The radiation destroys the brain cell phones

The radiation destroys the brain cell phones

The radiation destroys the brain cell phones. This is reported by U.S. researchers.
Scientists at the National Institutes of Health in the United States released data of their study on the effects of radio cellular phones on the brain. As it turns out, the continued use of a mobile phone — about an hour — causing a surge of activity in the area of the brain closest to the phone antenna. In-planned scientists experiment was attended by 47 volunteers — to their ears was applied on the phone. In one test, both phones are in standby mode, the other one of them calling.

After 50 minutes of "conversation" significantly increased glucose consumption, that is, speeds up the metabolism.

The study clearly demonstrated that even relatively short-term effects of electromagnetic radiation from the phone antenna does affect the brain. Long-term effects of such exposure is much harder to calculate — mobile phones have spread all over the place recently, and to make concrete conclusions about the dangers of too early.

Scientists suspect that mobile phones can cause cancer, but so far to confirm or refute this thesis can not be

Despite the fact that the direct damage is not proven, many physicians and neurosurgeons recommend in any case to keep the phone away from the head, using the conversation garnituru.Obnaruzhenie researchers from the National Institutes of Health between phone radiation and brain activity will certainly cause a new wave of debate on the effects of mobile phones on health.

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