The text record of 01.07.94. Continued Part 2

Today, the 7th of January, nineteen pm. At the present session, the Volga journalist — researcher of anomalous phenomena Belimov Gennady Stepanovich. We have a lot of questions for you in different areas of the world order, life, science, and religion. I would like to count on the understanding of this interest to your civilization. For earlier, please excuse for any repetitions. In general, we are very interested in any items, any detail of your and our understanding of the universe. In my opinion, there is a huge scope for cooperation. To start I would like to know more about you, so do not be afraid and do not thinking the superstitious assumptions. So, who are you? A different civilization, a different life, or a single source of information?

— You are.

We are you?

— You — the children …

What is your place of residence: the Earth, the solar system and deep space?

— We — the other world. It can not be compared.

In what or what you are measuring?

— Measured by you …

I see … You do not have the concept of multidimensionality?

— You — a child, we — the older. We have come and teach you. If you want, you teach yourself. This condition and the condition of contact experiments designed by you.

We would like to quickly acquire knowledge. Maybe now is a period when we have to use your help.

— You can call the period when there was need our help?

Yes, find it difficult … I guess it has always been necessary.

— Ask.

Do you own planet habitat?

— No. We have the energy world.

It covers the entire universe, or only part of the Earth?

— Solar system.

In other galaxies you are not covered?

— No, you do not understand: we are in the solar system, and now we are in your physical plane — emotional.

Say, three-dimensional measurement — this is not the final dimension?

— These are your stories. Now you live in a five. But using only three.

Will there be a time when we realize that we can use all five dimensions? When will it happen?

— Everything depends on you. Question no sense. If this were not so, then why do you live?

That is life, let's say 2000, you can not call that we attain a five-dimensional …

— Do you personally?

Well, no, of humanity.

— You humanity?

Hard to say at all.

— Ask for themselves.

How many dimensions, an infinite number?

— You have seven planes. You know that. Exist in five dimensions, this is news to you?

In a way — yes. I thought the fourth dimension — this time. How to present the fifth dimension? Can you answer?

— The world has no dimensions. But you have divided it. Initially you have been divided into five worlds.

Then name the parameters of these measurements. We know the length, width, height, and maybe the time …

— Are you talking about the physical plane. We're talking about something else. In you there is at least three: the ego, spirit and soul. Religion is not lying. This is one of the kinds.

After all the measurements …

— Let's take this: you are representing that you are real?


— The other world for you — the reality?

The controversial issue. I would like to believe it, but most of mankind does not recognize it.

— You do not call it a reality?


— Though he is there … So, then, the reality?

What we see, what we can touch.

— Reality — this is one of the points of vision. Your world is too otherworldly for someone. Do you agree with that?

Yes, we can agree …

— So, what is reality?

Everything regarding work.

— This is the point of vision.

Well, whether you or your civilization is the possibility of material incarnation?

— No.

You do not need it?

— No.

We find it hard to understand. How can you look, you will like the people on the earth dwellers, or it is not clear to us the substance?

— We called you an atom. Imagine an atom.

It is hard to imagine.

— Ask.

But can there be elements of cooperation and interaction with you Earthlings?

— What do we do now?

Yes, it's a start.

— No. You're not the first, not your last.

Whether we are presenting to you any interest as a partner? Or is this just like our human interest to the colonies of ants, bees, and the like.

— No.

That is, we are interested in you as a partner?

— You — the children … Be careful. We told you that we have you.

In the broad sense or what?

— All right. Are you talking to yourself, but you still a child.

So, how to rise to the heights of full understanding?

— If we talk to you, then you will rise.

Sometimes you call yourself a "me."

— No.

Or you are acting on behalf of civilization?

— I repeat. You at least three of the ego, the spirit, the soul. Ego — it's you. Spirit — that is your foundation. We are the same — part of the soul, its component.

In what capacity you would like to use that our contact with you? It can be used for the benefit of …

— Using you. We can not interfere with your physical plane. We use only emotional.

It is the law of outer communication, we can not interfere, or you just feel that way?

— You do not have to intervene even in the life of a neighbor. Are you sure you do well?

No, of course … How far from human civilization behind you? Or meaningless question?

— It has been answered. We're not talking about the level — who is smarter, who is more stupid. Other life different levels. Tell me, who is more stupid — the dog or you?

I hope that dog. Or am I wrong?

— And if the dog thinks you are stupid, it is not right?

But we do about it, unfortunately, did not know …

— Ask …

Is there a World Ring of Mind?

— If the world is one … I told you?

Well, not quite.

— We will not give you a ready answer, you have to think out for yourself. I told you that the world is one, and you're asking. You can ask the other way? One world? Agree that it is two of the same issue.

Questions … prepared in a somewhat different aspect …. How many civilizations is a ring of mind? It can be said?

You can call civilization, which are not included. We talk about the unity of the world, and you share. If you have a ring, so there is a civilization that are not there.

Yes, I agree. Since the Earth's civilization, yet we know this is not part of the ring of the mind. Is it possible that once we got? It's a long time?

— Once again you do not understand, we're talking about unity, you will never go away. But if you want, then your concept — not yet.

What do I need to take the time to zoom in and recognition of human merit, well, let's say that we have mastered atomic energy, we go out into outer, near-Earth space. We approach to the development of civilization, when we recognize the other civilizations?

— The child begins to walk. How do you think he would be a man or not? And how do you evaluate its merits?

Well, on that as the child is beginning to interact with adults, you can see that he has become more civilized, more intelligent.

— But you're still kids.

How to grow up here? Are there any ways or are we doomed to wander the dark?

— Everything depends on you. Do you know the answers to all these questions. You want to see other people's eyes, our eyes. Why do not you have mastered your own? You are blind, you are living a lie.

Tell me, can a band like Volga, to cooperate with you …

— What are you doing now?

… To speed up the progress of mankind? It is doubtful that we will be able to achieve anything useful.

— No, we do not accelerate, we only help.

And you agree to help us in some way, right?

— Imagine you have won, won at the expense of other people's achievements. Agree that you will lose the joy and the taste of victory.

I agree. Why you can not go out like a contact method for scientific, political, creative elite states?

— Is it?

But these cases are not known, and it seems that politicians, scientists are very skeptical of any type of research of anomalous phenomena.

— They were not given another charge.

It is not given?

— Ask.

The level of knowledge and intelligence of ordinary people like us, significantly reduce the possibility of a mutual contact?

— No.

Does not reduce?

— No.

But it calls into question the usefulness of such contacts. Moreover, discredit blocked. When ordinary people are starting to talk about the contacts, no one believes them.

— All right. Let's take the case. Many of the contacts in your concept, are false, and you have already met this. But first: every lie is the truth. Second, imagine the patient came to you and told myself crazy. Who is he — a liar or a lunatic?

I guess I should investigate.

— Agree that at the same time it can not be. It can not be a liar and a madman. Do you agree with that?


— You talk logically. Yes, there's no way out. But I can tell you that people — illogical, although the logic — his hobby. And all lies, your concept — it is just only one of the unrealized realities.

Tell me, let me tell you about the contact situation with you, and how best to do it: through the press, books, or better to remain silent?

— That's your problem.

That is, in this you do not interfere, but what is the best option you can tell?

-No. That's your problem.

Many of your answers remind Dalnegorsky contacts with the Group-2 …

— No.

From Vladivostok. You do not know about them?

— We are talking about the same thing? You said that we recall. No.

But you know who manages the Group-2 now?

— No.

Just because you have not worked with this group?

— No.

But a lot of them in the contact situation like your answers, your vision of the world, so we have decided that you know them. You do not know why stopped abruptly, publications, reports the group-2?

— We have not met with them, we will give an answer?

Do you know the earth's point of view on the existing light and the forces of good and the forces of evil and darkness? That is, God and Satan.

— What is the Darkness? This is one of the components of the light.

But this earthly comprehension — God and Satan. It's a non-issue or is it indeed exists in reality?

— We told you that your vision — a reality. Reality — it is one of the points of vision. Do you remember? For you is real and God and Satan. You have God in your mind, we have our own God — in our understanding. You are religious, we — no.

How valid the point of view of religion, or is it a human prejudice?

— This is one of the visions, one of the points of perceiving the world. We told you that lie as such does not exist. If you tell me now what you have in your pocket a million and "Mercedes", then you're lying to yourself just because I can not believe it, and for me it is true.

Tell me, what is valuable to you people?

— He creates us, we give birth to him. We — the whole.

It is hard to understand … Tell me, the human soul has a special meaning for you?

— Yes, we are part of the soul.

Whether the soul is eternal?

— Even in your concept of it is eternal.

It can reincarnate indefinitely?

— This is one of the realities.

But few believe it now. And there is no evidence to the contrary.

— That's your problem.

You do not want to explain the fallacy of this view of humanity?

— What do you do if you do not understand, do not want to listen to?

We are looking for evidence, facts that will persuade. With soul until the evidence is not enough …

— Or nothing will convince you.

So, it is useless to seek it?

— No, you must yourself believe it, we will not give any evidence.

Let's say, I personally believe, and others do not believe. What to do in order to triumph truth?

— Your desire to believe you, is what?

Find evidence.

— For what? The goal?

That humanity is not erred.

— Do you think that you are not mistaken, and teach all mankind?

Well, I hope I'm not mistaken, and you are sure that this is also our confusion. But you said yourself that the soul is eternal.

— But you have to understand it.

That is, it turns out I just believe or do not believe only, and it is necessary to understand something, okay one would understand, and associates, other people?

— If you believe, you will understand, and if you only think that you believe it will give you something? You're lying, lying to myself. You believe in the soul, are you sure that you have a soul, you are sure that you have three. Do you believe in God? You believe everything you see here, in this world, you are aware of all this? You can explain all his actions?

No, I can not.

— And you want to teach mankind?

Well, at least not to wander in the dark. Not to teach, but …

— Everyone has their own way. We told you — do not interfere. You may suggest, you can teach, but if you do not take — go away.

Well … So, there may come a time in my personal life when I flag down at it as unmanageable for my mind and get away from this study … This is the right way?

— This is just one way.

But I'd like to go a little bit further.

— You have to learn to trust. This is the first. Everything you do is through faith. Understand, I'm not talking about religion. Faith — is more than a religion. Faith — it is a certainty, it is the power to control, it is food for the mind. Do you believe in the eternity of the soul?

While I doubt, unfortunately.

— If you have faith, then there would be no issues. I told you?

Answered, but pravomoschnaya point of view, when a person doubts. Him to the conviction for Vera needs some factors that promoted its maybe tonight one of those when I add the faith, or will I learn that I can not go that way and we should just deal with everyday life and do not thrust into the high matters. I need proof of my doubts, then there will be Faith.

— You no one will argue. When the child explain what is possible and what is impossible, he proved? And if he understood the evidence?

Perhaps the soul, its states and transformations need to talk separately. You agree to continue the discussion on this topic in the future?

— Ask.

So, if you are from the forces of evil, then we have a doubt, it really is all-powerful and all-powerful God? You see, I have such doubts with whom we come in contact …

— I got you. Again, you — a sieve. And there is your concept of a lie and the truth. What is the truth? This is one of the visions. Do you agree with that?


— You talk about the power of God and Satan. You can imagine that God does not know about this? You prove that God is omnipresent and omnipotent, and now Satan does not knowing?

It turns out someone's exaggeration of options.

— No. The world is one and only in your concept of God and Satan exists. Since you are on the lower level. Will be higher and you will not be asking such questions. Although there are already some sense of right and wrong. And there will also be good and evil, but in the other.

Tell me, is there a God as such? Maybe this universal mind, and we present it here in the form of some real person.

— We told you that you are gods. I told you?

Well, it's true that by no means comprehended. Gods and can not do anything. Even the fight against evil can not understand the world in volume can not.

— You kids. If you want, you — the children of the gods. And you will become gods, to reason logically.

Well, it's a long process?

— Everything depends on you. It may be enough, and minutes, and may not be enough and thousands of years, it all depends on you. We call it — charge. Otherwise we can not explain to you what it is.

You can tell who created the earth, the galaxy, the cosmos?

— You are.

But we're not gods, it is all the same … somehow …

— Okay, let's go back to 15,000 years ago. You have changed the Earth, you had a goal — changing it and went into the flesh, you forgot about the target. If I were you call it, you will lose all sense of your being.

This is the secret?

— It's a secret you created. If you are eternal, how can you ask about the beginning and the end?

Well, we do not know are forever right?

— How can we tell you about eternity, if you are looking for the beginning and end of eternity? Explain to me. You can tell me, and I will explain to you.

Well, we will continue the conversation. Say you have a difference by sex?

— No.

You asexual being, you can not be played?

— We are playable, but producing energy. If you want, then let it be a plus and a minus. It will be a crude analogy, and even insulting.

Tell me, do you have any differences by age? Have children?

— There is no difference if we are eternal — how can there be a difference? Do you have, because you are in one of the forms of life. Do you have both children and adults. We perceive more one, so we have no idea of adulthood.

That is, the type of knowledge you can not, you already know everything. You have movement, it turns out, there is no forward?

— No, you do not understand. Always and everything is moving forward. And you're moving forward and load the last road you do not lose. Sooner or later you will come to the end. And we go. You think, reason and age are the same?

No, do not think so.

— How did you conclude?

Well, it turns out that if you do not have children …

— We talked about age, you have concluded that we do not move forward. It speaks to your illogic. And this is one of your traits. Illogic brings you a lot of bad luck, but you can be envied.


— Illogical.

Then is it possible to clarify whether the still life of your representatives? It is infinite?

— In your concept we live less than an instant. During the contact, we passed a huge set, you do not have those figures.

We probably all that difficult to understand. Now we have to deal with a particular individual thinking?

— No.

You have no proper name, right?

— You do not understand. We told you that the life of every individual in our instantaneous, and even less. And you're asking about an individual?

Well, we do not understand how it is — but for a moment …

— We, too, are born and die and go away, just like you. You name it — reincarnation, we call it a reversal. In your concept.

And tell me, your civilization is like an artificial brain or a computer?

— You car.

We have a car?

— Yes.

But biologically with self-replication is that it?

— Yes. You also run the machine and this machine.

And those who govern us?

— Soul. You.

Yeah, they themselves …

— You signed himself in prison, this is one of your tasks — learn to manage. You punish yourself.

But a way that is?

— Purpose.

But not all of us are that purpose.

— None of you is this objective. Those who are introduced, they are no longer here.

There are some personality?

— They are no longer there.

Well, at least, and departed. Ziolkowski, for example.

— No.

Who could move forward, you can name exactly?

— Specifically? No.

You are led by human emotions: fear, joy, irony, love or others?

— First — we eat your questions. Second — we are emotionally.

That is, our emotions are vital to you?

— We come to you to talk to the emotional plane, well, in our concept, yes, we have a love and a betrayal.


— Yes. If we were perfect, we had nowhere to go. And we would not be talking to you. You are looking for us, we are looking for you, you will know us, we get to know you. We also are blind, like you, we're going.

But we would like to hope that you are more than a sighted than we are. I guess the way it is.

— We are one of the manifestations of reality.

Tell me, what emotions the most peculiar, yet for you?

— Thirst.

What? Of knowledge?

— Total. And you.

And we also have this thirst for knowledge. Who she is ruined, is not high, someone is an incentive for the existence of life.

— Are we the same with you.

Are the same … but you allocate your thirst of knowledge, love as an important motive for.

— Why did you go to the contact? What motivated you?

The thirst for knowledge.

— Why do you ask?

And you do the same thing? Well, we have for you probably are not interested in all the same, perhaps to communicate with children …

— Is. You do not like children?

We love. But here the mind plays more …

— No. Reason you can not love, you have a heart.

This is an important body of man?

— No. Physiologically, yes.

Only physiologically?

— Physiologically.

Tell me, is there some kind of device in your community, there is a hierarchy, subordination?

— Yes.

Yes? As it is not expected that's it, you have a community. It is still there, is there?

— Yes.

Above you have older?

— We told you that we also have a war (…), do you agree with that?

And then what kind of war you? The destruction?

— No. You destroy.


— You do not understand. Your war of annihilation, we have not.

But, you just said that you, too, are some of the war.

— All right. If you talk to aponentom — you can call it war?

No, this is a very normal process.

— Then we have no wars.

And you have this kind of showdown. We have the assumption that you can think of a civilization of Shambhala. What do you say to that?

— We were there, but we did not say anything to you.

For us, this is still a taboo or …

— For you personally? You'll be there.

I, personally, Belimov Gennady'll be there?

— You'll be there, but you will not Gennady.

This will be through some other embodiments, right?

— Let us omit, ask.

In general, there is Shambhala?

— And where will you then you are not logical.

Well, this is something I still do not believe that Shambhala is achievable and even more so for me.

— Excuse me, you will come to a goal, everyone! Sooner or later, you will come.

But not necessarily in this life, right?

— If you could have in this life, we would not be talking to you now.

But, we're in a hurry, and I would like to go in this life.

— No, you're not in a hurry.

Are you so sure?

— We see.

But, I would not say that this is for me personally not a dream. It is a dream that is not reachable at the time, but if I am given the opportunity to go there right now, I would have gone.

— You are deceiving yourself. You do not believe in Shambhala and you're asking about it, and you dream about it. Where is your logic?

You're right, because, of course doubts about Shambhala there, because there has not been proved, not even know where it is located. Tell me then, if possible, where is it located? This Altai Belovodye some or all the same Tibet, ie, what areas of the Earth?

— Understand that we do not give you a ready answer — the first one. And the second — if I tell you, Tibet, Altay, Belovodye, you will not find it.

But, even though the search will narrow range …

— Geographically, it does not exist.

She's in another dimension, or what?

— If you like, then yes.

If you have contacted with earthlings, then with Shambhala kontaktiruete probably for a long time? They are considered by our teachers of the earth.

— Yes.

And you have an understanding?

— No.

You have different positions on …

— We have roughly the same track, but at a different level.

Shambhala is …

— This is one of the stops. There is a road above.

They have moved significantly higher, relative to mankind?

— With regard to you, yes.

But why do not they teach us, or only through Helena Roerich, something given, but it is also doubtful whether it is subjected to ridicule and doubt.

— That's your problem. You ridicules, you do not want to hear.

Tell me, who's now the supreme ruler? Is there such a person to Shambala?

— Yes, there is also a hierarchy.

And who named?

— We will not tell you that.

But, you know?

— It knows even a "translator".

Positive or negative role in familiarizing the Roerich humanity with the teachings of Shambhala — Agni Yoga?

— It all depends on how you perceive? You — a sieve. For some it may be a negative for some positive, it all depends on how you perceive.

But there is a point of view that Shambhala — an aggressive civilization, at least, they supported at the time of Lenin and even Hitler. Hitler took many attributes it from the teachings of Shambhala.

Is it? Do you have proof? You said that Shambhala does not exist because it is impossible to prove. And now you have evidence to support.

At the very least: the swastika, the color of the flag of Hitler's Nazis, suggests that much of it is taken Shambhala.

— All right. You have the alphabet, you use it, if I write something indecent, that I enjoyed your attributes?

Well, logically. Tell me, what is the role of Elena Blavadskoy? It also accused of having links with Satan and the teachings of "The Secret Doctrine" and her other books, condemned in the world.

— Recall the story. Remember the story of 70 years, the last. You will find the answer.

What we have just gone through, degumannuyu era, right?

— You do not understand. You create the characters, and then call them enemies, and vice versa.

But, nevertheless specifically, Helena Blavatsky — is a good example of human activity?

— Specifically about you? Yes.

No. I ask about Helen Blavatsky.

— I'm talking about it, and — specifically for you, yes.

And to whom it may be negative …

— You are not careful. We have told you that you are a sieve. And the quality of screening depends on you. For some evil, for someone good. Please ask.

Why your civilization, we have to call you that, because we were not able to come up with something else, does not go to open contact with human civilization?

— We told you — you can not give ready-made. First of all — you have set a ban, second — you have to find if you are ready to give what you have learned? Third — we talked about the charges, you are ready to get in touch?

Well, if it's not life threatening, probably ready.

— Then why did you not contact? Have you thought about that?

I thought that it is impossible to separate each of the fields, for some features. Here's our guide got it.

— Okay, so let's. In your life no contact?

I would not say, and may have been, I attached no importance to them, thinking it was my subconscious.

— Remember the 77 th year, remember the 71 th and let's continue. Please ask.

And that was just in the 77 th and 71 th, I do not remember.

— Remember.

With the move can not. Give a hint.

— We will not give you a hint, we say only one word — the stone. Inquire further.

You said a mystery. An important question for me, and suddenly …

— We told you that do not give ready-made answers. We have said quite a lot.

Sorry. 77 th, 71 th, stone — as long as it's not anything I said. If we were looking for the Tunguska meteorite, then it was in the other years.

— No. Please ask.

Tell me when it will be possible global contact with humanity? Everyone to understand that they are not alone in the world, that there are other civilizations, and with them have to live in the world, learning, have been together for around the world.

— You will learn to live with ourselves with the world.

Well, maybe because of this global contact, humanity will come soon …

— Do you believe it?

Well, I would.

— No.

We are too far from civilization, right?

— Are you afraid of a stranger, and you're trying to get rid of it, and only then to study. We talked about it.

Well, obviously, that now has increased the number of contacts. Already in any small town in any society there are contactees. It is no coincidence?

— No.

That is, is the promotion …

— But there will be a recession.

When? In the near future, or what?

— Note that in difficult times there are prophets. When times are good — they are not.

When we adjusted life time runs out of adjustment, then contact the situation …

— There would be on the decline.

That is not so, humanity would need, right?

— Needs, but not in the same numbers.

But then the enemies of the existence of other civilizations is the trump card. They will say: "You see, things will get better and contact situations, no, no UFO."

— Then you can give them, the same thing, too trump. Think about it. For you to come to the rescue when you find it hard, but not when you are well.

Well, of course. Tell me, what in a given period can help a group of Volga his countrymen?

— Nothing. You will learn how to help yourself first. You do not get a handle on them and want to teach others to live.

You're right, it is felt our situation. Another question — we are sorely lacking evidence of the existence of other civilizations, other worlds, why they do not offer humanity?

— What for? One of the conditions of the experiment, you delivered it — learn to believe. We told you — Vera — that's all it is just a mover. But we do not talk to you about God. Do not be confused — this is different faith. There is religion and faith — are two different things.

What can you offer as evidence of the reality of other possible worlds?

— Nothing. We are not working on the physical world. But I can offer you a whole slew of devices that might deceive you. Do you?

Well, I would like something.

— I warn you: how to cheat you.

But we learn from the lessons of this.

— All right. Imagine the situation — you are in contact say, "turn off the microphone, the recording will continue." This will be the fact you?

Would be a good proof.

— It's easy to imitate, and it does not need to be aliens. This is only one of the foci. Do you say so?

I do not know … we are afraid of losing record …

— No, you do not understand how I present you can be fooled.

Well, that is, you can also erase and we believe that the record is maintained, and it will not be, you're too can it, right?

— Be careful, I tell you more. You come and make a contact record, you are asking for confirmation and to contact you say, be careful, "turn off the microphone and recording will continue." For you, it will be a proof and can be done even so, it would be a completely different record. But all this is very easy to do technically and will not require any contact.

Well, it is clear that even this may not believe, if we turn off the microphone, and the record will still be carried out …

— If you do not want to believe, you will not believe. No miracle will not force you to do so as long as you do not want to do it yourself.

Well, personally, even for us here today have contact with previous evidence that there is any substance that can communicate with us in human language. And for other people it's not proof, they can accuse us of your script that we've all come up with and so on.

— It's your and their problems — this is the first, the second — we told you, we are not aliens, we — the part of yours. You gave birth to us, we have given birth to you. We are your particle.

Here it is and it is difficult to understand. It turns out the aliens may be present?

— Actually, no. Because the world is one, all the same, there are only different forms of life. But you have a lot of them on Earth. You agree that any plant you an alien? For you people even alien.

Yes. With their world, yes.

— And for you all the aliens.

Well, it's too philosophical, maybe it sounds.

— This is one of the obstacles.

Tell me if these records of our conversations will appeal the …

— That's your problem.

Will be issued as … disinformation our what to do to prove these dialogues?

— All right, let everyone be a sieve.

But you do not want to be a laughing stock for the seriousness of such a withdrawal on contact.

— What are you trying to do?

To believe it and other people.

— I asked — the purpose? For what you want them to believe? Agree that you need it, not them.

No, probably in common human terms, this is also important. This may discipline us, to give some purpose in life …

— No.

… To show that we are not alone, that there is something to strive for. And then live the grass grow, only to eat, die not knowing what you're reborn, many also do not believe it — it's a little too similar to animal life.

— And you are allowed.

Well, still thinking.

— Thinking, but the animals. You — the children and you have to grow up, you have to be born.

Oh, by the way, according to the Bible, approx 2000 birth of the sixth race, it is so or not?

— So.

This fast period?

— I'll tell you differently. Let's say this is the sixth incarnation of the Earth. Sprashiayte.

It will be soon?

— We responded.

The year 2000?

— How do you present your concept of rebirth? You somehow try on all the destruction.

And how can …

— Spiritually. Physically, you're not interested in anyone.

Well, this time is really close, the transition in the sixth race?

— It is already underway.

But why such a loss the Russian customs, why such a dehumanization of the population, who then goes into the sixth race?

— There is a struggle, and the winners will come.

Where disappear bad, say representatives of humanity?

— For you will die a natural death.

More …

— Only. Physically, you will not care. Just like you, as you say — the aliens may intervene to you physically. The war is a spiritual plane.

That is, it turns out that the souls of bad people: rapists, murderers, in general, not humane, they will not have to reincarnate?

— I spoke to a natural death in your concept. I told you about the eternity of the soul. Yes, here on Earth, you can not reincarnate, but are more likely to come back. We met with you, a lot of times already.

Who, you?

— With a "translator", you have joined a lot of lives. And finding a fourth, we will say more.

(Further recording is interrupted)

There is an assumption that is now in contact with me and knowledge of the subconscious Gennady Kharitonov, can you …

— We meet you.

What is it?

— You are right, you and we are one of the components. Be careful. We talk to you in your language, you — the children and we have to say rebyatchim language that only you understand. Otherwise would not be understood. And the best part — it is a dialogue with yourself. We just adjust a minimum of adjustment. Do you understand? Please ask.

Why little novelty, essentially little new knowledge …

— You know a lot of the old? You have mastered all of the old?

Textbooks we studied everything stays in my head, but I would like to what that new knowledge.

What for? If you do not know the material covered, as you'll see a new one? First. Second, if you do not value small, why should you give more? Yes, we do not give you anything new. You can call the contact, whenever you give a new one?

— Unfortunately, these small contacts, furthermore …

— What, not enough — it was so. Name. Give an example.

At least it is believed that the statistics on the percentage of one hundred and gives the new knowledge-eight percent — a completely false, and the ninety-one percent — is blissful information nauchitelnogo character: religious and so on. These statistics are correct in your opinion?

— No. Not a single contact where you were given a new one. You are given the old, you're not understood.

But this reduces the interest of the contacts and their credibility.

— And how do you give new? As you can submit a new one? You will understand that this is new? — The first one. And the second — you will understand the essence of this new?

Well, the scientists then come on, they give birth to new ideas. Of course, and timeliness is important

— They generate new ideas? They are old. They do something Mogi do? They take them out of nature, that is something that has always existed. And your scientists just discover something and call it new, but it existed before them and without them.

All right. We believe that science will be all the more intense …

— No.

Humanity is currently looking at ways of development of other energy. As a former energy: nuclear, thermal, it seems exhausted, it depletes the Earth. Are there any other energy, useful to people?

— There is.

They are environmentally friendly for the Earth?

— There are those, and such.

Soon humanity possess them, or we shall die …

— Are you starting to master. You still being developed.

They are carried out?

— Is underway.

In which countries?

— In the top.

In the U.S.?

— No, you are wrong. You do not consider yourself a leading country? Well, I'll tell you this: there are nine countries that are near to the decision.

Nuclear Fusion …

— No. You are wrong.

Not fusion?

— No.

But, as though to call …

— No.

None of the term?

— The term coined by you.

The psychic energy?

— Yes.

But would she be able to illuminate the city, moving train?

— Sorry, one gram of your body emits tens of millions of times more energy than a gram of the sun. And it has been proved by you.

Do proven? It is doubtful that we had so much energy …

— Ask …

The idea really is material? We can think of many things to do?

— Yes.

But why can not I?

— Do you know how to operate the thought?

I would like to learn.

— Want to know how and — are two different things …

Someday we master or some of us …

— I told you that you all will come to a goal.

But not soon?

— Everything depends on you.

There we go. The intensity of contacts compared to other epochs of earth's history has multiplied. What causes this?

— You have another time. In the end, you talked about the 2000th year. You are not logical. First. Second — you can prove you did not have before contact or was it less?

But the evidence is not enough. Oldtimers called Leonardo da Vinci, Paracelsus, etc. But these are isolated cases and are almost plain ordinary citizen can get in touch.

— I'm sorry, had also been a lot of simple contact, but remained only bright.

Do not these people were burned at the stake?

— Most — yes.

Who can be in contactees such troubles in life?

— Yes.

It is inevitable or avoidable?

— If he were, then — yes.

Tell me, crazy people — a kind of contact or going beyond …

— This is a different vision of reality.

It is quite useful or useless?

— Everything depends on you.

But we see that it is useless. They do not create, do not advance science, they become a burden to humanity.

— Then the whole earth is a burden …

That is, they are also needed!

— Think about it. Creates wildlife? Creates flora?.

You are right. What wildlife species are highest in intellect or close to humanity?

— Let's see: high or close? If high, then we will not answer you. We have told you that you can not compare. Close?


— Rats.

The closest?

— Yes, you have even the characters are the same.

Interesting … Yes, it's really something like this: they are cunning, sophisticated, aggressive. Yes, it looks … Tell me, civilization dolphins …

— You were right — the civilization. You answered your own question.

This is civilization? We still doubted.

— That's your problem.

They do not understand us or …

— That you do not understand them.

Why not get between us contact?

— You do not want to recognize their strengths, you are too proud for that. You want the whole world talking and thinking like you.

And that should be recognized?

— Recognize all equal.

And then the contact will be successful?

— Everything depends on you.

Who would you recommend to go to this communication is from the animal world?

— You have to go with everyone. If I say — dolphins, I will hurt others. You will learn to communicate with everyone. I'm not talking to you, whose mind is higher. So you have to be equal to all. But the lightest touch you can do the same with the rats. They are closer to you. Only then are the dolphins.

But did the rats will understand our purpose? What we want to understand their world.

— You do not understand the purposes of each other … Rats do not understand you. But you can contact. We're talking about the contacts, not the purpose. This is the first. Second, the way you behave, I am afraid that the rats will replace you.

At what time?

— Everything depends on you.

There we go. Should we consider the growing intensity of contacts for a special event for interaction with humanity? What are the objectives of this interaction?

— We meet you, we help when bad.

We are bad now, you think?

— And you think — you okay?

In Russia, yes, bad, and in others it is probably better.

— Name of the country, which is now good.

Well, we believe that Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, there is good, and there is in my opinion no one is interested in anomalous phenomena, and the contact situation, right?

— We told you: the better you are physically, the worse you will be spiritually and vice versa.

That is, in a spiritual sense, they come to a standstill?

— You are right. Man lives only when the fighting.

And Russia, undergoing a terrible break-up, will get something spiritual?

— You — the future.

Russia — the future?

— Yes. You — the future epicenter of the Earth.

But somehow I do not believe in it because …

— That's your problem.

We see the imperfection of our people …

— This is one of the pluses. If for you it was good, you would not grow, they would not fight.

Tell me, is it true that May 5, 2000 to be born a new savior of the world? This information is correct?

— No.

This is one of the legends?

— No.

Simply not true?

— Simply not true.

Is it true that the July 7, 2002 will be something like the end of the world?

— No. You have repeatedly been the end of the world.

You just, you probably watch this situation, these legends …

— But the savior will come. And the savior is in you. Have you ever thought that God is in you, you are gods. Do not view it in the flesh, you destroy it. Why?

Do not believe for certain.

— Do you believe in God, believe in the mission, but the code it in the flesh, you destroy it. And those who glorify God, they glorified the mission, and it is destroyed. Why? This is one of the interests that makes us go out to you on contact — it is your lack of logic.

But you're talking about Christ, the fate of Christ?

— Not only.

Buddha and other enlightened, they existed?

— You do not believe in the existence, you can not imagine? By the way, who do you think the author of the articles? Himself?

You know what I'm writing, right?

— That you know a translator.

It seems to me that these articles, yes, I am writing because I incubates them, they give me is not easy. Do you have any other evidence?

— All right. Who did you take the interview, he is not the author of the articles?

Well, yes, to some extent, author, co-author. You want to say that it is not I write an article that is someone they are, right?

— I just said that you're the world. Accept that you write articles depending on your view of the world, then the world affects you, you mean the world of writing. Do you agree?

I agree that that part of the world, who supports me. Others criticize something, and they are many.

— But you still have a trace of those critics.

Yes, I'm looking for …

— Once again you share. I told you the whole world of writing these articles. You are only just a writer.

Tell me, so once we started talking about the articles … It's a necessary thing, at least for our city and region? Or they are useless?

— You are wrong. So many have come to you because of your articles. Or do you already forgotten?

No, I have not forgotten, I appreciate it very much.

— Then why ask?

But there are some citizens who are very aggressively apply to them.

— This is your way. You want to lay carpets you?

What? Carpets? … I mean I have to go through the obstacles?

— If you put them, then go ahead. Please ask …

Is humanity a threat to other civilizations?

— This you? Yes!

— Like you, who? Assembled here? But we did not seem aggressive.

— We are talking about the physical.

— And our nuclear tests, nuclear stations — they interfere with life other civilizations?

— You can not even imagine how much you are consuming.

Civilizations? You talk about germs or other life thinking?

— I'm talking about life.

That is, we need to stop this part?

— Yes.

But tell me, the technical development path, he dead-end for humanity? Or is it inevitable?

— It is a dead end for everyone.

And for humanity, and for other civilizations?

— Yes.

And how to avoid this deadlock?

— What is going on with you?

In what sense?

— What is happening in your time?

Well, the fight against those who acknowledge the technical development path, and those who believe that we should leave to nature, to the caves. But it's probably impossible.

— You know, to get away from the tech world — is to go into the cave? You must create a machine, but you do not have to obey them. Machines must obey you.

And here, there is a process of subordination?

— Think about it …

Yes, we are enslaved more …

— Machines run by you, not you them.

And in the future will be even worse?

— Everything depends on you.

But we were counting on help yours.


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