The text record of 06.03.94. Continuation of Part 7

Bold — questions
The usual — the answers translator
Italics — illegible words that are most appropriate in sound and meaning
(…) — Not at all clear words
(Underlined) — comments

(Do not start from the beginning)
— Understand that we can talk to you for a long time — thanks to another body.

Say, that you said that there are still people transitions to other planets or other parallel worlds, what is their fate? She's happy?

— We will respond. We meet you this: if you can come here at any point without fear? So it is there, you can come into the world, where you will destroy or meet guest.

That is a different fate for, right?

— Yes.

Here the question was: is there a world beyond the dead people? Apparently, we are of your contacts know that it exists, it is real …

— Ask, ask, even then, we were not difficult to repeat.

It asked readers. But why humans can not get reliable information about the afterlife and the immortality of the soul?

— We tell you that as it may prove ill-thin, if not rough to touch? Understand you die and lose the first rough body, and you are the others — the more subtle.

And when there are no more?

— If you spend a direct analogy, your concept (squeezing concepts), This should be seven lives. But understand, seven deaths of the bodies. These bodies. You can return to the first rough and a lot of times. To be precise, you have to die in these seven bodies. Each of your body — is to die. And it will be nice if you manage to survive at least seven lives to be enough of it. Most often you come back, if you attach a lot of worries some of these bodies, we will be coming back to it.

We, the Russians and the readers in particular, concerned about the state of our state. And Russians forecast to the year 2000, what is he still going to be? In general, at least.

— In a word — sadness.

That is no good the next few years we will not do? It is our position with sad, huh?

— Understand that you will be physically difficult — the sadness. But this sadness you are born spiritually. And we told you that even if your life will change the world. Think back.

We give back the bill. Can you hear us now? 1-2-3

— We told you that all the body sees you. The whole body feels the whole world. And even the hand sees you.

You said that it is a danger. (See the bodies. Approx.)

— We told you about the danger of chaos. The dangers of such a powerful information that does not apprehend it. We say to you that even the hand saw you.

Well, I'm not going to ask you to describe what she saw, I believe. Say, here you eighth body, I understand.

— No.

Next, right? Or, as you understand it? Or just another body?

— Speak — otherwise. A different, but not physical. And when we talk about our bodies, we have in mind about the other, but not physical. For and we have a hierarchy, and you've been asked. But the spiritual hierarchy. The hierarchy of bodies from you. You can have the same body and you have a hierarchy — the power. Agree, you — and your subordinate commanders have one body.

Well, we know it does not have time to waste.

— No. Next, you conduct yourself at times no tact, intimacy you know — anything goes. You teach us how to talk to you. If we tell you, so-and-so, here it is necessary to say so. Next, you say — understood say — enough, say — okay, and the like. And in the next times asking the same thing. What, then, do you understand? What did you mean when you said — "okay" or "enough?"

I mean, I've heard that I understood.

— Do not lie to yourself. Do not lie to yourself though.

Or realized on one side, and then begin to reveal and show that not all understand. (And I'm not lying) Here we are disputes. We feel its not just literacy, intellectual ability, should we invite to the sessions more highly educated people. Even be in Moscow from other regions of the country?

— It's your right.

This will be the way forward for our contacts, and it will be interesting to mankind?

— You asked about the evidence. Spend an analogy. Would you be helpful if you would say scientifically and dry tongue.

No … if you will talk to academic or Ph.D., who is more versed in the more intellectually developed.

— Please. That's your problem. We talk to you and talk to you. If you want to help — please.

And it will be interesting and should be, that's for you?

— It is necessary for you.

I have a question of a different kind at the expense of permissiveness and I understand chutzpah, you have not been told. Tell me, please, intimacy involves not the nerve, this is what I think is not permissiveness …

— No. You are looking for a start. Look. Agree that the loved one you are rude more than far.


— Then what are you talking about? You do not call it audacity? Remember what you say you know and what you say to others. For others, you are trying to look prettier, wiser, and more. For the loved ones you do not. Do you agree?

Yes. That is, it turns out that I'm lying farthest who I am, and for the ones I am who I am.

— No. You're lying there. In any case, you are creating a matrix corresponding to a close for long. For each person you have your own matrix. Every person you talk to, respectively, the matrix for it. And in the end you set.

And it is necessary to move a single line? Yes?

And you become a liar, depending on who is talking to you, you're lying in different ways. And we have told you, and not just us: be yourself — you're afraid of.

Well, that would like to know who we are, what do? What are we, if all of us exfoliate? All of these pictures that we stamping for all these people. And who do we get — one of these pictures? Or the sum of all? All of these pictures?

— You — lie.

Yeah, got. So we are — lies. Tell me, well, I realized that the concept we have of course distorted, we think with these distorted notions and naturally begin to lie to you, you said, the devil is skilled, but where is the truth?

— Most often in my dreams you are truthful, because you're lying. Your physical lying. A more delicate matter lies too. But you see, she's lying more subtle. Do you agree?

A more subtle lies can be called more skillful means … a lie even worse lie?

— No. She is not lying to the physical, more of the gross body. And because it is true. And we told you about your dreams. It turns out in my dreams you are truthful.

Yes. But relative to sleep, he, too, is a lie.

— But you are truthful.

Truthfully, yes. That is, it turns out, the postulate of the truth does not exist, it just has a different stage of lies?

— If you know the truth, you would not have any issues.

Well, of course! Of course! So, I will continue to readers' questions. Tell me, is it possible to forecast the change of the power structure of Russia?

— You've already been asked. We told you.

The worst thing would be, and that's what …

— You see, we do not specifically say so and so. We will then be able to change your destiny. Imagine, if you now come and say, and more than that publish: so-and-so told us in the contacts will be president. What did you get?

Well, most likely laugh at us, and nothing will happen.

— Why is that? It can be president. But this is not proof. On you just
say that you are a good politician, that's all. And we have a meeting, and in others only a seed of doubt.

But that's really due to the presidency …

— Let's not talk about your future, we told you we would never say your future, ever. You decide it. If we tell you this and that — you go to our dear, dear, we point out that we have.

One moment, I have a question, here you give us, for example, said the future of, say, the head of the country will face such a leader, like so is his name. You have to turn some of natures path, and this leader you will not turn. It can not be. So is not that it and practice.

— You humiliate himself to the extent that the leader of all the changes you? It changes your outlook? Agree, change your leader, the so-called president, does not change your views.

Well, that's interesting, there is speculation that the next president will be a man named Ivan. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 (In the background there is a conversation, "can not be called names. Because it is only" John ", not a name")

— Think about it, how many Ivanov now being able to come to power? If we say yes, John, you are able to make a choice and that we have already changed. What if we tell you: no, it's not Ivan. You also make a conclusion and eliminate all Ivanov.

Wait a minute, you said that the soul pervades all worlds. And all the worlds are connected, and do evil here, and we do everywhere. And you do not want us to change anything here, that is, you do not want to apologize for the crude expression, to move, to make it all better.

— How do you know — move? As you can imagine — it is better for everyone? How do you know which is better and which is worse. The last time we talked to you about it. And we had to tell you roughly, "do not you know." How do you know what is better, worse? And if you will keep under your arms, you'll see a lot? Learn how you walk? And what do you get? We told you about the problem book and on the responses. Next, we want you to be the arbiter of their fates. And not someone else.

But if we are any specific circumstances of the world. The result is not only us, but someone else, the amount, so to speak.

— Is it? You think you do find a way out of any of the provisions, whatever they may be. You find the direction in which you go.

Well, if the situation is when it is already pinned to the wall, there is already in the other direction does not happen.

— Have you ever been pinned to the wall? Do you understand this concept? You pressed physically or spiritually? Have you ever been spiritually pressed? As you can answer if you can not even understand what is spiritually?

Mentally pressed.

— Mentally? And we have told you, and the brain — it is physical. You betray too much of your body, and therefore will not lose it.

But neglect it also should not be.

— You have to learn to control it. Manage and not be its slave. A lot of your emotions, only just born body.

I remember that.

— Do you remember or understand?

I probably did not understand, I think. Just remember. Readers interested in when it can be an open global earthlings contact with an extraterrestrial civilization?

— You say your concept of aliens?

Yes, this.

— No, it will not be soon. And we told you today why. Because not everyone is ready to accept and come and they give birth to fear. And they will become enemies for you, because you will be taking them for enemies. First, they'll be happy, happy they might, ihnim knowledge. You wake up pride, and you say, why are we worse than them. Remember, all you geniuses often killed because they were not equal to you. And remember opposite — any, you lower you killed too. Then look, the aliens who come, they may be less than you, your concept on reason. You destroy them, for they will be more similar to you on animals. What are you already doing. And if the aliens come, your concept, higher mind you, you'll be glad you will draw from them. And what next? You speak of pride, and you will destroy them. And you did it always, you destroyed and the lower and higher. You destroyed the fools and geniuses. Think back.

Yes, you're right, the story you properly planned, probably it will. I guess it prevents contact with other worlds earthlings.

— You remember, remember how learning. You first kill, and learn a corpse. But you see, if you study the corpse — a spiritual you do not care. You learn just how physically arranged as it flies as it lives and how it works.

Well, then, if a long time will not be such a contact, for humanity …

— If there's the contact, it will bring you sorrow, terrible sorrow. So do not wish it now, you're not ready. Understand that like attracts like. And if you are low spiritually, I mean, can not understand what is spirituality, it will come to you like you. And that would be? You will destroy each other. Your technique is strong, their technique is strong, too. And that would be? You see, like — like.

Yes, you open a very interesting aspects. This can serve as our theoretical studies and articles …

— Do you think all your contacts, they talked about the spiritual? Think back. They talked about the technique of flight, that is inside. Do not you ever think? Call at least one example where the alien spoke to you about the soul. Remember, whether it? And if it was … if it was, then it will not be published. For heart-to-heart talk is not designed for many. Next, we told you we — not aliens. Understand aliens — it's the same physics. Spiritual one, and once it is one, it means that we can not be strangers to you. In your concept — Aborigines.

Well, we perceive you as a different entity altogether.

— No, it's your well being. We — it's you who have gone ahead. Gone the other way. You see, we were talking about you as the seven bodies. And each can walk by themselves. Remember, we said that we also have the body, but do understand that we too can walk on their own. And so we say to you, everyone who asked a question and hear the answer. The only trouble is that the language one.

Well, I do not like all the questions received answers that I knew some … many, for me, were a revelation.

— You are not careful, we're talking about spiritual bodies. You specify the physically and you think that makes for a lot, mind you not all, but many of the questions that makes you ask them? What?

A look into the future.

— A look into the future? Much Do You See? You have more greed. You have more greed for more info.

Yes. The thirst for knowledge. And you, by the way, that this trait describes infinity: longing for love, the thirst for knowledge.

— Yes, but we did not tell you that it's bad or good. You greed, but the physics — true Greed, in a good sense, physics — distort, and eventually you get greed. The same knowledge, but the distorted physics. Distorted fact that it is possible to get something, and to make more.

Well, you see, if we do not earn, we would be out of the body quickly flew out of hunger simple.

— You do much for the soul. Then explain why you buy a book, why do you go to the theater, go to the movies? Logically — you lose money, you lose time and beyond. Why, then, do you do it? If that does not do you any good material?

Well, why the book can be read in order to acquire material possessions later. No, well, it is probably mental course … taking care of my heart …

— Do not get in you now tells the body what you said now, — said body. But you said no, but only just a body. And i
t was given by each of you a lot of questions that were asked true man.

Well, there is hope for you, at least, that we will overcome the barrier and we will talk more about the spiritual and human language. Spiritual talk to you, or you see, all of this is futile? Or are you still waiting for a fourth person?

— Be logical, if you were hopeless, we would not be talking to you. Then you try asking questions — you start to think. Understand that you are already going to overcome that barrier. And we have told you, and remember, we talked to you personally, even in this life you have changed. Do you remember that?

I remember and look to yourself carefully.

— You're talking about the fourth … ( Give the fourth). Are you looking for his body. Body understand. Are you looking for the body as well as many of the same questions are asked by your body. Understand that you have the grain, the grain of the spirituality that sprouts. Is the true human self, it is spiritual, not physical. But you have so many bodies, so many physicists, it's hard to hear, it is true. But still, sometimes, it comes to you. And you hear it in a whisper, sometimes. Remember, you have the feeling, and you know yourself and believe that this is born just a body. Remember, there is a feeling that you can not understand where they came. Think back.

You can ask a question? The "interpreter" was an idea to try, as it is a curiosity to our contacts, publicly display these properties and the ability to contact. It will be a useful step? Maybe many will begin to rehearse and it will be worse for them? They will repeat all these moments and suddenly get wrong information.

— Understand that it is yours. And if one, but will only get in the way, it's the mood of the interpreter. We can not say for sure more will give the best or worst charge. Agree that same moment in life bring you a different feeling, the same book can be different cause. How can we say that it will be better or worse? It all depends on the state of "interpreter" in the moment. On your condition, you're guess about unity. And you can not take another step, that depends on your condition, we will come to you or not.

Well, we do not mind to try to show it in public, the accuracy of the contact, but there is a risk …

— Understand, this is not proof, if we come, because even now you are not sure what this is? If this is happening now, not proof for you, it will be even less for the other. Understand that. You have to prove yourself before and we're talking to you, it is with you and with you in a variety of other worlds, and not with others.

We think that in this experiment, ie, a public demonstration will be some positive moments. But there is a danger here what: that someone seeing the mechanism of this work will begin sometime in other areas to try, and then something will happen and we will be responsible for it.

— No. We ask that your concept, sorry for interrupting you.

Well, you have explained, no need to apologize.

— You are rude. Next, we once talked about the blameworthiness of, and then you said, maybe not. (Of blameworthiness for their contacts with us. Approx.) How can you solve it?

Well, we consult with you, do not want …

— If you ask advice, then do not put their conditions. Or at least do not do it in a rude manner. Next, realize we are "translator" was given a different body and therefore talk with you for so long. And this body hears and feels, and it may take you a grudge.

I apologize for my … (rudeness. — I wanted to say. ) That is, the "translator" somewhere on an emotional level can remember our rude behavior or our tactlessness?

— Let's just say his brain is now working with one of the seven bodies. Only with him, miss more. Next to start the movement of the hands, we talked a pendulum, remember, the brain is concerned about the movement of arms and therefore can not reason logically. Understand he has another concern, concern — to make a move. Further, the other hand — she holds a pinch. (Interrupted).

Tell me, can the essential counterpart to move in time? Well, at least in the past.

— You are not careful, we will respond.

Can respond. (Hera) And in the future? (Belimov) Yes it is possible, meet the train. (Hera)
Okay, take off my question. How does the double is able to convey this information? In the form of images? As he went somewhere? Can act on matter?

— Many ways: chemical, electrical, dreams, sleep — the electrochemical reaction. You see, it is physical. Emotions — it is also physical. The paintings, which give rise to emotions and accordingly — electrochemically. Understand there are many ways you can keep this in mind as feelings, but without understanding what it is. And you will not find the roots of these feelings. Can you see the reality and but then you run the risk of scared. And most of the emotions, feelings and dreams. In dreams you are fearless and not afraid of anything. Now imagine: see your dreams reality. What do you do? You will go to a psychiatrist.

And that is why the people are very rarely essential body phantoms from parallel worlds, if you say there are many cases in which they appear?

— Or maybe you just rarely see? And maybe a lot of you here? And can they pass through you, over you and then you can not see them? Then explain why sometimes you have feelings change dramatically, because nothing like this boded? And then you dramatically change the mood. Can you explain that?

This effect is visible, right?

— It may just be the impact of this may be, roughly, treatment, or a friendly greeting or simply dialogue. The dialogue of the bodies.

Tell me, putting our energy phantoms in parallel worlds, is seen by the inhabitants of these worlds? And they usually respond to our phantoms?

— Just as you are on the aliens. And it is not always explainable. Understand come to you from a very lower your concept of worlds, too, phantoms, the same energy coming to you, and you can not accept them. And many mistaken for aliens. It's easier to move a version. And many aliens are just phantoms someone other lower worlds.

And could we, earthlings, be useful phantoms, creatures from parallel worlds?

— It depends on the purpose. Understand and find the answer yourself. You get knowledge, you all are trying to teach the same way. Remember your school. And what comes out?

Out differently. And whether phantoms or ghosts of other worlds and bring us harm in what way?

— We told you a while ago. There is a struggle. You are in my world kill, kill and there. And there, too, drink tea and also fighting with knives.

Can people benefit from the study of parallel worlds with essential twins?

— Yes. This we practice?

— Yes, we told you that you have come to know the physical world. And because you are physically so you will know. And the more you know the subtle worlds, but they leave the finer feelings.

Tell me, in the sense of refinement of the senses, so to speak?

— You forget we told you, you servants of clothing created by you. Do you try to dress more beautiful and more comfortable. Is this what you call life, and you call it development. Understand how you say "civilization", as you say stupid, intelligent. You are in it measures the direct, realizing clothing. For you have been savage and skins. He learned how to handle them, and while he was studying, he umnel, your concept. Finally, you create artificial skins now, and your concept — this development. You have evolved and are looking for aliens that could create better skins and more sophistica
ted and more. As you can see here: it is better or worse? You measures the quality of the skins.

Well, you also have skins?

— Furthermore, if we tell you that someone, say the eighth, eighth body — also learns. But first create a rough cloth, then a thin, thin, thin. And after going through all seven bodies, she says, I finally created a new one. Take a direct analogy here. Skins, literally, and your seven bodies.

Lack of knowledge about the invisible worlds in human society generates sharp polarization and disputes about their reality. When people in the mass nearer to the realization of diverse world, and can we hope with your help conduct educational classes …

— In the Mass — ever.

Never even. Fatally sounds.

— No. Your concept is fatally — this is bad. If you are in a mass'll see one, we told you, you will become blind. You'll only see one. And if all learn unity, your concept is — parallel worlds, and so on. What if you're looking for? Who will you prove? And in order to prove you have to learn to know more, look for more evidence. So you imagine: you do not need anyone to prove anything.

It turns out he only learn, but the other people let them learn, right?

— You do not understand. In order to prove to someone you should know. But if you prove there is no one … will you learn?

That is, knowledge of the stop will be no progress. Even if we never see the parallel worlds, are we not able to understand anything about them? After all, modern science, say physics, capable of describing many of the laws of elementary particles, π-particles, not knowing and not seeing them physically.

— You contradict yourself. You can see the electric current?


— But you use it and you know it. But you do not see it. You can see radio waves? No. But you use them and know them. Why do you say if you do not see — is not there?

And we will be able to parallel worlds in the same way to learn?

— You can see a lot of parallel worlds, but more subtle, you can see just by going to a more subtle level. Agree to see the electron, the electron must be, or at least the comparison of its size.

Whether the hypothesis is true Polish physicist Theodor Kaluza that gravity is electromagnetism in other spaces? That this is not nothing but a ripple of the gravitational field?

— No, you can not say is true / false. Understand one force you can be in other worlds the same power, but the concept will be different. Next, you talk about gravity, and we told you about the negative frequencies. Now think if we tell you about the frequencies, and your concept, only electromagnetic frequencies have, then we can say: gravity — is electromagnetic.

No. Why? Sound can be. Ultrasound — an acoustic, it does not have an electromagnetic nature.

— Is it? And you think, does not change the charge?

Air? Yes, actually changing. Tell me, is it possible in principle to construct a theory of the unified field of the earth scientists? After all, they do not have knowledge of the multidimensional measurements, and apparently it will require field theory, attract multidimensionality.

— You've already done it and done it recently.

Davis, in his book "Super Power"?

— No.


— You are right. And you have done this recently. And you did it 2000 years ago, and it made you and in the 19th century, and you did it in the beginning.

Is it true that the insensible world space coordinates are ultra-microscopic entities diameter of 10-32cm?

— Why do you think math? You measures the relative yourself?

The fact that there is a hypothesis that the parallel worlds are so small and because of that we do not feel that they are within us and have a very small amount. It's not fair?

— This is true only for a short. We told you about the set of infinite worlds. And there are worlds with these dimensions, and there are worlds that are larger or smaller.

And where is the limit? Maybe someone thought.

— We told you you're not careful, every moment gives rise to parallel worlds. And in those parallel worlds also have moments of being born.

Tell me, but in principle this is a well-trodden path before us?

— How do you know — trodden? If we tell you — no past, no present, no future. How did she trampled?

Here there is an assumption, I may be repeating myself, that the multi-dimensional worlds can remain for us a very long spatial ghosts …

— No.

And … is there a way to penetrate, the study of these worlds? They shall not be ghosts?

— No. How can you say that? You say about yourself? Regarding mankind?


— Understand when you infancy religion, she talked about parallel worlds. You think, and you can say that humanity has not realized it? You can only talk about individuals. You have not known, yet someone else, but there is something people who know it. While they may not feel it, because in rough in the body — they feel it. We can specifically answer to every question, but you have to understand, in the diversity of them. We're talking about a variety of worlds, and therefore, there is a lot of answers. If we talk specifically to you, then we immediately separable your world from the others. You know the analogy, you asked and brought the size. And we'll say, if we tell you is simple — true, then your concept will be just as soon as a set of parallel worlds that have the same dimensions.

Yes, you can easily mislead us, but … we just wanted to be an objective picture of …

— An objective about you?

Us regarding us earthlings.

— A lot of you earthlings and everyone sees differently. How can I say objectively? Maybe you say objectively? Then you have a lot of other parallel worlds will not hear us.

Say, the theory of unity … that is, we're all going to unite. Here's my theory emerged, fraternity world, so to speak. It is true that, with your position?

— From your position is correct, but not with our. For speaking about unity, you already share. You already admit that there are different and it should connect. And you already talked about this.

Yes. How is it possible … with the help of bio man enter and explore these worlds?

— Understand aura — it's just a box. Think of a magnet creates a field. But you must admit that the magnetic field is physically different. Magnetic field is created. Biofield — only the creation of other bodies. And you can use, take the analogy — x-ray. You're not penetrate into the body? You just learn and eventually see it. Do you agree? Even bio can be X-rayed.

That is, they can help in the study of parallel worlds, right?

— Yes.

And tell me, how the shape of the other worlds are able to penetrate into ours? Give examples.

— Examples?

How so? Energy passes through or have special places where geopathic …

— Let's just say yes, there is a physical place. Then there is the moral place — it's the same contactees. Can no longer be said about physically clean, do you agree? (…) More morally. Furthermore, if you run through all the worlds, and you think the parallel worlds that are on the ground. Hence, they are everywhere and anywhere they can open. In all, understand this.

Why phantoms can easily penetrate the material obstacles: a wall of glass windows …

— We told you that the subtle, more subtle … think we told you about metals, remember, "the harder …", remember. Further, the subtle body will go through the
rough, without noticing it, but sometimes gross body may notice the passage. And in two ways, and can destroy and vice versa. You have been instances where a person died or recovered contrary, the passage of these fields. We will speak your language. We will talk about …


— Next — do not mistake the one who does not do anything, and because you make a lot of mistakes, but learn from them.

You mentioned the influence of the microwave field on the transmission of information to transmit information at the genetic level, it is engaged in Khabarovsk, a Chinese scholar. And it turned out that the irradiation of microwave fields, he received the Kura-ducks breed new varieties of plants. Do you know any of these experiments?

— Understand that we are not just talking microwave. Agree that a powerful low-frequency electrical signal to do the same. Why do you then say about the microwave? You can enter into a strong electric field and created a constant current, which can no longer speak of frequencies.


But these lessons Chinese scholar, they are not promising for the earthlings?

— That's your problem and you said just now. You make a lot of mistakes, but learn from them. Next, you want to change genetically — you change only the physical. And we have told you before.

You spoke and we know that ghosts — creatures from parallel worlds, able to telepathically communicate verbally with people. Why this occurs in isolated cases and are usually challenged?

— First — we did not claim that from parallel worlds. This can be with your world. We told you, you have the body, and they sometimes have a habit of walking on their own. Agree that this is not a parallel world.

Yes, you subtly notice. Further.

— Next, you used to feel, but your physical may feel more subtle? Just think how it will be possible to prove it? And this thin prove that they are, if you are more rude? Think, if you close your eyes, you can feel the smoke? No, you will not feel it. But if you open those eyes — you will see. And only then it will be proof. But the smoke is created in your physical plane.

At the expense of the death of the physical body, you said that all that is born — to die. And they said that this happens for different reasons. And if you remove these reasons, then what are we going to live forever in this body?

— No. Understand death — a hunger for information, not more.


— Yes. It is the accumulation of errors. Your body is working on a particular program, your cells are working on the same program, and thanks to some time or improper behavior. There are many reasons for this. A problem occurs in the program and more and more. And there comes a time when the program is not capable of. We told you about cancer, remember we told you — the hunger for information. And we will tell you, the death — this is when the body forgets that should do it. Or distorts and begins to work on another program on alien himself. Sometimes the subtle body, passing through the rough, can change the program. In your concept … 1-2 — … -9 … it's werewolves.

It is known that ghosts can predict the future, there are many episodes where the ghosts of saving people from death, predicting disaster, you agree that ability? How do they predict?

— Understand that you repeat, we told you, they have their own concept of the future and the past. And we told you — seven bodies. Agree that if you live in a third or a fifth body, she wants to help others because she lost her home, her refuge. And because it will help you, and will speak and warn of the dangers, because it will save your home.

There is a statement that the ester form of parallel worlds is not no heaven being as we present them, and are within ourselves. Explain this view.

— We have already explained to you.

Well, I'm not talking about the body, and about parallel worlds.

— Parallel worlds within you. Yes, it is true, and the opposite is true, we told you about the many worlds. Ask about any one, then we say, then we will be able to tell you more specifically. You ask about the set. Yes, there are many worlds, there are many answers, we talked to you, ask specifically and you will be given a specific answer.

It is clear, that is, you feel each moment a new world. I take it?

— More.

In what sense is more?

— We told you that this is a moment for you and for us it is a lot of time.

Readers of the Volga newspaper gave a lot of questions for contact with extraterrestrials through an old man who lives on the "workers" township. I'm going to ask you a few questions. Here are wondering whether you can solve the mystery of the death of the astronauts Patsaeva, Volkova, Dobrowolski?

— It's your secret, only yours, there is no afterlife.

Clearly, that is likely to breach containment and everything more for nothing can be hidden? Well, the number of mysterious deaths, disappearances — is this the beginning of the resettlement of people from the earth, as some claim.

— No.

Why the loss of life has become such a phenomenon more frequent?

— Is it?

But at least doubled in the Volga …

— Previously, just hidden. Then, as you look at what is happening now, and can then understand.

And what's going on, it is social …

— You want to blame the other. (…) Of you are missing so very small percentage went to other worlds. And how can you talk about relocation, though many are lost and you do not want to find them. You find yourself other concerns. Or these many just want to get away from this life, and to acquire another, not realizing that by themselves they will not go away.

Tell me, what you mean by the term "trunk"? "No, believe me, but you have to go down the barrel."

— We can not explain this to you, because you do not even have a rough idea of this. We give you just a seed to sprout Davshe, you can understand that it is not torn.

Can we still talk about the reasons for the relocation of people from Earth?

— We already told you that there is no displacement. No. And a lot of death — your offspring.

And give advice, what exactly is necessary and important to engage researchers of anomalous phenomena.

— I'll tell you this: the more you argue that the aliens are stealing and you are moving, the more you will have less faith.

Well, thank you, we will not speculate on that. A universal method of information transfer.

— Thought.

Is that … well, there were questions from readers evacuation of people on the planet is a certain Bernard 1 and relocation completed by 2001. This is nonsense?

— Yes.

That is, this kind of misinformation?

— Yes. To be more precise — this is one of the attempts, in your concept, contactee away from real life.

Say, here is the assumption that over the Volga, Volgograd are patrolled by UFO vehicles. Who stand and watch. What is their function?

— Then think about what they are on duty? Why did you decide that you are elected?

No, can we call eco …

— There are more areas as well as you.

That is a statement about duty UFO false, incorrect?

— No.

That is, there is no such. What is the current status of Christ, here are interested in, it will come to Earth?

— Yes. And it will come physically. But he will come into your bodies. Note bodies, for he will know about them, and will tell you about them.

We will wait, here we are, who you say now?

— Ask for this: in
this body.

Yes, in this body, we wait?

— No.

Okay. What is a ring and whether it?

— No. And you've been asked.

What can you say about the activities of Helena and Nicholas Roerich?

— Asylum.

And they found something useful for mankind?

— It all depends on how you perceive. Agree, for some it does harm. They went their separate ways and would like to highlight and his and yours.

Clearly, well, everything must be ended. We finish the question, but "translator" Today was behaving strangely.

— You are amazing. You tell us — we are ready to continue. And now, thanks to that tells you your technique, (ended last cassette. approx. ) You want to stop.

No, but can be extended. (End)

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