The head of security Liftmash says his beat volunteer Tell the Truth

Mogilev Leninsky court began its consideration of the complaint volunteer civil campaign "Tell the Truth" Oksana Samujlova. She accuses the chief of Mogilev plant "Liftmash" of causing bodily injury. Today is the first hearing, chaired by Judge Irene Magpies.

The reason for addressing the activists in court was his detention guards plant on May 19. In this day She created and activist of the party "Belarusian Christian democracy "Constantine Tyrtychny handed out at the adjacent factory grounds newspaper" Free news plus "with information about the project" One Hundred goods unemployment "civil campaign"Tell the truth. " According Samujlova two guards assaulted her and forcibly dragged into the building zavodakiravannya and kept there for more than an hour. Then he gave police.

After removing the beating activist went to court.

At today's hearing the judge questioned the very Samujlova her abuser and four witnesses on his behalf.

Samujlova: the "faith of his name. He was most active, and gave orders to his subordinates. He told the court that it was I beat him for what he took from me the newspaper. It's like I was running after him, to take away the newspaper and beat him with their fists into the shoulders. From this he scratched on the back. He took a beating — he has bruises and a bruise. No one, however, his evidence does not confirm that I beat him. "

Tomorrow the court will proceed. It is expected that the judge will pass sentence on the case


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