The Novosibirsk region wanders Bigfoot




Residents of the area Kyshtovka argue that met him several times, and even a hunter came upon him logovo.Uznav that Kyshtovka area agog with rumors about wandering there yeti, the correspondents of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" went to the district center. On their arrival at the scene it was found that Bigfoot locals meet in the woods around the area, and even a hunter came upon the lair of the Yeti. 14-year-old Vital roots from the nearby village of Komarovka spoke in detail about his encounter with the hairy beast. The version that the traces left by Bigfoot — the real, confirmed the head of police department Kyshtovka Andrew Suhorebrov, convinced that in the forests of the area inhabited by the unknown creature.

There are various ways to treat the many stories about the meeting with Bigfoot: frank laugh, or blindly believe with a healthy dose of skepticism still trying to figure out: is it or is not it. But what is interesting: the existence of a shaggy man denies even the church, said, "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Kyshtovka priest Father Dmitry question on whether he believed in the existence of Bigfoot, said, "God has a whole lot. Why are you looking for him? Let him run!". And one famous philosopher in the last century said: "The human mind can come up with something that does not exist in nature."


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