The Mill Wave (Krasnoyarsk Territory) opened a workshop for the production of colored roofing

JSC "Holding Company" Siberian cement "has launched the production of colored roofing material on the Krasnoyarsk plant" Wave. "

The basis of the color of the roof is hrizotiltsement inscribed with protective and decorative coating that maintains its properties for at least 9 years.

"Equipment for the production of this — the only one in Russia. Emphasizing that the protective and decorative coating for roofing materials — in-house development of the plant," — said at the ceremony, Deputy Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Andrew Gnezdilov.

As the managing director of the factory, Alexander Alexandrov, the coating has enhanced strength properties and double protective and decorative coating. "A lot of the snow cover is not a hindrance — hrizotiltsementnye sheets can withstand up to 400 kg per square meter. For this material does not require any additional sealing or noise isolation — quite properly installed wooden lattice, "- said Alexander.

In addition, colored roofing Krasnoyarsk Combine different flame retardant, high degree of insulation, does not corrode and is resistant to weathering. Hrizotiltsementnye sheets "Volnakolor" does not allow an electric current, electromagnetic and radioactive radiation. Guarantee the preservation of color and protective and decorative coating of a new product — 9 years, and the term used, subject to correct installation — at least 50 years of age. "The cost per square meter of usable area in retail — about 230 rubles. The difference in price per square meter of finished roofing pie with other coatings from 400 to 800 rubles, "- said the managing director.

When you start the line at the plant created new jobs. "There will be 70 new jobs. As soon as the products will be sold, there may be additional lines and new jobs, "- said the deputy governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Andrew Gnezdilov. He noted that the production of the plant will be able to compete with Chinese counterparts, with metal tile. "The crisis has just finished and the plant comes to new products. This coating — in-house development of the plant, all of the components of foreign, but recipe — idea of the plant, and it has already shown itself well ", — concluded the deputy governor.

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