The Nutcracker in Kazan? Check fails




October 24, "Kazan-Kosmopoisk" checked the information published in "World Looking Glass" (Annex to the publication of "World News"), in the article "In Kazan appeared ghost" journalist Ruslan Tsarev. It said that on the streets of Kazan Mustary in a wooden two-story mansion, strange events (women's voices in the night, "Nutcracker", a black spot, which is torn, etc.). Ruk.gruppy M.Petrova tells: "In order to verify the information group left in the specified location. House number was unknown, but he was described in detail. As it turned out already in place, a short distance from each other, there are three houses on the same street with similar characteristics. And only one corner most fit the description of having stairs to the second floor. We asked the man, who had just opened the door of the house. Questions "head" so as not to scare people (and not be driven if you have a "Nutcracker "), we decided not to ask. But we found out that there are no tenants described in the article. This was already a big minus. Therefore, the editorial office was sent lookup, which we have not received an answer …" In the case of nonqualified data may have to admit that in the newspaper (again already) leaked, unfortunately, unreliable information …


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