The headquarters unit MAN HX77 for Armed Forces

On SKSHU "Caucasus-2012" held at the Novorossiysk site "Raevskii" were shown two cars made in Germany MAN HX77 with wheel formula 8×8, which were installed modules staff. The modules are installed on the system auto «Multilift».

Machines with modules purchased for the creation of a training center, with the participation of «Rheinmetall», interspecies management Moulineaux. Modules, except for the original equipment, received tactical simulators, having paired with SU "Dawn" and "Andromeda." MAN HX77 with the modules were used as a control point sep mot bde, who came into the ESUV "Dawn."

MAN HX77 8×8
These cars are languishing tactical off-road trucks. In the main, this modification is available for military units. There is a modification of the MAN range with the formula 4×4 and 6×6 wheel — NH60 and NH58. The main purpose — the change in service vehicles range LX and FX. Is used by the UK and Denmark. In England, has involved more than 900 vehicles MAN HX range. First truck HX was commissioned in 2007. Warranty period — 20 years. Languid Truck Series NH77 have a lifting capacity 15,000 kg. Purpose — carrying special, general and tactical cargo. Corresponds to the standard Euro 4.

Modifications: tactical truck 20 'containers and loading system type «Multilift», with the side loading, fuel-carrier, towing hardware.

In the cab of the truck can fit three people — a driver and two passengers. Cabin a reinforced iron structure with optional additional armor. Cab provided advanced protection from small tools, shell fragments, standard and improvised explosive devices.

Tactical trucks are made on the basis of component series trucks civilian mission MAN TGA. Power — 10.5 liter turbocharged diesel engine MAN D2066 LF34. Power — 440 HP -Engine under the cab at the rear, engine cooling system is placed behind the cab. This allows you to reduce the possible damage to the radiator and the system. Box — 12-step «ZF». Optional speed limit of 88 km / h Likely option as a central tire inflation system, and without it. Transfer two-box of its own production to the neutral position and the possibility of deactivating the front axle or wheel drive.

The main features:
— crew of 3 persons;
— length — 10.1 m;
— width — 2.55 m;
— height — 3.9 m;
— Weight empty / load necessary — 17/15 tons;
— Range — 800 km;
— rate less than 90 km / h;
— Overcoming obstacles: the side slope of up to 40 degrees, climbing to 60 degrees, the moat to 2.5 meters, 1.5 meters to the ford, the barrier height of 0.5 meters;
— engine — a single-row, six-cylinder direct-injection;
— the Auto system speed;
system Brakes — MAN BrakeMatic, mountain and the parking brake;
— used tires — 395/85R20TL, spare wheel;
— suspension — telescopic springs, stabilizer.

The Russian counterpart — truck ML10 Self type «Multilift», made on the basis of Ural-532361. Passed tests and is recommended for the supply of the Armed Forces.

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