The Japanese invented a helmet that replaces reality and memories

August 28, 2012 19:04

Laboratory for Adaptive Intelligence Japanese institute RIKEN has developed a helmet fitted with a system of «Substitutional Reality», in fact, a human-readable substitute reality.

The unit mixes real events taking place in a pre-recorded events from the past and transfers them to the senses of the subject. Thus, with the help of audio and visual effects hat tricks the human mind, forcing him to believe in a mirage, that is non-existent phenomenon. Although the device is fundamentally not much different from similar developments in the field of virtual reality, credibility of his illusions unprecedentedly high.

Some experts have compared the effects of the Japanese helmet with the device, replacing the memories of the movie "Total Recall." Some even equate such intervention in the human consciousness with the plot of the film "Home", where the human mind implements various alien ideas in lucid dreams, as a matter of fact are "substituted a reality."

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