The transition to the Other World

March 14, 2012 6:44

Can you describe how the transition, or death? Exactly where we find ourselves, when we pass into the next world?

Person feels as if slipped into a pond or a warm bath. At some point, you leave one environment for another. When you step out, for example, in a hot bath, you are dry and do not have water, then you are covered with water and the body becomes wet. When in a new environment, you will be more comfortable than the old, you may decide to enter into it, or stay on the doorstep. You seem to wake up from a dream, and this does not need to hurry.

In fact you will not go, you just do not here. What happens is that you are in a more extensive version of what "here", compared to what was available before your perception. With some humor (and perhaps reluctantly), you notice that it's always been there, but you do not notice it. You may feel as if your life and belong to all that is familiar to you, but any sense of relevance of all this for you somehow disappear. You will be interested in other aspects here and there, you will want to deal with them. In childhood and early youth, your life depended on your family life. Later, your friends or your work help you to schedule and guide you studied. And you make a natural and timely adjustments. So will now.

Is there — on the other side?

At first you'll be strangely familiar, as if in a place that you store in the past. Will not feel any physical or non-physical, just a little lighter and less dense. You will become as it were floating, as if immersed in water. When you log in to your new reality, your community will depend on your consciousness. The more relaxed you are, the more diverse is your reality. You'll feel the temperature is not so, as of now, because for the most part it's the reaction of your body, not your own. You'll feel more yourself, but in your current state you find it hard to understand this. All of you will "see" otherwise, because your new awareness will allow you to take a 360-degree perspective, not just what's in front of you. At first, getting used to his new environment, you can feel a kind of weak dizziness. It will pass. You will feel that you under — floor, and above you — the ceiling. This is so, even though they are made of a thinner material than the three-dimensional world. At first, everything will be provided to you in the same artificial, as it seemed on the ground, but it will seem very real. This is the same place of temporary residence, as the mother's womb. Having fulfilled its purpose, it will start to dissipate, and there will be a more appropriate location. Since you already know what needs to be, you will not be surprised, as those who might, in a shock is a sudden out of the body, and without the opportunity to return to it.

Pepper Lewis

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