The Kuril Islands, construction of new infrastructure

Today the islands are building more than 40 facilities, of which about 10 are large.

On about. Etorofu is building roads, Airport "Iturup" deep-water berth in the Bay of Whales, sea terminal at the port, "Kuril" and storage of fuels and lubricants.

In p. Krabozavodskom on about. Shikotan built fire station and local hospital with 25 beds and Polyclinic for 50 visits a day. 

In Malokurilskoye begins construction two residential buildings. Soon will be a competition for the construction of Two sanitation facilities and two water projects in Malokurilskoye and Krabozavodskom. Thus, Shikotan will be the first Kuril Islands, where there will be a full cycle of treatment facilities.

On about. Kunashir erected administrative building of the South Kuril customs post, 10-apartment house in the South Kurilsk for public sector employees. On the island are now building vosmikvartirnyh five houses.

Earlier in Yuzhno-Kurilsk (Kunashir Island) built fire station, which is located in the South Kuril Fire Emergency Squad, as well as storage of fuels and lubricantin, which will be commissioned in the next month. In the South Kuril built House of Culture, the marine station building (Second stage of deep sea port complex in the South Kuril port).

Construction on the Kuril Islands large photographic


Church of the Holy Trinity in South Kurilsk erected at the expense of philanthropists — ordinary citizens of different businesses and entrepreneurs. The customer was Sakhalin Charitable Foundation "Construction of the Orthodox temple on. Kunashir." The general contractor is also an LLC "LIGO design."

Commissioning of the Orthodox Church in South Kurilsk is planned for autumn 2012. His erect 40 professionals. Already manufactured and delivered to the island golden domes and bell. At the temple is also built premises of parochial schools and housing for a clergyman.


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