The Ministry of Justice has warned the Party of the BPF

Belarusian Ministry of Justice issued a warning to the BPF and recognized her extraordinary congress illegitimate. This is the agency "Interfax-West".

"The Ministry of Justice has recognized the extraordinary illegitimate XIII Congress of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front of May 29, 2010, and its solutions — incompetent" — the ministry said.

There were informed that the Ministry of Justice "received a complaint of a member of the Audit Commission BPF with information about a number of violations of the statutes and regulations which have been approved by the governing body (the Seimas) BPF during the preparation of the extraordinary XIII Congress."

"Study of the Ministry of Justice documents relating to the Congress, found that the decision to hold the Diet adopted April 18 BPF. At the same meeting, set the procedure for nominating delegates, according to which a significant number of delegates is not subject to the election and appointment, "- said the Ministry of Justice.

"This decision has been violated one of the basic principles of political parties as set forth by the law" On political parties "- the principle of democracy, as well as its own charter party", says the Ministry of Justice.

"The extraordinary XIII Congress of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front was held May 29, 2010. More than half of those present at the congress delegates were nominated with these gross violations of the requirements of the statute BPF", — the Ministry of Justice.

Recall, the Congress, among others, Gregory Kastusyou was nominated candidate in the presidential candidates from the BPF.


"At 100 percent sure that this warning is due to some disturbances, and is the next step in the chain of actions by the authorities to clean up the political field before the elections," — said "Freedom" the chairman of the BPF Yanukevich.

"We think this is unfair warning.'ll Be ready complaint to the court to be canceled. Though we know that the free trial in Belarus there is no" — added Yanukevich.

"With regard to the political consequences: the Ministry of Justice does not in any way cause the party to carry out self-censorship on the eve of the election. Decision of the Ministry of Justice on the activities of the party will not be affected," — said the head of the BPF.

"On appeal to the Ministry of Justice. Unfortunately, it is. Very ridiculous and outrageous fact. Did this Vladimir Maley with Malorita. He actually told myself that appealed to the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Justice is in fact punitive organs. It is regrettable that a member of the party actually went to cooperate with the regime to strike at the party. "

I thought that it is necessary to stop an activity that is not based on the law …

"I appealed to the government body that controls the activity of political parties and public organizations. Guidelines violating the party constitution and laws. I had to do it. I thought that it is necessary to stop an activity that is not based on law. So I asked," — said Vladimir Maley in an interview with the Freedom.

"As a lawyer, I believe that the Ministry of Justice acted absolutely correctly," — said Maley.

Vintsuk Vyachorka

"I am opposed to a mediator in resolving internal issues, it was the state which is not democratic. And its security forces, the Ministry of Justice — one of them" — said a member of the BPF Party politician Vintsuk Vyachorka.

"For making the most important internal legitimacy. A method of forming the composition of the congress delegates, which contradicted the statute was adequately assessed the Audit Commission. A large number of reputable frontovtsev did not agree with this procedure. This is the most important — the lack of internal legitimacy. Well, in that the Ministry of Justice has a task to fire on the area, there is nothing new, "- said Vyachorka.



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