The image of the vampire in art

These creatures, somehow, found in the legends of almost all countries of the world. Evidence of the existence of vampires still have not found, but it does not prevent use of this mysterious and romantic image in literature and cinema.

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In Europe, it was believed that vampires are after the death of brutal murderers and criminals, witches and committed suicide. Also on the Romanian beliefs, a vampire can be a victim of a violent death or cruel person who has entered into a deal with the dark forces. Curse of the Vampire is that the continuation of life, they need to drink blood, human or animal. In return, they gain immortality and some hit.

The most famous vampire, sung in numerous works, of course, is Dracula. It is familiar to many in the main by product of Bram Stoker's Dracula. In real life name was Vlad Dracula III. In 1452, the Romanian Count Vlad III won valahiysky throne and became one of the most brutal and ruthless ruler in Romanian history.

Everyone knows that the favorite pastime of the graph was impalement criminals and enemies, for which he earned the nickname Tepes. In 1479 he was killed under mysterious circumstances. Perceive as a vampire Vlad III began only after the novel by Bram Stoker of it, which, incidentally, is largely based on facts and manuscripts.

Another book that sparked a lively interest in vampirism, was the book Anne Rice's "Interview with the Vampire," which was filmed on the same film. The book had such an enormous popularity, which immediately began to appear numerous works on the vampire theme. Not forgotten this issue and now: the peak wavelength of vampirism began the saga "Twilight" and the television series "Vampire Diaries" and "True Blood."

Apart from films and books the vampire was also used in musicals ("Lestat") and in the subjects of paintings.

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