test — likes or dislikes, and without the help of the psychoanalyst marriage is not registered.

PS: maybe after the introduction of the measure, suddenly, for no reason at all in a row will find HIV?

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