The Hunger Games (TV shows) Watch online

The Hunger Games (TV shows) Watch online
Dmitri Nazarov, many headed for a life. He is known as the People's Artist of Russia, known theater actor, he is known for its important role in the motion picture. But he also acknowledged all the cooking! And now he has his own show, received the title of "The Hunger Games".
In this project, in the battle for the title of the best get together the best chefs in the country and specifically Dmitry Nazarov have become for them a fair arbiter! One of the rules of the game — the participants do not have the right to try what they cook and they do not realize the ones who prepared the meals that they need to appreciate.
During the week you will watch a fight four chefs. In the course of this week they will have to prepare one dish a day that will eventually be 5 dishes. For each, they will receive points. Who collected the most, also received praise from the renowned culinary guru Nazarov, comes out in the end and gets right to fight for the top prize. Well, the favorite will be trained in the best school cooks, located in Rome.

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