The shocking story of the island of Russian

In these days of the peninsula Russian, In the Primorye Territory, passes the APEC summit, which focused attention. The peninsula is built comfortable hotels, various facilities, including entertainment, but somehow forgotten that the peninsula has naizloveschuyu Russian history, which at the time was the fear of American intervention in the Far East.

When in Russia war broke out plain clothes, firewood which, from the start, tossed Western political schemers, Britain, France, the U.S. and Japan want to profit at the expense of, dismembering her area and remove Russian Factor in general, creating several weak puppet regimes in the former Russian countries. Even before the end of the war, they had already sat down for the division "does not hide the slain bear", and December 3, 1917 has gathered a special conference with the role of the United States, Britain, France and the allied states on which the decision was made on the delimitation of areas of interest in the territories of the former Russian Empire. The zone of influence of Great Britain have been assigned the Caucasus and southern Russian region of France — Ukraine and Crimea. Americans hankered to Siberia, the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun want to get a part of the Far East.
August 1, 1918, British troops have planted in Vladivostok. Also in the month of August Posada Americans. In August, the Americans, the British and the French occupied the Archangel. The invaders have declared martial law, imposed military courts, during the occupation they have taken out 2686 thousand tons of various cargoes totaling over 950 million gold rubles. Prey invaders became all the military, trade and fishing fleet of the North. South American troops have done punitive function. Above 50 thousand Russian people (over 10% of the population under control) were thrown into the bullpen in Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Pechenga, Yokanga. Exclusively in the Arkhangelsk provincial bullpen was shot eight thousand man, 1,020 died from hunger, cold and disease

In Primorye, the Americans were doing amazing in its own inhumanity, act, and the peninsula became a Russian concentration camp, where prisoners were brought. There were other death camps, where the Americans destroyed the local population, but the camp made on the Russian peninsula, lasted longer all — up to October 1922 were tortured in the camp were drowned near the peninsula, divided and whole barges, linking hands Stitching wire.

There is evidence that after the end of the intervention, one of the divers, working in flooded sites in the Russian island, ran into one of these barges, inside which "stood out like a live, connected people." Shocked by what he saw, the diver came down from the brain.

For information on the presence of the U.S. military in the Far East, can be found in the book "Russian Foreign invaders in Russia", released in 1935, it tells what ways acted Americans — severed families, pregnant ladies who cut off the breasts removed stomachs of kids, kids hung five years.

Here are a few excerpts:

"The archives and newspaper articles of the time and to this day the certificate is stored as a Yankee, coming to distant lands, hosted on our land, leaving a trail of blood in the fate of the Russian people in the history of Primorye. For example, capturing farmers I.Gonevchuka, S.Gorshkova, P. Oparin and Z. Murashko, Americans have buried them alive for liaison with local guerrillas. And his wife murdered partisan E.Boychuka followed by: the body stabbed with bayonets and drowned in a cesspit. Peasant Bochkareva mangled beyond recognition, bayonets and knives, "nose, lips and ears were cut off, his jaw knocked out, his face and eyes pricked with bayonets, the whole body is cut up." U st. Sviyagino same method was brutally tortured N.Myasnikov guerrillas, who, according to the testimony of the witness, "first cut off his ears, nose later, arms, legs, live chopped into pieces."

"In the spring of 1919, in the village there was a punitive expedition of the invaders who brought flogging over those suspected of sympathy partisans — testified inhabitant of the village Haritonovka Shkotovsky A.Hortov area. — Avengers arrested many farmers as hostages and sought to give the guerrillas, threatening to shoot (…) fiercely dealt executioners interventionists and innocent peasants hostages. Among them was an old man and my father Philip Hort. It was brought home in a bloody way. It is a few days was still alive, always said: "For me that was tortured, animals damned!". His father died, leaving five orphans.

A couple of times South American fighters appeared in our village, and every time the inhabitants repaired arrests, robberies and murders. In the summer of 1919 the South American punitive ramrods made a public flogging with whips and farmer Paul Kuzikova. South american non-commissioned officer was standing, smiling, and clicked the camera. Ivan Kravchuk and another 3 young men from Vladivostok suspected in connection with the guerrillas, they tortured a number of days. They kicked their teeth, tongues cut off. "

And here is another testimony: "The invaders surrounded the Small Cap and opened heavy fire on the village. When he learned that the guerrillas are not, Americans have grown bolder, broke into it, and burned the school. Brutally flogged anyone who got their hands on. Cherevatova peasant, like many others, had to walk home with a bloody, unconscious. Ruthless pripiraniya repaired South American Marines in villages Vladivostok, Krolevec and other populated Fri At the sight of all the South American officer has issued a number of bullets in the head injured boy Basil Shemyakin. "

And the general himself Grevs, commander of the South American Expeditionary Force, then admitted, "one of those areas, where the South American troops, we have received reports of killings and torture of men, women, children …"

More outspoken in his own memoirs, and U.S. Army Colonel Morrow, complaining that his poor fellow-soldiers … "could not go to sleep without killing anyone in this day (…) When our soldiers were taken prisoner by Russian, they took them to the station Andriyanovka, where wagons were unloaded, the prisoners led up to the tremendous pits, which have their guns and shot them. " "The most memorable" to Colonel Morrow was the day, "when it was shot in 1600, brought to 53 cars."

Of course, the Americans were not alone in these atrocities. Japanese invaders did not yield to them. For example, in January 1919 the men of the rising sun burned down the village Sohatino, and in February — the village Ivanivka. Oh, so this reporter witnessed Yamauchi from Japanese newspaper "Uradzio Nippo": "Village Ivanivka surrounded. 60-70 households, of which it is composed, were quite burned and its inhabitants, including women and kids (of 300) — captured. Some tried to hide in their homes. Then the houses were set on fire, along with the people who were in them. "

Only during the first days of April 1920, when the Japanese had broken at one point agreed to a truce, they killed in Vladivostok, Spassky, Nikolsk Ussuri and the nearby villages of about 7 thousand people.

The archives are stored Vladivostok museums and photographic evidence of the atrocities of the interventionists, posing next to the beheaded and tortured bodies of Russians. However, all this today is not very willing to recall our politicians (and many of them would be a shame as it sounds, this and did not know).

"American savages fun"

The evidence of the atrocities of the interventionists cited in virtually all the l
ocal newspapers of the time. Thus, the "Far Eastern Review" led the subsequent fact: "In Vladivostok on Svetlanskaya South American street patrol, laughing, looking to the Japanese soldiers beating sailor Kupriyanov. When angry bystanders rushed to the rescue, the South American patrol took him "under the protection". It soon became clear that South American "benefactors" Kupriyanov Tipo shot for resisting the patrol. "

Another South American patrol was attacked by Ivan Bogdashevskogo, "took away his money, stripped naked, beaten and thrown into a pit. After a day or two he died. " May 1, 1919 two intoxicated American soldier attacked S.Komarovskogo with intent to rob, but he managed to escape from the robbers.

Sedanka on a group of American fighter was brutally raped by a 23-year-old citizen of K. Facts violence against girls and ladies, knights in the form of the U.S. Army more than once regilis in other parts of Vladivostok and Primorye. Of course, the girls of easy virtue, which then, as now, there was a lot of American fighters have had enough. By the way, one of the "prostitutes", "reward" of several American "cowboys" an unfortunate disease, such as was found murdered on the street Pond (where today stands the cinema "Komsomolets") "revolver with five bullets in his body."

Other evidence taken from the press: "In the beginning of July, passing on the street Svetlanskaya a cab, four intoxicated American soldier, courage, insulting passers-by. Passing by a vowel (ie deputat. — Comm. Aut.) City Council Wojciechowski, Sanarsky and others outraged by their behavior, suspended cab. Intoxicated men approached Voitsekhovsky in Russian and yelled at him: "What are whistling, the Russian pig? Do not you know that now south american prazdnichek? '. A soldier guided by Wojciechowski gun, other began applying his gun blows in the face. "

His zapanibratskim, bestial behavior of the Americans had already tried to prove to the world that America is more important than everything! Because testified newspaper "Red Flag" for December 25, 1920, intoxicated crowd of American sailors barged into a restaurant, a coffee shop on the Kokin Svetlanskaya and rough abuse to distort the Russian language has become disperse playing billiards to yourself to have fun, to drive parteyku or two …

Or here's another example of the "Evening Newspaper" for November 18, 1921 Five American sailors serving on the Russian radio station peninsula, which captured the invaders in 1918, came to a dance hall in Radkevich that Base. Much mistaking "on his chest," they were "brave it out." And when it started to play, "sat in the 2nd row, and put his feet on the back of the first row of chairs" (where Russian spectators were sitting). With all this the sailors were that "spit on all of Russian, including on Russian law," and then began to kick up a row. "

It must be said that, according to the testimony of the survivors, the South American warriors on the part of drunkenness, robbery and "indecency in relation to the ladies who made bad deals on the streets," also on the brash, shameless behavior to all and sundry, even then equal to itself did not have. They could arrange Courage in an intoxicated stupor, wanton shooting at the crowded streets on the principle that those who are not hidden — I'm not povinet! Did not hesitate, that under their bullets killed or what is the innocent people. Brutally beat the first counter and polyubopytnichat contents of his wallet and pockets. The newspaper "Voice of the Motherland" for January 12, 1922 gave completely specific title: "American savages have fun."

R. S. Not long ago, I had to make a small plot of RF interference in civilian war between the North and the South United States, takes place in a few decades before the civilian war in Russia. Then the Russian government was at the peak of their own power, and Sir Alexander II sent to the shores of America, two squadrons, designating the Russian presence in the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, and the calculation was not the fact that the Russian military will accept a role in the fighting, and the fact that their presence will cool the ardor of the British, who had intended to go to war against Lincoln (on the side of the slave states, obviously).

Calculation of the Russian Tsar was justified, war not become protracted and bloody intervention of Britons did not deploy (UK dared not, at that time to challenge Russian Navy, as to this point, our homeland, as ever, has strengthened its fleet: instead of battleships built a wood iron frigates, some of them — the battleship "Peter the Great" was considered at the time one of the best warships in the world, in many ways superior to the English court (although the strengthening and upgrading of the Russian fleet and was the result of the failure of the Crimean War). Either way, at the time of sign the war between the North and South, Our homeland is very clearly defined its position, the result was the preservation of the territorial integrity of the United States and the relatively speedy cessation of hostilities. Note that the Russian military did not destroy any one person's or 1st is not crippled.

We can compare the Russian intervention in civilian war going on within the U.S., with South American intervention in civilian war going on in Russia? Our homeland in North America supported the progressive and territorial integrity of the country, the Americans, in the Russian Federation, supported by an old system, but the plus to that insisted on breaking up the country, eager to profit at the expense of its wealth. Russia to the United States did not destroy any of 1 person, the Americans were subjected to torture and kill thousands of people in Russia.

And yet it is also about the fact that not only the birthplace of the former Our behaved more noble than America, and our Russian motherland not go to any comparison with the United States. You can compare, say, the mid-twentieth century intervention, asking for the United States and the Soviet Union in the territories of these countries wanted to subordinate their own control. So, with the oppression of "bloody commies" Prague uprising in 1968, a total 72 people were killed difficulties, but at the same time in history, the oppression of the resistance Vietnam Yankees destroyed about 2-million civilians and more than a million Vietnamese fighter.

PPS I think, on the peninsula of the Russian monument to be erected in memory of those killed and tortured by Russian people, who are victims of American intervention.

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