The regime change that everyone will like


The article with the headline of the weekly Newsweek claims that the regime of Alexander Lukashenko came not very frequent coincidence of thought Brussels and Moscow on the policy on post-Soviet territory.

According to the weekly, both the European Union and Russia want to change Lukashenko after the presidential elections in Belarus, which are most likely to take place in early 2011.

"The Kremlin finally ran out of patience with Lukashenko. Russia has invested $ 50 billion in the Lukashenko regime, but it all the same not behaves as a loyal politician, "- Newsweek quoted Alexander Kozulin and recalls a recent screening of the documentary film" The Godfather "in Russia.

The beginning "in an important battle between the West and the East for the future of Belarus" on the background of the general nyalyubastsi to Lukashenko — concludes Newsweek.

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