The main road (lots of issues) watch online

The main road (many editions) watch online
"Home road"- First on Russian television programm information about everything that happens on the roads of the country. This is a half-hour of useful disk imaging not only for car owners, but also for pedestrians. In the same category "Having experienced the" spectators offering fun tips on how to behave in difficult situations on the roads. Defensive challenging courses geared to a mass audience, educate drivers to confidently stand behind the wheel. Classes are conducted by the instructor of the world famous center of higher driving skills. And in each issue of the project — Simulation of emergencies: analysis and advice on preventing accidents and tips lawyers. Under the heading "$ ekond-test" leading applets with avtoekspert purchased second-hand cars, test them at the site and inspect in service. And in the "Federal highway" tells about the roads of our country, their features and things to do. Show the importance of compliance with traffic rules and make the Russian roads safer — a goal applets and its leading — Actor Dennis Yuchenkova and Andrew Fedortsova

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