The prayer vigil to help get rid of the disease

It has long been known that prayers help get rid of the suffering of many people and even delay the inevitable death. Studies on the effect of prayer on the mental and physical condition of the person being a long time.

But recently, scientists from the St. Petersburg Institute of the Ankylosing Spondylitis made a sensational discovery, they have proven the existence of a fourth state of human consciousness "prayer vigil", which is able to exert influence on human healing.

As the head of a group of neurophysiologists Dr. Valery Slezin to determine the effect of prayer on the human brain was an experiment, as participants who were invited by Orthodox priests, Catholic priests, Buddhists, followers of Islam and the adherents of other faiths. The task of the experiment was to find out what happens to the human brain, which is completely given prayer.

All of the guest began to pray fervently, and a special unit was shooting them with an EEG, in which it was possible to trace the processes taking place in the brain.

The experiment led to a dramatic discovery was that, along with the three phases of the brain that show their rhythms biocurrents: wakefulness, slow sleep and rapid phase of sleep during the prayer, there is another rhythm of biological currents, which means that a person enters into a new fourth state of consciousness, which is called "prayer vigil". Biocurrents rhythm slows down to 3 Hz, which is called delta-rhythm, and attaches to a baby up to three months.

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Praying people like to fall in childhood, and in this state, a person simply stops thinking about the disease, and often this leads to the fact that people are cured of the most dreaded diseases. And no matter the prayer, what religion to read, as long as the prayer was from the heart.

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