The mine Norilsk Nickel gained a new crushing plant

As part of the strategic development of the mineral resources sector of the Polar Division of MMC Norilsk Nickel mine on the horizon October 600 yards commissioned precinct underground crushing plant.


This facility is part of the launch complex II of the project "mine" October ". The increase is "copper" ore ". Commissioning of the facility and provides a full range of filling capacity of production "copper" ore.

The district underground crushing plant on the western flank of the "copper" used to grind ore lumps of rock, including oversized dimensions.

Oversized pieces of rock are seriously hampering the shipment and the transportation of ore. Earlier outsized fragmented by drilling and blasting operations.

After the commissioning of the underground crushing facility will significantly reduce costs. Reduced repair and maintenance costs of machinery and equipment that are involved in the transportation of ore, will increase the efficiency of the use of load-haul and drilling equipment. Besides reduced wear and maintenance costs of process equipment throughout the "chain" tracts transport ore from the mine to produce cleaning concentrator.

The new crushing plant will allow in the future to process up to 500 tons of rock per year. Construction and installation work took 9 months. Investment in the project amounted to more than 400 million rubles.

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