The investigation led … (All series) watch online

The investigation led ...  (All series) watch online
These crimes of their own arrogance, cunning, and ruthlessness shocked the whole of the Soviet Union. They threw zateyschiki call the whole system of law enforcement and the KGB Their names were first linked in USSR the concepts of "maniac", "terrorist", "werewolf in epaulets", "antique mafia." Why was a threat to the Olympic Games 80 in Moscow, and who in reality was behind the organization of the first cooperatives? How to hijack planes family Ovechkin, and who embodied the Soviet reality terrible character of Hannibal Lecter? As the State Bank was robbed, and that was hidden behind a facade of anti-alcohol campaign in USSR?
Many of the details of the criminal cases so far are "classified." Before you — a unique collection of the most resonant and scandalous Russian atrocities of time.

The investigation led — a series of programs

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