The trial Nyaklyaeu, Rymashevsky, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak and Palazhanka. The eighth day

May 16 Frunze district court of Minsk continued to hear the case of former presidential candidates Vladimir Neklyaeva andVital Rymasheuski, as well as members of staff Neklyaeva Andrey Dmitriev, Alexander Fyaduta andSergei Wozniak yes activist Anastasia Palazhanka.

18:09 In court adjourned until 10 am on May 17.

17:55 Interrogation Sevyarinets finished. Protecting Neklyaeva seeks accession to the case handling Russian actors, including Konstantin Raikin, Keira Knightley. There are inversion Russian writers — Andrew Bits, Simon Yuen Moritz. Sent a letter and Yevgeny Yevtushenko from the United States, 22 Belarusian artists, literature and science. They demand an end to the criminal case. Also Bukshtynav lawyer requests that a health certificate Neklyaeva. They demand an end to the criminal case. Also, the lawyer Bukshtynav requests that a health certificate Neklyaeva. Prosecutor v.. Letter Yevtushenko judge dismissed attach to the case. Defense announces the documents.

17:28 Seviarynets in the courtroom. He explains that he was a trustee and the head of staff Rymasheuski. He says that the event was originally planned as a peaceful one. Called only on October Square, walk to Independence Square is not planned. People on October came more and more, and the roadway moved because people were very tight and not placed on the free end of the square. The duty of police and traffic police — above all to preserve security. If so many people turned up, they had to block traffic as during public festivals. It can be said that the city government is responsible for the mess that was December 19. None of the candidates, none of those present did not allow any calls to riot, they paid attention all the time, that the action should be peaceful. On the contrary, urged to avoid provocations.

Very prevented the music from the speakers. December 19 urged the police to disperse he heard, perhaps, their muffled music. Unfortunately, there was no police in the square, there was no sound equipment.

Judge asks Seviarynets knew that the event is not sanctioned, as in the squares of the shares in Belarus would never allow it. But the police when a large number of people must always be responsible for the safety of people.

With Infusion Palazhanka Seviarynets sign long. December 19th they met. They walked together from the station. The main topic of conversation — the freedom excludes violence, the action should be peaceful and non-violent. Nastia is very soft, well-mannered people.

On October with Nastya Seviarynets walking along the sidewalks of Kirov, Sverdlov, Prospect. On October they were lost.

Responsibility for the events of December 19 must carry state officials. Justifies why.

Fyaduta asked whether he had seen the operational videos. Seviarynets explain what "people in civilian clothes," which there were many.

Nekljaev said that he was glad to see Paul as a witness on the loose.

17:24 Again, the sound disappeared. Shows a fragment of the debate, but judge Requests continue tomorrow viewing video due to technical problems. Lawyers recall petition to invite as witness Paul Sevyarinets, Chapter peradaybarchaga headquarters of presidential candidate Rymasheuski. Prosecutor mind, the lawyers insist. the judge decides to hear the testimony of Paul Sevyarinets.

Break is over. Demonstrate the performance of a presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski on Belarusian television.

16:07 Again, the problem with a demonstration video, the operator makes the computer restarts. The judge announced break for 10 minutes.

16:05 Rymashevski Requests to adduce video from the Independence Square on December 19, made by journalists. Prosecutor against the judge decides not to join videodisc offered to business.

16:01 Nekljaev makes the point: it is obvious that the candidates were unable to organize the area and the people. There was no sound equipment. Judge offers a new look Rymasheuski video of the first channel on the air.

15:37 A break in the trial ended. Lawyer asks question as a witness Paul Sevyarinets. The judge says that today you are watching videos, so let Seviarynets waiting.

Once again, go back to watching videos. Video footage on the event again in the square, Liabedzka with loudspeakers chanting "Long live Belarus!" Rymashevski is in the column. Porch of the White House. In the frame — Statkevich, Sannikov, Siuchyk, Seviarynets, Radin. Seviarynets chanting: "Long live Belarus!" and picks up people.

Rymashevski says illegally detained. Recalls Neklyaeva name. Speaker in Statkievich. The general election without Lukashenko demands.

Mr. Mihnovets says that "we are waiting for the election results."

Sannikov says, "bald tire", the people of picks.

Pictures from October Square. Music rattles, drowning shouts "Long Live Belarus!"

Negotiations Statkevich, Uss, Rymasheuski with the head of the traffic police. They are joined Khalip.

14:56 Break for 5 to 7 minutes because of technical problems.

Lawyer Tamara Sidorenko support Neklyaeva remark: the video show Palazhanka and heard men's voices. The second picture is also not constant, and the voice sounded from nowhere. Evidence of these images can be.

Wozniak Requests to make a point: the men in black were unmarked signatures on the backs were not.

Nekljaev says that the testimony of the traffic police about the wrecked car were false.

14:50 New Video: convoy moves along the avenue. The sound is distorted. Again, the sound changes and the screen freeze.

14:43 New video — footage from Station Square without sound. Then watch the video, where Sannikov said: "We are moving to Government House!" Sannikov chanting "Go away!" People picks. Rymashevski with microphone: "We must demand free and democratic election without Lukashenko." Anastasia Palazhanka asks people: "Do you want change?"

14:36 View the video on the next event on October Square on December 19. Sannikov says, for him — Dmitriev. Frames with the logo "Nasha Niva": Rymashevski calls go to October Square.

Footage of "Nasha Niva" with The collector streets. Loud explosions could be heard stun grenades. Close-up — beaten Nekljaev he trying to administer first aid. Bear arms. Neklyaeva laid on the couch in the office. The guy with the broken head. The blood on his head, the guy's head bandaged. Ambulance arrived. Medics assist, send for a stretcher in the car.

Nekljaev close-up, clearly visible serious injuries, blood, bruises. Neklyaeva loaded into an ambulance and taken.

Sergei Wozniak explains in the video that the rally in the square will be exclusively peaceful. Attract people to justice for what they have come to the square to the Christmas tree, is impossible.

14:09 The process resumed. Again technical problems, the video is no sound. Nyaklyayeu

Again looking at the video of the meeting with the members of the electoral headquarters of voters Neklyaeva — Sergei Wozniak and Victor Gorbachev.

Established a sound, but pretty quiet.

12:35 For a long time looking for the next video. Technical problems. The judge announced break up to 14 hours.

12:22 Prosecutor believes that it is appropriate to see videos from the area. Lawyers argue.

At the next video — meeting Wozniak and another man with voters. Wozniak speaks about the area.

12:07 Nekljaev reads his poem to the video. Those present in the courtroom tried to applaud, but the referee stopped the applause: "The silence in the hall!"

The judge asked the prosecutor and defense, as well as the accused, the viewing of which movies they insist.

Show next performance Neklyaeva meetings with voters, where it occurred, was not told.

11:51 Show the performance Neklyaeva on Belarusian television.

11:40 Continues to show the same movie — Neklyaeva meeting with voters in Borisov.

Finished viewing the first movie. For some reason, the video started with the speech Statkevich. After a minute stopped. For a long time looking for the files.

11:35 The judge asked the defendant Dmitrieva close the laptop and put it behind the accused Neklyaeva.

11:22 Anastasia Palazhanka asked to make a break for 5 minutes.

At 11:10 the video. Nekljaev says his presidential campaign after the election is immediately converted into a parliamentary campaign, as just around the corner parliamentary elections — in 2012.

11:00 Nekljaev watching a video while standing. In the hall of about three dozen students or BRSMovtsev. Someone is sleeping, but most is listening to the video alternative ex-presidential candidate.

10:50 Fragment from the video. Nekljaev recalled warning the Attorney General's Criminal Law for access to the area. It answers the question of language. Talking about the inadmissibility of getting people to speak in any language, but emphasizes that everyone should be proud of the Belarusian language and speak it.

10:20 In the hall, the OSCE, Ambassador of Germany to Belarus, Mr. Weill, writers Vladimir pencil, Joseph Yanushkevich, artist Alex Marochkin.

10:09 The court session began with a viewing of video. Viewers roller meeting with voters in Borisov. Trustee Victor Gorbachev is a presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva.

Judge — Zhukovsky;
Prosecutor — Kozhevnikov;
Lawyers: Atamanchuk, Laboha, P., Savic, Sidorenko, Bukshtynav.

Courts for Square

The trial Nyaklyaeu, Rymashevsky, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak and Palazhanka. The first day

The trial Nyaklyaeu, Rymashevsky, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak and Palazhanka. The second day

The trial Nyaklyaeu, Rymashevsky, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak and Palazhanka. The third day

The trial Nyaklyaeu, Rymashevsky, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak and Palazhanka. The fourth day

The trial Nyaklyaeu, Rymashevsky, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak and Palazhanka. Day Five

The trial Nyaklyaeu, Rymashevsky, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak and Palazhanka. The sixth day

The trial Nyaklyaeu, Rymashevsky, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak and Palazhanka. The seventh day


Sergei Wozniak

He was born on April 14, 1962 Editor in Chief of the newspaper "Comrade", social activist, member of the NGO "Belarusian Association of Journalists." He was one of the organizers of the creation of the Communist Party of Belarus, in 2009 renamed the Belarusian United Left Party "Fair World".

During the presidential election of 2010, he worked at the headquarters of presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva.

He was arrested on Dec. 20 in his apartment and placed in the KGB detention center. In late December, he was charged in a criminal case — "riots."

From December 29 to change the measure of restraint on his own recognizance.

March 30, 2011, the charges reworded to "organize activities that breach public order, or participate in them."

Andrey Dmitriev
He was born on May 17, 1981 in Minsk. He studied at the European Humanities University in the Faculty of Philosophy. In 2000-2001. served in the military. Since 2001 — Member of the UCP.

He was detained among other activists May 18, 2010, when the authorities tried to disperse the civil campaign "Tell the Truth," in which Andrew attended.

In 2005-2009. had his own business, he was director of the consulting company.

Supervised staff of the candidate for the presidency of Vladimir Neklyaeva. Detained on the night of Dec. 20 after a protest in the center of Minsk, the accused under article — "riots." January 3, 2011 released from the KGB jail on bail. March 30 indictment restated — "organization activities that breach public order, or participate in them."

A candidate for the presidency in 2010 was born July 11, 1946 in Smorgon.

In 2010 initiated the establishment of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth", which the authorities later denied registration.

December 19 was beaten to unconsciousness in the center of Minsk on the way to a peaceful protest. With traumatic brain injury in hospital emergency room. A few hours later there was abducted by members of the security services.

Was in the KGB detention center, has been charged under article "riots." Since beating on December 19 before being transferred to house arrest on January 29 suffered four hypertensive crisis and have not had the opportunity to meet with a lawyer.

February 17th general meeting of the PEN Centre has decided to allocate it to the Nobel Prize.

March 30 indictment reformulated to "organize activities that breach public order, or participate in them."

Anastasia Palazhanka
Deputy chairman of the "You
ng Front". Nastia was born on August 2, 1990 in Minsk. From 1997 to 2008. studied at the 73rd Minsk school. Since 2008 — a student of Philosophy and Political Science of the European Humanities University.

After the action in the Square Anastasia was arrested at home in 3 hours and 20 minutes of the night. Capturing the 20-year-old girl was carried out by fifteen of the KGB. Anastasia is accused of organizing mass riots and participating in them.

February 17 evening released on his own recognizance.

March 8 became the first Belarusian, who won the International Woman of Courage Award. The award was presented by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

March 30 indictment reformulated to "organize activities that breach public order, or participate in them."


Alexander Fyaduta
The journalist, candidate of philological sciences, social activist. In 1994 he was a member of the election headquarters of A. Lukashenko, after the victory which was the chief of the social and political information of the Presidential Administration. In 1995, he joined the opposition.

During the 2010 presidential election was the headquarters of presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva. He was arrested on Dec. 20 in his apartment and placed in the KGB detention center. In late December, he was charged in a criminal case — "riots."

March 30 perafarmulyavali charge on Part 1 of Article 342 of the Criminal Code — "the organization of activities that breach public order, or participate in them."

April 8 released on his own recognizance.

Vitaly Rymashevski
Born in Minsk on March 3, 1975. He is married and has a daughter. Civil engineer, in 1997 he graduated from the Belarusian National Technical University.

During the years 2002-2004. Member of the Presidium of the Belarusian National Youth Council of Public Organizations "glad". One of the leaders of "In defense of freedom of conscience and religion in Belarus." The head of the Minsk organization created by the BCD, co-chairman of the organizing committee of the party.

One of the candidates for the presidency in 2010 during the rally on December 19 at the Independence Square beaten by riot police. Detained during the dispersal of the rally has been placed in the KGB detention center, charged under Art. 293 of the Criminal Code. On December 31, 2010 — under house arrest.

March 30 indictment reformulated to "organize activities that breach public order, or participate in them."

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