The Government of Japan is gaining momentum excited wave of suicides caused by natural and nuclear disasters

The Government of Japan is gaining momentum excited wave of suicides caused by natural and nuclear disasters that hit the country of Japan recently, writes Times.

Epidemic of suicides fear and French authorities. However, on other grounds.

In Japan, and so the highest suicide rate in the world, and recent data suggest that the number of suicides in the country increased by 20% compared to the previous year. The most alarming information comes from Miyagi prefecture, an area that is stronger than all the victims of the March tsunami. Here, the number of suicides increased by 39%.

The report, announced by Friday, warned that resistance, which demonstrate the victims of the disaster in the first days after the tragedy, it may in fact be only a shock, post-traumatic stress disorder. This week, a farmer from the town of Soma, which is located in the most dangerous area of Fukushima Prefecture, hanged himself because he was forced to sell all his cattle because of the ban on the supply of milk from the radiation-contaminated areas.

"In addition to grief, survivors of disasters have a strong sense of guilt in relation to friends and relatives who died. As a huge shock experienced doctors and aid workers involved in the identification of bodies. They happen prolonged bouts of depression ", — the report says.

The total number of suicides in the country increased by 18%. Only in Japan in May 3281 killed people, which is 499 people more than in May last year. The number of suicides in Tokyo rose by 27%.

The suicide rate is directly related to national disasters of any kind. So, in the midst of the economic crisis of the late 1990s, which resulted in massive layoffs, suicide rates have increased from 25 to 30 000 cases per year.

According to the National Center for Mental Health Yoshiharu Keane, many people manage to recover from the horror six months since the disaster, the rest, however, may develop chronic nerve disease. Disaster victims need to have regular medical check-ups for a few months, and if need be, a few years, says psychologist.

Meanwhile, the French authorities are afraid that they are much more safe in terms of natural disasters the country will flood wave of mass suicides. The French are very concerned about the end of the world, which, according to the predictions of the Maya, is bound to come in 2012, according to government sources. According to authorities, unhealthy excitement around this topic are pushing media and tabloid online newspaper. But for the time to sound the alarm early, authorities say.

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