The Russians found in the Belarusian milk antibiotics

Federal Service of Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision of Russia banned the supply of dairy products of four of the dairy industry in Belarus due to a mismatch sanitary standards. Belarusian milk jugs do not agree with this and argue that the basis of these decisions is the policy.

To date, the "black list", "Rasseltehnaglyadu" one of the greatest dairy enterprises of Belarus "Grandma's Jug" and Berezovsky and Osipovichsky dairies, Berezovsky Cheese Factory.

These businesses large share of its production is exported it to Russia. According to the "Freedom" responsible officer "Rasseltehnaglyadu" Alexei Aleksienka, in the availability of harmful substances found:

"The problem is once again on antibiotics. We understand that the Belarusian national veterinary service is difficult to bring in that order. But we have to fulfill the Russian legislation on food safety.'s Why we are monitoring the finished product."

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, the situation could be explained Alexander Shcharbyanok — Head of food. But he referred to his official employment and reluctance to talk to a journalist of "Freedom."

Among those who fell under the ban on the export of dairy products in Russia — Berezovsky Cheese Factory.

Its director Vladimir Papen says that the future delivery of products depends on negotiations in Astana, where the fate of the Customs Union:

There is no economy, veterinary, everything here from other motives …

"By the end of this month, we believe that everything will be solved. And now we carry in Russia tests, according to the painted work procedures. All of us perform, despite the fact that we were banned unfairly. Here, there is no economy, veterinary, everything here from other motives."

The department of agriculture and food Berezovsky District noted that the detection of antibiotics in production — a fact very unpleasant. But district officials exclude the possibility of contamination of the products as well as quality control of milk, especially if it is exported, pretty solid:

"Before sending milk to the plant is on-farm control, purchased tests. Then control at the syrakambinatse. Later control in laboratories Beldyarzhvettsentru. Later still underway unless border controls."

Mogilev region came under Russian ban dairy products of two specialized companies — JSC "Grandma's Jug" and Osipovichy dairy plant.

More than ten days does not supply dairy products in Russia "Grandma's Jug." Prohibition of Russians turned out for the Mogilev milkmen unexpected:

We have a feeling that we were "ordered" …

"We have no reports seizure of samples, there is no account of the fact that somewhere being tested and found somewhere antibiotics.'ve Got nothing. We have the feeling that we were" ordered. "That is honestly telling you. C Russia does not work. works with other markets. With the Russians say that they are happy to be working, our prices are good, and so, unfortunately, are so "- explains the situation Mogilev specialist company.

Russians banned the import of dairy products from the "Grandma's Jug" almost immediately as the company received a certificate of conformity to the European standards of quality and safety.

Does not deliver the supplies to the Russian market and Osipovichsky Dairy. At the company claim to have learned about the temporary ban to import their products into the territory of Russia from the site "Rasseltehnaglyadu" and a letter to the manager of the plant, which duplicates the message from the site.

"We have already collected samples of the exported product and was taken to the institute in Moscow for the determination of residual amounts of antibiotics of the tetracycline group. Not only that, if it was — we do not know. And now here is the real picture," Well, see, here we have delivered, and nothing not revealed. " Results so far I have not, "- explains the situation Osipovichy specialist dairy plant.

In the summer 2009and in the relations between Russia and Belarus was recorded first acute milk conflict. The reason for it was the decision "Rasseltehnaglyadu" prohibit supplies to the Russian market of about 500 types of dairy products from Belarus. Decided "Rasseltehnaglyad" explained the fact The Belarusian side does not re-register the documentation in accordance with the new tehreglyamentam.

Conflict related to the supply of dairy products from Belarus to Russia, has caused a loud resonance in the political arena. Alexander Lukashenko in June 2009 refused to come to the summit of the CSTO, motivating the decision dairy issues with Russia. In July 2009, the "milk war", which recognized the existence of Lukashenka personally, stopped.


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