The method of access to the astral plane to the astral Kanata

November 6, 2012 4:42

This technique is so named because of its key component is the imaginary invisible rope attached to the ceiling of your room. He used to have a pulling effect on any point of the astral body and thus cause it to separate from the physical body.

This technique is more effective than other, passive and indirect ways — in anticipation of a relaxation of vibration or visualize yourself outside your own body. As for the vibration, they are a side effect, not the cause of astral projection. When the astral body is enough pressure to ensure that it has weakened the connection to the physical body and start to peel off human energy cocoon expands it through the chakra system starts to flow a large flow of energy. This energy is flowing through the hundreds of major and minor chakras and their connecting meridians, and causes vibration. The same process usually occurs during sleep, but the senses at that time cut off from the brain and are not able to register it.

Creating pressure on the astral body

More passive and indirect than the proposed, astral projection techniques affect the astral body and stimulate his department, but are making an effort with them neskontsentrirovano and distributed over a fairly wide area, and it weakens the effect of his action. In addition, even though they are paying some attention to the shifting of the center of awareness to a point outside the physical body, but does not explain the mechanism by which this effect contributes to the astral projection, namely, that any mental operation that moves the center of awareness outside that automatically puts pressure the astral body.

This same method is based on modeling in the minds of the simple and quite unambiguous action, which is easy to focus — a mental lift with his hands tied up by a rope to the ceiling. This technique allows you to concentrate all the power of the mind in one dynamic action, whereby the minimum site area of the astral body exert strong pull.

There are other, more subtle and hidden ways of influencing the astral body. K. For instance, this includes most of the meditation techniques that can be called passive methods of working with the astral body. Whatever the technique of meditation, it aims to move into the account itself, which is often accompanied by a sensation of falling somewhere inside. In this case, the astral body is also under pressure, which, in turn, reduces the activity of the brain and puts you in a trance, which appear deeper levels of consciousness.

Fall into a sense of direction moves the center of consciousness from the physical plane to the astral or higher, though not out of the physical body in terms of coordinates in space. However, the pressure created by the astral body is dispersed throughout its volume and is directed in the direction opposite to that which is necessary for out of body experience, that is down, not up. In other words, with the astral body passively opportunity to "fall out" of the physical body, but connecting them familiar ties remain strong, and it rarely lets us achieve success in astral projection.

Most people trying to make a way out of the physical body, do so by passive pressure on the astral body, when present themselves hovering around ourselves and hope that such efforts will cause the actual separation of bodies. Others will attempt to not only create an image in the mind, in which their astral body is separated from the physical, but also try to move your consciousness into the subtle body, and see the world from that perspective. This method is more efficient, but, of course, much more difficult to master. 99% of people do not have the innate ability to visualize, so they must undergo a long training session, if they want to create more or less realistic picture of himself outside his own body. And as the movement of consciousness in this way is altogether impossible task for an inexperienced person. In addition, the imaging technique affects the astral body still an indirect way, which is why it is less effective than the methods of direct action.

All of the above, and in addition, a general lack of information about the mechanism of body experience, that is, about how he is, and cause a very large percentage of failures among exercise in astral projection.

Prolonged application of passive pressure to a large area of the astral body can eventually cause his office. However, during this time required for good visualization of the complex may have a focus on consciousness devastating effect. So let's talk about the other, easier, faster and effective methods of astral projection. The idea of using an imaginary line to exit the body is not new, but this method provides a comprehensive explanation of the mechanism of its action and offers on this basis and practical advice.

Just knowing how to study the method works, you can use it more efficiently and achieve much better results. And the fact that it reduces the time required for the projection and optimizes the use of available at your disposal mental energy can successfully apply it not even accustomed to prolonged mental effort individuals.

One of the most important components of a successful astral projection is motivation. Without it, you will not be able to release the amount of mental energy that is sufficient to implement the out of body, and either just go to sleep or immediately after returning from a projection forget everything that happened to you. Thus, the duration of the preparatory stages is desirable to reduce to a minimum so as not to turn the whole exercise into a difficult and devastating problem.

Novice student of astral projection, usually full of enthusiasm, which, in essence, is pure mental energy. The proposed technique, plus an explanation of how it works, it includes the power source to work, and it can be used with great benefit to the practitioner.

The development of a sense of "war" to return to the Astral

Attach to the ceiling of the tape or rope. Let the tape hanging over your chest so that you can easily reach and touch her hands. After that you have a lot of time to touch it, to feel it has become commonplace for you and fix in mind. Tape is a tool to support the sense of touch. Stretching out his hands and touching it, you are fixed in the minds of the spatial coordinates of the location where it will be invisible imaginary rope. This cable will be developed as an image in your mind and at the same time as a thought-form on the mental plane, and so it will be easier to present itself grasp it and pulls himself up by imaginary hands.

Remember: you do not need to visualize and try to see the rope, you just have to imagine where it is. After all feature of this method is that it does not use visualization.

Drawing imaginary arms up and rise with them an invisible rope moves the center of your consciousness from the body and at the same time has a lot of pressure on a 'single point of the astral body.

Those with chakra "third eye" more active than heart, sometimes it is necessary to modify the exercise so that the imaginary rope dangled not the rib cage and above his head, so that your mental hands is not perpendicular to the body stretch and an angle of about 45 degrees to it. If you take this for pre-tape, as recommended, also hang it over your head. This allows you to make the most of the most active chakra and bring the best results.
In any case, the rope should be in the most comfortable position for you, in which it is easiest to imagine. It is important that the position and angle of an imaginary rope outstretched hands were completely natural.

Are you ready to enter the Astral?

Relaxation exercises, calm the mind, opening the chakras and energy rising, described above, are designed to prepare you for the implementation of the projection. However, during the exit of the body you will not use them all. You only have to just quickly go through each step and go directly to the next. If you try to work themselves to death in front of them every time the implementation of astral projection, this will empty your reserves of mental energy, and at the time of release, you may not be required for this will power and energy.
Therefore, all the developmental exercises must be performed at a different time. In the same way any athlete performs exercises to develop strength, endurance and agility, while not directly related to the sport, which he enjoys. Just because it can have more effectively focus on your core business. If you try to make an astral projection, not having sufficiently developed for this "mental muscles", you will not. On the other hand, no athlete will not enter the competition after exhausting exercise, but a good workout is not hurt. Therefore, before each attempt of the astral projection do relaxation exercises, entering into a trance and the saturation energy of the chakras — singly and as good as that you have already learned.

The whole point of the study of astral projection is to learn to separate the astral body from the physical, while keeping a clear conscience. The sooner you succeed, the better. Otherwise, you find that it is too difficult for you and in the end leave the attempts. So beginners are best to focus on the most effective and at the same time the most simple ways of astral projection. With the success and have full confidence in their abilities, you can try to learn other, more complex ways out of the body.

So, before the experience with the astral projection you have to get some experience in the art of relaxing the body, mind purification and concentration. Then you need to learn to listen to your own body and feelings to create a clear, tangible way "thought hands" to help you perform specific actions, both inside and outside of the body. And finally, you should at least begin to open the chakras and the rise of energy in them, and spend quite a long time in a trance, getting used to this state, and studying it. All of these skills will help you when you start to exercise to get out of the physical body. It is desirable to perform relaxation exercises, concentration and tranquility of mind daily, enhanced use of imaginary hand. Exercises for opening the chakras, energy, and other lifting must be performed at least once a week. Possible and more often, but it is important not to make chronic fatigue of the nervous system.

The sequence of steps in the implementation of astral projection

It is difficult to give a universal sequence of steps for any man — because different students have different abilities and different levels of experience. Therefore, we present here a very general description of the procedure out of the body, do you append its variations to take account of your needs and experience. Remember, you should use exercises that work effectively it is in your case. Pick a combination that gives you the easiest and most successful acts.

That is what should be the sequence of steps in the implementation of a real astral projection:
1. Deeply relax all the muscles of the body.
2. Clean and quiet mind with at least concentrate on your own breathing.
3. Deepen the trance, using for this any way you want.
4. Pick up the energy in the chakras and open them.
5. Push his astral body from the physical, using the method for pulling up an imaginary rope.

Steps 3 and 4 can be reversed, if it is convenient, so you can open the first chakra, and then enter themselves into a trance. Nevertheless, most people prefer to do these exercises is in the proposed order, because the work with energy and chakras brings greater effect when you are in a trance. On the other hand, if you think you are not very susceptible to trance, work with the chakras at first — it facilitates entry into the trance state.

If even then you have trouble with step 3, try to use the lift on the rope as a means of entering into a trance, until you are in this state. Then do the exercises to work with energy and chakras, and again return to the "method of the rope."

Now consider this very method in more detail. Particularly good results it will give, if you developed the ability to concentrate, but for beginners it will be, probably, the most effective. Therefore, we recommend to master the "method of rope" before exploring other, more complex. Most people are able to use it to make a real astral projection, and its duration will depend on the degree of disclosure of their progress through the chakras and their energy flow.
1. Perform relaxation exercises as long as completely calm, but no more than a few minutes, otherwise you will drain the psyche.
2. Pull up their imaginary hands and start to catch up, hand over hand, up the sturdy, imaginary cord or rope, which hangs over you. Try to imagine the thick rough rope, you hold both "hands".

Remember: do not try to create a visible image! You have to imagine that you grab the rope and swinging it in total darkness, so you do nothing you can not see, but you know his whereabouts, and feel it with the sense of touch. Visualization absorbs a lot of mental energy that is better used to put additional pressure on your astral body.

During the execution of this action, you feel a slight "circling", particularly in the upper body. This feeling arises in the astral body, are exempted from the bonds as a result of physical pressure. It will be all the more intense, the better you concentrate on the intention to catch up on an imaginary rope.

Here we must make two important observations.
— Carefully note all the sensations, such as those described above, as well as feelings of pressure and dizziness, which occur at a time when you pull on a rope. Try to see what kind of mental act causes them, and spent it, to learn how to perform this action on their own. Generally, the first few times it is better to give the focus to finding such an action, and only then move on to the "real" projection.
— Ignore all the sensations you will experience during the implementation of the actual projection, otherwise they will distract you, destroy your concentration and out of the body will not succeed. Focus all your attention on a single action lifting up an imaginary rope and forget about everything else. Attach himself to this effect, but do not strain with body — it should only take place in your mind.
3. Continue to "climb" the rope, hand over hand, and you will begin to embrace a sense of gravity. It arises because the exerted pressure on the astral body makes you deeper and deeper into a trance. Do not pay attention to him and continue to concentrate
to "rise".
4. Soon after that you will feel in response to the pressure, open your chakras. Again, do not stop and keep doing what they did.
5. Then you will feel the vibration, which will soon cover the entire body, and you feel that it is paralyzed. Do not allow yourself to lose focus and keep mentally climb the rope.
6. And finally, you feel that you are released from the body. After leaving it in the direction of an imaginary rope, you will find yourself floating above him in zero gravity!

— In no case do not lose concentration when vibrations begin, and it is quite a difficult task. As mentioned above, the vibrations are the result of a powerful flow of energy begins to flow through the hundreds of major and minor chakras in your body. If you will not be able to maintain the focus of attention at the start of vibration, take more time to exercise on the development of concentration, and you will overcome this problem.
— If you have not learned to use the imaginary hands to use them to relax the muscles of the body, draw energy through the legs and open the chakras, you'll probably also be difficult to imagine how you grab and pull of "astral rope." In fact, the opening of the chakras is not absolutely necessary for astral projection, it just helps, but at the same time you learn to use his "second" pair of hands.

The effectiveness of the method described above can be simply frightening to you. It reduces the time required for the development of astral projection to a minimum! As soon as you in all seriousness and with a desire to succeed will start to pull his body up to the imaginary imaginary rope, it will force you into a trance, open chakras, will cause the vibrations, and very soon you will find yourself out of the physical body. And though at first the whole range of new experiences will seem overwhelming, later, you will appreciate the enormous amount of mental energy that is saved in this way, and which can then be used during projection.

Those who can boast of their ability to concentrate, achieved success with this method is much easier and faster than with any other, even without having a great experience in relaxing the body and entering a trance. Another important skill is the ability to perform strenuous activities without connecting imaginary body, that is the ability to separate the imaginary and real actions.
If you use this method, you experience difficulties at any point, give it the attention and join in exercises to develop the missing skills.
There is another variation of the method of "war", which you can try. Do the preliminary steps, ending rise of energy and opening the chakras, but do not go to the most projection. Without closing the chakras, get up and take a break — have a cup of tea, flip through a book, etc. Then go back to bed (or in a chair, if you so prefer), take a few minutes for relaxation and go directly to the "pulling up on the rope." This break will increase the supply of energy in the chakras and extend it.

How does the technique of "war" to return to the Astral

This method is the most dynamic of all the ways of the astral projection, and if you master it, you probably will not need to learn any other. Try to understand the mechanism of its action and highlight the main points.

Purification of consciousness: mental action climbing up a rope involves a whole consciousness without a trace, and it is released as a result of side thoughts.

Brain wave activity: purification of consciousness and the application of unidirectional, dynamic pressure on the astral body reduces the electrical activity of the brain.
Deep relaxation: reduced brain wave activity immerses the body in deep relaxation.

Trance state: strong pressure applied to the astral body, while the physical body is relaxed, plus the reduced activity of the brain will automatically enter the mind and body into a trance.

Chakras: The pressure in a trance on the astral body entails opening the chakras and increasing the flow of energy through them.

Vibration: produced in a trance pressure on the astral body with open chakras causes energy to flow through more than 300 of the chakras of the human body, which begin with vibrate.

Department: the pressure on the astral body, when the last full of energy and is in a state of vibration causes it to separate from the physical body.

On the whole sequence of steps, starting and ending with a relaxing escape from the body, spent less than fifteen minutes, and some are stacked in five. This quick and easy to allow you to use almost all of your mental energy in a concentrated effort. If within the first fifteen minutes, you do not leave the body, it is unlikely you will succeed in the current session. In that case, you should either get up and take a break or a nap.

Problems when coming to the Astral

During the implementation of astral projection, some people may feel like "sticking" in certain parts of the body. For example, one is freed from the body, but it feels like something does not let him in the abdomen or head. If this happens, the continued pressure on the astral body by lifting on the "rope" can cause pain or discomfort. This phenomenon has two explanations.

If you experience a feeling in the stomach, may be due to poor diet, for example, you eat something before exercise difficult assimilated. To avoid this, prefer a light meal, fish and white meat instead of red eat, avoid fats, nuts and cheese.

If you are "attached" to the body of the head or elsewhere, similar symptom indicates that one. of your chakras is inactive, possibly due to blockage of energy flow. In this case, during the exercise to work with the energy you need to focus on this chakra and its opening. If you are trying to implement the projection, you notice a problem with any chakra, stop and try to open it right away. It will help you make the fact that you are already in a trance when working with the chakras is particularly effective. But here's your actions to achieve targets — now go back to concentrating on lifting an imaginary rope.

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