The structure of the lacrimal apparatus

The structure of the lacrimal apparatus.

The lacrimal glands are present in many animals, in the body, they perform a very important function — to produce a special liquid wetting and cleaning the eye. And the only man with his emotionality able to shed tears just like that, with emotion.

Lacrimal apparatus comprises lacrimal gland andlacrimal path. Lacrimal gland located in the upper part of the outer sockets. Cancer of the lachrymal fluid enterstoparch of the conjunctiva (under the upper eyelid at the outer corner of the eye) and washes the entire front surface of the eyeball, covering the cornea from drying out.

Then tear enterstearful lake, disposed at an inner corner of the eye. In the field of internal corner of the eye on the upper and lower eyelids are projections — lacrimal papilla. At the top of each of the lacrimal papilla is lacrimal point. Lacrimal point — this is the inlet Lachrymal. Top and lower tear ducts empty into thedacryocyst. Lacrimal bag bottom becomesnasolacrimal duct, which opens innasal. Through this channel tear output from the eye into the nasal cavity.

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