The text record of 1.29.94. Continued from Part 5

And again … with your help provide answers to our questions. We ask questions on anomalous phenomena. At the time of the last contact, January 25, you have no warning was interrupted contact. Why it happened, if I may?

— We are talking about the translator.

He was a bad thing?

— No. We gave him too much.

And this is not related to the level of our questions?

— And, yes and no.

That is, they were not interested or unqualified for you?

— No, you set the direction and meaning of the question does not matter.

We felt that we had invaded the area of forbidden knowledge, this is the case?

— No. We told you that we will not give you too much.

Should we ask for contact sessions strangers, or is it unproductive activity?

— For what purpose?

To improve our intelligence, our group, they may be more interesting questions will be asked and your answers will be more interesting.

— Think.

About what?

— You say improve your intelligence? With the help of others?

Intelligence Group.

— No. We told you: not important issues, and the foundation.

Tell me, should we advance, may be to negotiate with you for your candidacy sessions. You can advance to confirm or deny our candidates?

— No, we will not denied and we will not resist. That's your problem.

That is, if we deem it necessary to invite someone, you will not interfere too much?

— We will not, but we told you that the "translator" hear or not hear.

Tell me, if we assume that the silence — this is a sign of your consent, and again ask questions — denial, it can be in the form of a wage survey for candidates to contact?

— No.

You're saying that in the world there is nothing accidental, so the failure to record the second half of the tape January 25 — this is our negligence or your impact?

— You ask about the random and talk about the impact of negligence. You can your concept of chance, and make negligence. We told you: we have no influence on you physically.

That is, it refused to equipment, right?

— That's your problem. We are working not physically — the first one. And the second — and yet physically, we have to to do. Think about it.

Tell me, you would not be able to show us the possibilities, restoring low-quality recordings?

— We told you about the non-physical effects, we physically affects only the interpreter. Specifically, we're talking to him on energetichekom level, we (…) emotionally. The brain creates a defense — a movement of hands and care of us.

We would like to invite to contact a follower of Parfirio Ivanova (Actually some Ivanova) and scholar of religion, should it be done?

— You ask him about God. Ask if he denies the paganism? But talking about the trinity, why does the denial of paganism? Let him answer that question.

That is, it is not so much see and understand so …

— We told you about the unity of the world, and religion speaks of one God. Remember, the pagans say about the many Gods. Your religion is your time to talk about the Trinity and says about the unity of the Trinity, not knowing what they do say. Agree, or one or a lot, if we talk about the three, it is possible to recognize all the other Gods. Do you agree?


— Next, ask: if God is all-powerful and all-seeing, why he gave power to the fallen angel? This is his weakness? Why God created it? If he will answer these questions, let him come. But we do not give him anything. We will give only disappointment.

I've intuitively feel that this can happen. Thank you very much. Yet the question of intuition. I still take your instructions pin impact on me personally in 1971 and 1977. Tell me whether it is connected with the discovery of fossilized wood in those years? I remember these episodes.

— We have said that we come to you and prophetic. It is not a years, and what associations they bring. Remember, remember their childhood.

And what exactly remember as a child, my imagination …

— You do not remember the birth, you do not remember the first kiss your mother, you do not remember the pain that teaches you to breathe. Accept your concept you do not remember. Next, think of your first smile, realizing you remember. Next, remember, if only the way to school and how many you have seen and remember my first lie and remember his first encounter with death. Agree, if you are not interested in something that interests now. You just asked, and when gone? You did not (…). Do you agree?

I agree, but I was exhausting your knowledge of my … or is it all so to speak?

— I mean nothing. Next, you're all the same.

But now tell me, my stay in the area (…), in the area of Mount (…), here's a find, maybe some rocks (…), that it was in those years … I was fond of lecturing Azhazha and began to think about UFOs. It is not accidental my hobbies and ideas about UFOs?

— Well, remember the school and say, geography was your favorite subject?

She was. I have always loved to travel around the country.

— It was the beginning of your beloved?

Yes, there is. Most likely after travel. I'm not sure. I do not know.

— Remember. Think of a teacher and remember his shift and recall of disappointment.

Yes. Victor S. (Surname) gave me a lot as a teacher of geography, these teachers then I just do not remember.

— Take your passport, take the surviving diaries and you will understand how to learn and how to learn from earlier were on. Please ask.

Well, now questions are asked Hera.

So, my question is: how to understand the saying of the Gospel, "let your right hand know what the left is doing", which side do you mean?

— If you make a sincere, without hesitation, that you return it.

That is, the right-left — it's like the return …

— Do not get all literally. You can submit a beggar alms and think maybe useful. And you can do it out of pity, but you can do just by love.

So, on (…), here kotoruya gave us, I showed him the scheme … see it now?

— You are not careful. You argue about names. We told you about the charges, we told you about the vibrations and tell you about the microwave. Agree, this is also a vibration.

Yes, I agree.

— Vibrations that you are taking, and you can call them. We told you about the negative frequencies — is also a vibration. The whole world is moving vibrations. If someone tells you that something is moving straight — do not believe it. Please ask.

Thus, while the frequency of the microwave's this, do not tell, because the great range.

— You say exactly?

Well, if you do not mind …

— For what purpose? We have given you an example of a father and son, remember. If you are a father and son will come to you, as the demand to use matches, you tell him?

In the adult form say.

No. Little you say, do not you dare touch it. And when he grows up, he will not ask you, he will learn.

Okay, thank you. The question is whether each falls in the world who believes in? And what does it depend?

— Here you are right — to each according to his faith. If you do not believe in God — you do not come to it, if you do not believe in the afterlife — you would not come.

That is, in a God that this individual believes God, as I understand. For you, too, have the gods, by the way, since you reproach that we did not ask about them.

— We have not found fault. Then do not ask — the first one. Second — yes, there is a God and he is one, but everyone sees it differently and for them there are many gods. For you, one God, for another — another. Agree, two believers in the one God, they see it differently.

You can ask, how do you see your God, well, our God?

— We told you that you represent God as a person. Do you remember?


— We told you that we do not have people. Do you remember?


— We have a God and he is your God. Remember your childhood, think of your thoughts, remember your feelings, remember you have previously been feeling more than thinking, you perceive things differently. We are to you, and to you to come and play with you. You do not remember, but we remember everything. We were with you — you were born, and the first cry, first smile you have forgotten us, then you have to tell everyone how you play with us. Think about your game, who played with you? You have to say, this is a fantasy smyshleny boy. You grew up and you have to say, that's a lie. And you've lost us.

Yes, I had a long talk, I'm not like everyone else, and somehow I've noticed, too, myself, that life should not be such as Wait. But to be honest, I was afraid of the dark, very much.

— Are you afraid of being alone.


— You remember that you were not alone, but you left it alone in her feelings. Next, ask your neighbor if he remembers (…).

Opposite neighbor … Okay. Well, thank you.

— We talked about you. Please ask.

The question is, now you say you draw him ("Interpreter") picture, and the words he describes.

— We do not draw.

Well, of course, give …

— No. He comes to us. In your concept. In our concept, he does not come, he just sees. We told you that all the worlds in you. All the worlds penetrate you, but you can not see. And as kids, you've seen a lot, and you called it — fantasy. Next, we tell you, yes you are stupid, but remember how many times the mother told you that. She said it with bitterness, anger with you? She told you this loving. Please ask.

In the past we have multiple of asked contact with the planet Vavla. Have you been?

— No.

Please tell me the most likely, according to your calculations, the end of our 2010.

— In need us to decide your fate? We have given you a complete answer. Next, you each responsible for it. Do not measure the value not measure our office.

You said that about the errors relative to themselves and respect us, what are the chances of your mistakes?

— Do you have enough of their mistakes. Make mistakes, we do hurt yourself, but not to you. You make mistakes, consuming a lot. We should hate you, but how can we hate ourselves. We told you that we — it's you. We — every thought you think, we — each of your cells.

On hard it is to comprehend, maybe we'll try.

— Remember, we told you that we have the energy that moves you, that gives you life.

But it is not you then?

— We told you about the energy we're talking to you, you — we — we are you. We are in every matter. We give you all the time. If you do not hear and pass by, then for you it's just a coincidence, lost. We (…) knowing. Think of baptism and think and remember the answer. If it was not zamechaemo, it was not used baptism. Easier for you, you were with us, and you do not have to baptize you. You just fell behind and lost. Remember, you are told: be children. We say to you: Be friendly, but do not mind. Please ask.

Please give an estimate on a scale issues, the first of three contacts, that's me personally (Remember, asks Hera), in that year, and the brightest of all the following.

— We told you that we are concerned with the basis of issues, and not as told this. Agree, (…) The question you ask is not verbally and emotionally. Next, match everything in place, we told you, we are at your emotional background and all your every word is given. Next, you give only the direction, you can ask any question, it's your problem. Their these questions you will condemn yourself or praise yourself. You give only direction for us, the direction for him. We have no influence on you physically live … your spiritual. We give in a series of measurements. Further, changing spiritually, you changed and physically. Only such a reaction.

It seemed to us that the "translator", something gets to you, it awakens hidden talent, he began to write the book, thinks interesting categories, we're right, it's your impact?

— We told you that we are in every matter and in every cell. And we cry out to you that you have heard. You do not hear much, or do not notice. No. We told you about the writers, we told you that the world says you, you have heard and write. See, hear us is not so difficult, if you listen closely. Next, what's the difference as you will be a burden, and we are talking heavy load, we give loads of doubt, how do you get it across to people? Some people write, others create paintings, (…). Others simply live and carry his load and distribute it. We give you the goods, but we are trying to afford your own. Please ask.

Then it turns out, there is no difference in principle not be established whether the book, so to speak, on paper or a book, so to speak, will be written by life itself, our own.

— Think about how you can communicate, you can give away your goods if you can not give it life, give the paper.

Thank you. Representatives of what the world would come here to the people in the sense in Portugal in the image of the Virgin Mary? This is the last contact has already been said.

— We told you that come to you, this was our answer. We told you about the aliens. You talked about the animals. We will tell you that it was not allowed, it was not aliens. If I kazhu: it was the energy released and created by you, you will understand?

We will try to figure out now. My questions are finished thanks.

Me (Belimov) shocked me with your knowledge of the children … but today I was not going to ask questions about myself, but I will try, because there may be such a case no longer be presented. Say, here's my way of traveling around the country for the study of anomalous phenomena has been predetermined or is it coincidence?

— This element. You are born and you are given a choice, you have a number of ways and you choose one of them. What do you call it is predetermined or not?

Clear. I feel like I am at the moment I can not have to deviate from this path, even though it threatens me and family troubles and lack of understanding and co-workers, etc.

— Think about it, you wanted you you said, it's definitely an option.

I have come to the fact that this is definitely an option. Despite any adversity that haunt me.

— The more you take, the more it will be harder. Remember, call me a man, bringing in a new life, beautiful. Can you give an example?

Yes, it is very small and rare, most often after the death of gaining recognition, we agree with that.

— Yes. And ask him what he would do if Christ is in its concept, will come first. What he bude, a student or an executioner?

Who, you ask him?

— You asked about religion, you want to lead by answering these questions, it may come. And only then, when he answers himself the truth. (…) lying we will bring him disappointment, but we do not want that, we're going to help you. Sometimes we have to hurt you. But you must admit, when you're a parent, do it.

Tell me, I was not too docile pupil, unless my years, only came to more or less conscious understanding of paranormal phenomena and the world?

— We told you that we are not talking about above and below. Think of your dreams, remember your fancy. I want to ask you: you dreamed of being an astronaut?

Well, at a time when Gagarin flew, maybe, but not …

— No. Think back.

Yes, most likely it is, I realized that it was an impossible dream.

— No. You do not see the point.

Well, maybe so. Tell me, I'm a skeptic by nature and can not do anything with myself, it's my fault and the inevitability with which you and I have to put up?

— Understand that you can not call something or prosperity or lack of, all benefits or harm.

But I would not like mindless faith, it does create …

— We told you that if we call you that this is a disadvantage, but lose many of the advantages obtained by this. Do you agree? Believing (…) you will become a fan and then you will all take for granted, and it will do no good. Then, when you then abandoned it all and now want to return it. Do you understand?

No. What does all? I'm kind of going through a difficult and long to my studies.

— You talk about dreams. Remember your childhood dreams, dreams that you see now — inspired. What inspired by childhood dreams? Think of dreams now, inspired by the life you lived. What kind of life lived for the baby? Do you understand?

No, I do not really, because I almost do not see dreams Wait, as a child had strange dreams, fantastic — I'm in some caves. This is probably my last life.

— We told you, remember.

(Went account)

— Remember that brought you the first death, you need to remember.

I remember a great sorrow, pity.

— Did you have fear?

Perhaps the fear.

— You all could not …

(Recording interrupted)

— … Which causes you, remember?

I do not remember who I hurt, it was in childhood.

— Remember. The first stone of the first and pain. And you had the joy of what you have got, but just then came the pity. Nothing passes, everything stays. Please ask.

Can I assume that I do not accidentally became the head of the Volga group to study paranormal, but how fortunate my candidacy for such a mission?

— We told you that depends on each individual, and we told you about a post that you occupy. Do your thing. We say: everyone is responsible for the end or the birth of the world.

Still, I feel more a reporter than a really deep researcher. To my teachers and mentors have to put up with this?

— (…) But sometimes we tell you derogatory word, but we are telling you this is not the insult. Further, we do not measure: Above and below, we tell you about the direction. And we say, even in this life you have changed. Please ask.

It will be a tragic change or is it beneficial for me?

— Think about if we tell you this and that — you have two options: sit passively and wait for it to happen, then we will be liars. Do you agree? If we tell you to be so-and-so, you have a different way — to strive for this. But then it will be our help, and we will guide you, and you lose the initiative. You came here to choose for themselves.

And how could you help me to deepen my ability researcher?

— We told you about the spiritual changes. Next, you look more like a book that brings knowledge, but does not know anything about them myself. Agree and this too is good.

Tell me, can it be expected that ever in my environment friends will be able to generators of ideas and motivated researchers paranormal?

— You were once a generator of ideas. We do not knowingly remind you of childhood. You think you had a lot of ideas, and remember how they were killed.

I guess I'm really aware that they are not carried out, and I pulled back.

— Not only. Most often you cast from side to side, one thing today, another tomorrow. You were a kid, and it's forgivable.

In our sessions, we found out that's what: You talked about the existence of other worlds, dimensions of our twins and even triplets, etc. We find it hard to understand this, is there any copies Belimova in other worlds?

— We told you about the branches, we told you about the likelihood. Each moment, a new chain, the new branch. You can say one word or another, and it will give different life, your concept of parallel worlds. Many branches of the blind.

And tell me, have twins physical appearance only on Earth or somewhere else?

You see, we talked about the likelihood of: may or may not be. Yes, even in your concept of the set Lands a lot of you in the flesh of the same. But, you now get up and go (…), in another world, you will sit and listen, you will be in the third reading, it all depends on each moment. Every moment of creating many worlds, and we also make them. Agree, saying one word or the other, you have a question you agree? And imagine, in this world you've created one question to another you have created another, we told you about the many contacts.

You said that in other worlds, my twin is, perhaps, has created some of the book, in that to come. There are better options for my twins?

(Went account)

And other worlds my twin does the same, and what am I?

— Yes.

He's just looking for answers to the riddles (…)?

— (…). We have told you many times, that is you, is your work, they are different or topic, or words alone. Remember, we are telling you this is the third time.

It's just very hard to understand. Well, more mundane question: at him, my siblings, and in other worlds troubles in family life?

— Think we talked about you in a variety of other worlds, on the set of realities. Of course, there are a lot of you losers, and there are worlds where you are lucky and there are those worlds where you have a much higher and there are those worlds where you are Gods and you have the power and create their own worlds. We tell you everything you need to connect, all you have to create a reality. There is a concept of nirvana, you realize it's more like a death, no longer to be born. We tell you his concept of all these worlds are to merge to create a powerful trunk, you become one. You have to blend with many Belimovyh, with many udachniki and losers, and with God. And then you go higher. But it will not happen soon.

Yes, I feel that it is not soon. Now I are family difficulties and problems — is it not a hindrance in my aspirations, on my way?

— You name it — the difficulty. Now imagine that you do not. And you say that you work more productively?

Maybe not.

— Maybe? Do you doubt even that.

I do not know, I can not appreciate it.

— We told you about all the new carriers, their problem. You repeat. Please ask.

All right. Was not the way Belimova more productive if he had provided support among family, not interference and denial?

— Yes and no.

That is breaking, I'm looking for some kind of proof of my innocence, right?

— You have to do it, and (Th-interrupted). You develop yourself, your concept of patience. You become more obstinate, and even your concept, it is beneficial. Then, yes, you doubt but you will agree, doubt looking for the truth.

Tell me, will the progress of creativity Belimova on Earth, what would you recommend for this progress?

— We already told you. If we say so-and-so, what do you do? Next, we told you that here you change, in this life. We have a lot to tell you.

Okay, I'll wait, and strive to do so. That's an interesting question: familiar psychics claimed that my wife and I are karmically connected and always in a state of confrontation, as if it started when I, as a bird, ate it, embodied in the mouse. This is nonsense, or indeed a reality?

— In the truest sense, your concept — nonsense. You were neither bird nor a mouse, literally. Understand much you give up pictures themselves, you see only what allows your brain. The brain allows you to see the mouse or a bird, but it does not mean that you have them physically. Furthermore, we are working with a "translator" and unlike many contacts, we give him pictures that are not perceived by the brain. We do not draw those pictures that draws the brain and because of that he puts protection. He wants to see a familiar and sees else sees this, not because you're drawing and frightened and offers protection. Do you understand?

Yes, but how to save our "interpreter" surge or bad emotions …

— You are not careful, remember, one of the contacts we have told you that if we feel we do not reach. Next, we have to take a break, your concept we leave, but not for long.

It will be in the near future, we should continue? Or do we feel when the period starts?

— You do not remember what we said last time, we repeat, when you lie down, you will realize we come or not come.

Is that the date of birth makes it possible to find out what it is on account of incarnation on Earth, this man? I guess it only applies to the last two millennia, because I think a lot of times we incarnate, not to nine.

— You're right, we have already told you the example of 68-year and then say: the first two numbers give a general, your concept of humanity, the last two numbers tell about the person. But, do not get directly, do not talk about a 6 or 9 reincarnation. If you say, think, we tell you about eternity, and that was before the 9-minute? You are not logical here. Further, the dates and the names you can learn a lot, but we will not tell you, because you already much discussed and read.

Well, is it true that Sidiki afghani (Afghan mathematician Mohammed Sidique Afgan), that even passport number can find out the fate of man, and passport information is not random for each individual?

 — I kazhu you this: Now you have one nationality, the next another, and usually you'll be all.

And in the (…) means the person is not coded, according to Afghan Sidik?

— Is it?

And they have instead of passports?

— You think what you're saying. You're talking about the unity of the world, and now you say, if a person does not have a passport, it is not coded. Agree that it reminds one of the phrases in your books.

What is the phrase? Did you know that.

— We know that the interpreter knows, then, we know that you know, then we know that many people know. We are in a world of emotions, we have told you. And we do not name names, so as not to become the supreme arbiter. Next, we want to talk to everyone, and not specifically to someone. Agree, there is one name you are in another world you are different, if we call you by name, then we will not allow others to hear. Do you understand? If it is necessary to say something personal to you and only you, only then we will call your name.

Tell me, you can talk about reincarnation, that's me personally, starting perhaps with plants? In short it can be.

— I told you that we were with you. Next, remember we talked about the hierarchy. All: pre-matter, matter and on, on and on. Do you remember? We said that a man — an animal. If we go up, we say, man — nature. Further, the nature of the astral, your concept above.

Say, one of the horoscopes, the last time I was born in Japan and was a stranger, right?

(Went account)

— We told you about the many realities. In one reality you were Japanese, in other (Hitch with the record). We have told you that you have been and will be all you will bear all nationalities. And we told you that you have set. Agree with many, there are a lot of options. In one life, you have been a monk, the other — a man, drove the monks. In another life, you were a preacher, and in the other — punishing him. We told you about the polarity, you are not properly understood. You to understand that good — in the next life, evil, no! Mo says only that you will come back, that you were doing.

Will return something wrong, right?

— Everything that made you come back to you. If you are in a past life hurt someone, the same offense will return to you. Further, if … Give the account.

(Went account)

We think that any book, if you think about the book, would strengthen the information in the exercise of any rights. Can I ever agree with you that you tell in detail about someone's fate in our quartet or trio members of those contacts? But not now, but in a different time.

— Why is it we can do now. But we have told you, you do not remember?

What is it?

— Well, ask the neighbor what he remembers.

That is, it is not necessary to ask such questions?

— No, we do ask you to inquired of a neighbor.

Well, what's your opinion? (Asks Hera gras answers something). He is confident that it will bring …

— You are not careful. We were told that we can not answer now, you asked for an example, we are willing to give, and we ask that remembers a neighbor? We do not ask for your consent, you have already given him.

I remember the 14th and 1058 (Says Gera)

— What do you remember?

What we wanted was a regicide or kill the king (Belimov).

— Remember. Remember and do not (…) your fancy. We have told you that you do not know how to dream and all your imagination — it's one of the realities. Think back.

Yes. I think I understand what you're implying. But there will be no such tricks … I hope. (Hera)

— We told you about the debt, etc., in your concept, we told you that you have paid. Next, you name the date you call to give, do their key?

Well, yes, they believe …

— I ask you, what do you think? What do you remember about the 14th year?

To say?

— Talk.

Hence, the four friends wrote a book, had the same contacts, and, as I understand, too, with the contact book was. Here, then, it means they are not difference of opinion on the question of the king and …

— Now think, they write about the spiritual. And the people who write about spiritual things, trying to kill the king? Can you understand that? Think about whether people who write about spiritual things, to kill? Answer me this question yet.

Yes, it is nonsense, then they are either lying to themselves or wrong (Belimov).

— We give you a hint. We were giving, remember, yes, the book was written, but you have to remember about the man and who killed about a man Having burnt. Do you remember?

They are one and the same person who burned and killed …

— Agree that the person writing about the spiritual, not kill, otherwise he betrayed himself. We did not talk about betrayal. Do you understand?

Not really.

— Think of all. But we can not tell you specifically, we want you to think for yourself. If you can not remember, then guess.

About what?

— What you should do now. We have told you, and you were asking about (…). We have told you and you realize that you are connected and more. Do you remember?

Yes, we remember.

— You have to draw a conclusion. Understand that you are able to kill not only physically, but also spiritually. Next, we told you that in this life you will be helping each other, your concept, hints. You get the idea. Agree to kill or hint — two different things. Do you understand?

Things that are different, but the essence is, in my opinion …

— We want to say that you will not be a killer, in any sense.

Can I ask a question about our hunch? Who for us and for me personally, Oleg Sokolov?

— He is no one bull either for you or for you. I'm pretty much told you.

That is, he — not the four people. Well thank you. Understand whether the spouse "interpreter" the importance of our contacts or is it useless?

— It will be a long way.

He will face this difficulty?

— Ask him, he will tell you better.

All right. We think that the translator is writing talent, but it is not claimed. It should pay particular attention to the incarnation?

— We were just talking about books. And we said that we were to write a book. And we will say to you that you were one of the authors, and we have given you to understand which one of you was an arsonist. Please ask.

You can see that the translator will book if it will be carefully watching this, right?

— Yes, the book is written, but probability. Further, this is not taken to burn. Further, the offender also would help, and you will not last here.

I will also help him?

— Next, we told you about the writers, we gave you an example of who wrote you, you hear and write, write in your own words and write our emotions and write our thoughts, it all depends on how you hear.

That is, it should develop in us?

— Have you ever had and it did not disappear.

And that now prevents him writing classes?

— And what prevents you?

Fear, lack of confidence.

— During much of what you write, you do not believe, you see, believing, you will write in a different way.

And will now fortunate my thoughts, in the present incarnation, or they will be so little success?

— We told you that even in this life you change, why we have to be repeated?

Well, sorry, we will wait …

Wait a minute I have a question but to change it in this life, in what period of longer or shorter?

— We have spoken to you, if we say so and so … Do you remember?

Yes. That is, it is necessary to have patience …

— Understand that you want to teach eating goes, you will agree that if you always keep handy, you never learn. Further, a lot of your life counterparts, which can lead to any of your questions, you just do not see it. Next, we tell you no more than you know, but … Ask your memory.

Yes, the memory we have, in this case merely serves as a hindrance …

— Agree, you know very much, very much! But we can not take you and open you have to do it yourself. The fact that you create yourself, pain, emotions, will be more valuable to you than if we just bring you. Please ask.

Tell me, what do you advise me to take to spiritual development and improvement, as a creative person?

— You go to it, you see, you have to have changes. Think of your feelings and remember and compare as you thought three years ago and now.

(Recording stops)

Tell the world have found fragments, in particular on the river Vakshya, unearthly metals. Does this mean that we attend civilization such as ours? When and what happened over Vakshya, you know?

— I'll tell you this: even in your (…). There are plenty of museums (…) metals. Further, many come to you for them, you do not know their price.

And in what's happened over the collapse of the device Vakshya?

— That's your problem.

It is not associated with the Tunguska meteorite?

— No. What do you understand by the concept of "Tunguska meteorite"? Are you looking for a comet? Are you looking for a rocket?

There are many versions. And what is your version?

— You name your, closer to you.

(…) (Something like: chip)


Well, I like the hypothesis that this is a plasmoid, which broke away from the Sun and the Earth has entered …

— We used to say to you that many of your Earth to the Sun is why the Earth there can not enter?

Well, these studies are underway for more than 35 years, and no use.

That is, the Tunguska meteorite …

— Realize your mistake in the expression. You say: "Tunguska meteorite" and it slows you.

Well, the Tunguska effect, catastrophe, let's say …

— What do you understand by the concept of a disaster? Necessarily something bad for you?

I said to the effect of, say …

— This is the birth of the Earth.

Birth of the Earth? There's a lot of released energy is comparable with the energy of 200 Hiroshimas … But why was observed flying?

— Lead it for you? It is a protection against nuclear radiation. Do you agree?


— But there are things heavier than lead, and you know it. But you can not connect this concept and can not think and decide whether uranium can also be protected from himself. You have found the answer, you have found the harder, the better the protection.

Tell me, if you can personally engage with physical civilizations in contact?

— We do not physically enter with anyone. How can we engage physically, if we do not have physics?

Do you have a more developed partners of civilization?

— Think about how we will respond to you?

And the right answer.

— To humiliate you?

Well, we're not too proud …

— You are mistaken, you are proud of and over the top. And because all draw pictures about your pride. You've decided that the whole world looks like to be on you. And so do satellites collect technique and the technique you want to see similar. And then you will not notice the other forms of life, because you will decide — this is not a life, a life — it's us.

But we have come to less stringent standards that …

— And you have come to the (…) forms?

Well, come look, (…) form of life too …

— And what do you see this view?

At least we explain some …

— You explain it physically. You do not know how to explain spiritually, physically you explain it, explain in the physical plane.

So, here's a question: you said that we have long been in excess of civilization and therefore there was some kind of explosion or accident, and we have a fragment of this civilization (…). tell the same aliens, they splinter the same civilization?

— No.

No? They had their own?

— You had set. You even had a lot in those days, as now. You have been more than (…), that's all. Next, think, judge logically, if you have reached the summit of perfection, would be able to fall in such depth?

That is not reached … I understand that it is impossible to reach the top. Because it is infinity.

— It you thought I answer. Judge logically, eating I say, not what you do? You say, why do I need it? It's not available, it is still not work. And do not do this. If I tell you, and you personally, what do you do? You say I have a lot of time, I have a lot of reincarnations, your concept, one day I will come to that.

We have such an interesting point of view …

— No, it's your point of view, this person is your point.

We do realize you are mostly tied and coexist with people with earthlings. And the other civilizations in the sense of energy supply and communication, you are not available?

— Understand that we pronizuem all worlds and they are and they are not related to you or to someone else, we just live. We live in all the worlds.

Immediately at the same time?

— You live, too, at the same time in all the worlds, but do not notice it and do not see.

And you can (…) for us to see it?

— We will meet three minutes ago, we told you about the top think.

Say whether progress or regress when we … more

— Well, what's the difference if we tell you about the top, and if I tell you now, and whether you have made. Agree to the same question, different words.

Well, if all the world is available to your understanding, or you, too, are limited in knowledge?

— We have not reached perfection.

If you understand the thoughts of animals, tell me the reason why the whales, sometimes in packs, released on land.

— Well, then you explain to me the reason why when you go to mass suicide.

We are extraordinary circumstances may make to this, it means that the whales are also like this?

— Explain to me how extraordinary circumstances forced you to do it.

Well, let faith, church dogma of self-immolation, there were many reasons.

— And you call this herd instinct? Why do you put yourself lower than you are?

You tell us, we are proud …

— Yes, you are proud of, and therefore shall humble himself to raise later. Any normal action that is to be made, you call heroism, although you had to live like that. You call it heroism, humiliating yourself.

In essence, we create our imperfections, but about the whales we were not clear.

— How are they better or worse than you?

Well, maybe it's them we have led, have created the environment, do not be staked for life …

— And I'll tell you what your concept of physical (…) affect you and create you from the herd. I told you the answer? The same effect, and the whales, you are no better and no worse than them, and you often give in to emotions that came outside. Effect on you the whole world, you act on the field and the good and bad in your concept. And they give rise to emotions, you are not born, gives rise to an external, agree.

Tell me, where is our freedom to do anything at all?

— You need to get this freedom, you have to earn it. Yes, you in the bonds of the body, but you are in chains only when not fighting with him when only obey him.

Tell me, who is now out of the animal world in particular need of protection and assistance, but not to us about it to signal?

— Need everything you need and more.

And who of the world (…) animals are now dying in Volgograd? Can you name?

— I can tell that you are standing on the brink of extinction.

Well, it is hopeless? We still hope that …

— If I were not on the edge, we were not talking to you.

Hope dies last. Clear.

— No. Hope never dies, only the body dies. Give the account.

(Went account)

We like the life of the device ants, bees — this is quite an organized mind of the population, or such is the power of instincts?

— What is your concept of instinct? It's for you so gloomy and so frightening you. You have made: the instinct — it's bad. What is the nature has created bad? Maybe your mind is bad? You trust him too much. You learned how to ruin your feelings, you are doing something that is useful to you, but not to others. If the feeling prompts another, you say, heartache and taking (…). I mean (…). Please ask.

You sounded once that you are punished for allegedly incorrect contacts with people. Who carries out these functions?

— We do not, in your notion of the hierarchy. Punish yourself because you are creating other thoughts create different emotions, creating other plans that are harmful to us. Think we are not immortal.

Not immortal in your concept?

— In your concept. We also have a concept — death. Think about if we told you that we live in an instant, then we, too, is death, think.


— Is it? You (…) logically. Imagine we are — it's you. You live 70, we live share. What's the difference? You die, we die and we are, but we are born and we remember, we remember everything that was also because we are talking to you. Agree, if we live in a moment, so short that you do not have time to measure it, as we used to talk to you? We talk to you just because because remember all that survived. Please ask.

You certainly happy in it.

— Is it? Out of this happiness.

But now tell me: we are especially a lot of the information we obtain from you new to us, but then who dispenses nuggets of your knowledge, if you say that you have a hierarchy does not exist?

— Your questions, your emotions, we have responded to you just now.

Our emotions — as many of you to comprehend, and poluotvety we certainly enliven them emotionally …

— You have more greed, you know the concept is all based on greed, greed knowledge. Next, we talked (…) on the knowledge of "interpreter". We told you that you and "translator" know it all. And (…) We are only talking his language.

Well, here we have the feeling that we are talking to an interpreter who had read a lot of fiction. Then process contacts can be interesting when communicating.

— That's your problem. Next, understand, we come to you to give birth to doubts.

Tell me, can you tell us a zone of increased activity UFO visits in the Lower Volga?

— We are not interested in it, we told you that the aliens in your concept, not wiser you, we are talking about the spiritual.

Tell me, there is one law of infinity, so to speak? You can think of this: if someone did an evil, it is evil to him coming back.

From the very approximate options for you: do no harm.

Tell me, did the aliens often visited areas (Lists some areas), they were especially interested in or concerned about it?

— Disturbing your death.


— You bring forth death. Think of your child as you shall die. And we will not say nothing about the defense, it is harmful to you, they can protect you, think. We told you about the heavy metals, we told you: the heavier, the more protection you will find it yourself. But you can not take one more step, we Giving Directions it to you. Please ask.

So, the question is this: You say that physical death — it's just a change of the shell, and until we reach perfection, in our concept, we will not go up, as I understand, right?

— Yes.

Where these criteria when we become ourselves? What are they, can you tell?

— We told you to keep looking. If we'll give you the answer, you will not be able to solve the problem in the next body, moreover, you will remain at that level will remain, because we will push back, and no more. Sooner or later, you fall, you fall lower than they were. And because you have to make yourself, then that jackpot, what you have, will help you, but do not pull down.

Not so long ago, under Zherlovskom there is an event that people shepherd, his body burned, and the clothes remained intact, can we …

— Time.

It was he who was in the anomalous zone of time?

— Time.

Clear. And you can insure and how to examine this area?

— It is his destiny.

And if we go sunemsya?

— Agree, the place where he was, he was visited by many or got to where no one was?

Well, there is a zone, enclosed by people apparently long, the wheels of carts, from which warned people when faced it …

— You enclose much, for fear of magical power, and what happens? In your hedge eventually included.

My question is, if that's me on my path traveled is not going to die, for example, from radiation, I can go boldly into the atomic Katel, so to speak, and literally walk out of there without a loss?

— No. Even if you decide to go into the atomic Katel, so it was already decided. Next, we told you about the branches, remember, we told you that there is deadlock. You just get into one of the dead legs, just everything. And it is not going into the reactor, you would have gone further (…) would go to another branch, there would be something else. This is your right to choose.

And entering into the reactor, we mean physically die and then I will live again in another body?

— Everything depends on you. Yes, you may dwell. Please ask.

We are still going to visit this area under Zherlovskom, you can consult the security measures, whether untrained people to go there?

— That's your problem, and as you know prepared? Once again you realize it physically.

That is, you do not tell us the security measures …

— We have already suggested to you.

Heavy metal …

— We told you not physically.

Okay, we do not understand

— Do not you understand? Well, the man lay down on the operating table, if he does not want to live — no operation will help him. Even if the operation is not successful will be in your concept, it will remain alive if he craves it.

We must believe … that is our desire, they lead us, so to speak, our body is our wish.

— This is your fault that you lead the body.

No, our spreader is our desire.

(Record breaks)

— … You will be able to defeat them without hurting others? Well, you decide: I'll quit drinking, I stop there, and what happens? You will die of hunger, that's all. Because you have decided it is just physically, spiritually, you are not ready. Next, you say, I love the cast, and many do it with you, so what? You will make someone unhappy, that's all. And we say to you: Loptev you will not get to heaven.

Thus, the Afghan mathematician calculated that on May 17 and June 30 of this year in the Lower Volga region, specifically we do not know, maybe …

— With you it happens every day. Why do you call a specific number?

But there will be a contact situation (…), we have a desire to be in this area on May 17 and June 30. Is there any chance we get there?

— Please, it's your problem. How many times have you promised to officially recognition aliens, you have waited this?


— (…) I done?

Personally I? Yes.

— What mean?

Save and Protect.

— Ask.

You get do not see us?

— We told you that your body sees more than your eyes see. Your body takes all the threads radiating.

We are not sensitive enough to these streams, brain, I mean.

— To some extent, this is your salvation.

Yes, (…).

— We talked about shame. And we say to you: Imagine if you will all the time to understand everything that's going on around the many waves created by you, imagine what chaos would you (…).

We have to be prepared that this would somehow chaos in order to keep, right?

— You do not know how to vote, for example, well, imagine if we tune to the degree to understand all at once, you'll see something?

Well, the arithmetic mean there will be some …

— You are not alone in your concept, painful (…).

I'm still curious to know about the area, where at least about contact occurs …

— We told you, we're not interested in that, and because we do not know that. We are not interested in physically, (…) on the spiritual. Next, we will talk with you and we do not want to talk about them. Further, it will not do you any good.

Say, one writer wrote that you have, say, from our point of view, aliens, hostility, they will not accept something, but for some reason you have addressed to the people, earthlings.

— Why did you decide that? We said that we come in contact with many. Next, you are interested in physically, you're looking like yourself, you are looking at the physical level, you are looking for those who live somewhere, but similar to you. But you are not interested in the soul, the same alien. You are more interested in its development, physical development, where (…) interested in its capabilities in the physical plane. On the spiritual … if you ask?

I understand there are two faces: the spiritual world and the world of flesh.

— No. We told you that the world is one. You are a grain of sand, grit (…) you inside the grains of sand and grit think the world, forgetting that he is in a grain of sand other, bigger, you can not see from this sand. Do you live in skarsupke you created yourself.

I said girl-contactee of Mikhailovka a number of its features, in particular, it has the ability to pass on the energy power, ie, refusal of food. It does, right?

— We told you think, if we tell you, and do not say, no, we will change your course if we say you do not, you will not believe it. If we say yes, you will go without question and to experiment than ruin himself and her. Next, you usually just say I can, I want to. And beginning it met difficulties throw. Imagine: a girl, do not having power, your concept, to give it to her advantage? And if she can do it? Most often you fantasize, we told you about pride, it is one of the manifestations.

Tell me, is this girl says to get an answer to any question, and she gets them requires a certain tolerance, and if there have assumed that it is necessary to gain knowledge. Is this true?

— No.

That is, it is once again (…)?

— You have to prepare, we told you, you get more knowledge on the basis of old, combining old nodes. As you can understand the new without going through the old. And of course, in this respect, she's right, but you see, and you know it. Why do not you believe yourself, but believe it? And believe us, why do not you have it in yourself, you know them and your life talking about it. The new is learned based on the old one. Accept that you knew and have known for a long time.

Well, we still doubt …

— What are you convinced? You are in doubt, even in this? Well, not knowing the ABC book, you will be able to read?

Yes, we can not.

— Well, you know, why do you look for in others, and we ask? Why, you do not believe Me, and believe us? You do not know our nature, and we can not explain to you, but you will not believe us everything we say then?

Well, we also look to the amendment, not mindlessly …

— What is an amendment? The amendment to the level of your knowledge, your level of understanding. But you do right but we have come to you to give birth to doubt, we come to you, what would you do corrections. Made concerning the amendment itself, and it will be getting higher and higher, but we are (…).

Well, well, we just feel, that our knowledge on rise, nevertheless true. But then (…) girls were demonstrated treatment sessions with UFOs, aliens, and the replacement of the internal organs. This is her fantasy?

— Think you're opening up new land, bringing gifts, remember the story. (…) Gifts and you become executioners. Agree that most (…) friend in your concept, to bestow it than that.

Since the aliens look like us, we do not succeed, they will act as we do in situations like this, am I right?

— You are right. They are not above you, it is technically, yes, they know how to treat, but know how and you will agree, is treated in the Middle Ages and treatment now. Now, imagine yourself in the middle ages, and you will be aliens and you will be treated more than others. The same goes for you and aliens.

But you have to be a man, cured grateful for the fact that he replaced the kidney or stomach straightened …

— Most often, you will do well in your concept, but you do not see what you (…). Be careful Know how to trust, learn, but Learn to trust a soul. If you bring a gilt dish, do not rejoice in him, see if there is poison in it.

(Open records)

Koi … are available in languages, but have the ability to communicate through TV is a very significant factor, in the first place can be in droves to declare the existence of worlds.

— You have people here who can do it yourself, why are needed aliens will agree that there are can do it yourself. It does not provide the difficulties.

But the aliens, why do not they take advantage to television to declare the existence of …

We know a lot about your fantasies, but we will not say specifically where these fantasies and where, really. And you know the reason, we told you — you have to learn to see themselves.

Clear, but in the 70s there was a case out of unknown creatures on television broadcasts on all channels at once.

— Well, in the same England was a case of invasion of Martians, remember. And whether it was the invasion?

Well, it was a fantasy.

— No. It was a transfer, and you took for the invasion.

And, yes, yes, yes, it is.

— Ask.

That is, in England, did not go to all television broadcasting, it was hog-wash?

— We told you.

We are interested in experimental hypothesis of extraterrestrial civilizations on Earth. There is a hypothesis about the experiment extraterrestrial civilization or the Constellation of Orion's dogs, an experiment on Earth to create humans. It is true or completely wrong?

— Now think, what you say about the Dog Hound, if you try to do it on Earth? You are trying to create an animal that you are experimenting with the cells and try achieve. And why are you talking about beagles DOGS? If you are in the beginning, trying to experiment, why higher educated you not to? Please ask. If you do not understand, we repeat, do not hesitate.

I would like to continue the theme of our first love. You do not mind?

— Ask.

Tell me, where is the line between love and blind love? And how can you love something that is harmful in advance?

— Understand blind love and just love only exists in your concept. Blind love — that's not love, it is selfishness.

No, let's not love it, but …

— No, it's selfishness and fear to lose. Blind love — this is when you do not notice anything wrong in an objective way. And why you do not notice because you're afraid to lose and so do not notice it. I paint over its colors. (…) Not to lose, think about it.

Okay, but if, say, it's bad, I noticed knowing that the object there is bad, but I have hope, help him to become good.

— Hope to help or assist?

Well, of course, that something has been done, there is hope that the (…) is not simple.

— If you see bad, it's not blind love. Blind — it is not seen. Most often it is born fear, the fear of losing. This is selfishness


— Ask.

Now in our society, a lot of bad, but it does not mean …

— Are you saying that you are now blind love?

Well, you could say that I hope …

— You have not learned to love, and are already talking about blind love.

Is there anyone who has learned to love? Generally, in your view, in general.

— What made you ask that question? Find the beginning of your lies.

But there is still the one who has learned all the cornerstones of this love? Knew her.

— First, answer my question. What made you ask such a question. Why you ask? And find the beginning, the beginning, the idea of giving birth to this question.

Start of thought is: is it possible at all to understand love?

— Do not lie to yourself, do not lie and think and find the beginning. If we tell you that you says fear: not uspey not fall in love. Well you will not believe it, you say, no, this is not the case. You find the start.

Tell me why our call signs in space at different frequencies remain unanswered until now?

— We told you. You proud so you want the whole world to see with their own eyes. You want everyone to be similar to you. Why do you think that everyone else should work on your frequency?

That is, they may be completely different radio frequencies?

— Understand, catch these radio frequencies are even in your technical terms, not smarter than you.

What kind of advice can you give on the technical research of intelligent civilizations, intelligent life in the universe?

— More nature.

Only in this way?

— And you look, see how the Earth radiates and repeat. Once you have started it, and found the waves and began to emit hydrogen. This is the beginning of the conversation with nature. Speak to her. We say, you find only a small piece of it. Manage to repeat, says the Earth, she talks with all the stars.

So, there are still rays of light in the electromagnetic spectrum, which …

— No. Well, imagine how the Earth can radiate a certain range? Just think if she could do it? Agree, a certain range — defined size of the cavity. The earth has a lot of them, it has many elements, and each emits its own way. How can we speak of a single frequency? You take the sound, can you say that you are taking the same frequency?

That is, the study …

— Complex.

Set of studies with the Earth for us to be very progressive. We do know something, right?

— Take an analogy with the sound, but complex, your concept, sound frequencies allows you to understand if you talk on the same frequency, you do not even hear it.

And with Earth scientists have been trying to understand such a dialogue with the Earth?

— Yes.

It's in our country?

— And you, too, and mind you, in you again, and saith pride.

This is apparently indestructible in us, so pipe the its imperfections.

— Yes. All your features and bring good and bad, can not say that you have this and that is bad. No, it brings benefits. And we told you once that there are no such things would have been just bad or just good, it all depends on the set, how to perceive, use, and on.

Well, let's say, how to decipher, so here are these waves? Smyslokod, some should be. We have a sound smyslokod defined …

— In your concept is smyslokod, but think if the Earth smyslokod wear that you wear? It will have your forms? And we told you that coming to another planet, you will see yourself like (…) and similar. But you say it's not a life, a life — it's us. Think back. And because you are having a concept smyslokoda, but your concept will not find it. But notice Earth does not say your easy. (…) Is your man-made, and you will lose it (…) much less.

A lot of controversy is about the Earth's history, the history of mankind has allegedly …

One, two, three, four

(Session ended)


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