The time of the pyramids? Pyramids of time!




In the space of objective reality does not exist, but there is a perception of it
Nicholas Dorozhkin

Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx, is by no means the most ancient structures in Egypt.
Egyptian postcard

The history of the assumed time of occurrence of the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations. Herodotus wrote, referring to the Egyptian priests that from the beginning of the occurrence of Egypt as a state to the V century BC was 11,340 years old. "Revelations" higher initiations priests say: the first pyramids more than 30 thousand years!

As it was possible to keep the information for future posterity? That was the question involuntarily arises when meeting with the literature on global catastrophes that periodically destroy everything created by human labor.

Candidate of Technical Sciences Dmitry Pavlov from Queen believes that the monuments of civilization should be: 1) be such that they do not have to look for, and 2) extremely durable, and 3) astounding, and thereby makes people think. And another thing: their form, they should direct people to think about the level of physical and mathematical knowledge that it is immortalized.

Dmitry G. asked myself the question: "What would I personally suggested an imaginary International Commission for the creation of such a monument of science of the twentieth century?" He answered: "I chose the general theory of relativity, which linked the matter to the energy processes in space and the world of elementary particles , gave an insight into many billions of years into the depths of time and trace the evolution of the universe. "

The most expressive way of the great theory of Pavlov said light cone — a set of paths of light rays. "In order to materialize the image of the light cone in stone or metal — he develops his idea — architects had to take into account that in the" space-time "four dimensions, whereas the earth architecture can have only three spatial coordinates. Therefore, the material expression of the idea of the light cone has to leave only three dimensions — two spatial and one temporal. Then the cone of light takes the form of "hourglass". But the wind, gravity, atmospheric precipitation quickly leave from the "hourglass" just the lower part. So it makes sense to initially focus on this form of construction. "

There is only one kind of giant ancient artifacts, partly resembling a cone. This — the pyramids. The fundamental difference here is in the form of a base — a square instead of a circle. Quite possibly, according to Pavlov, that the authors of the "Pyramid" were intended to express their knowledge of the world order, which differ from Einstein's theory.

"But as a form of four-sided pyramid can express some knowledge about the world order?" — I'm interested in Pavlov.

"There is a concept that the world — this is not the space (at Euclid) and space-time (Einstein), but — please! — A four-time, — says Dmitry G.. — Following the logic of this concept, we have to admit that in the space of objective reality does not exist. There is the idea of it, the geometry for it is also available, as well as the laws of physics, but the space itself as such — no. And there's only four-time. "

When we talk about the pyramids, it is taken for granted that it is a grand structure in Giza, associated with the names of the pharaohs Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. In fact, the phenomenon of the pyramids — the phenomenon of a broader and more mysterious than is commonly believed. On the territory of the African country there are a few of the great pyramids, much less known. For their study in the spring of 2004, Dmitry Pavlov organized his own expedition.

We examined several pyramids. One of them — near the town Medumi (80 km south of Cairo). Its shape is not, strictly speaking, not a pyramid. Therefore, it is called a False pyramid. This structure is more like a bastion. Egyptologists claim that it was the first pyramid conventional kind. And the fact that there is at the present day — is the core or heart of the pyramid, a sort of strong "pig." But over time, the outer part of guttered, and the core was exposed.

There is reason to believe that maintaining the "blank" is much older than the ravages of time, "outdoor advertising." For example, a "broken-down" view corridor running under the pyramid is the result of destruction of the stone under the influence of a long process of salt formation. However, this requires the water that evaporates and leave a solid residue.

This implies that the interior of the pyramid Medumsky stood under the African sky long before Dynastic Egypt. According to paleontologists, in the VIII-VII millennium BC there was a relatively wet climate.

However, it is possible that the pyramid builders did not even think about any theories of space-time. But Dmitry Pavlov convinced: "There are many reasons to take seriously even a small (but not zero) probability of the hypothesis expressed above. Especially in contrast to most other assumptions piled up around the purpose of the pyramids, this completely verifiable, as related to specific geometric constructions. "

From the foregoing Pavlov makes a major to a conclusion: the true function of the pyramids due to the likely scientific and technical goals, the essence of which is very vague. It is possible that their form and purpose in some way related to the geometry of space, with the right to be called four-dimensional time, however, because the geometry is still poorly known, to draw any unambiguous conclusion is not possible.


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