The trial Statkevich, mustache, Pazniak, Klaskouski, Kvyatkevicham, fungal, Bulanava. The fifth day

May 16 in the Leninsky district court of Minsk took consideration of the criminal case against the former presidential candidates Statkevich andDmitry Uss, as well as against members Squares Andrew Pozniak, Alexander Klaskouski, Alexander Kvyatkevicha, Artem Gribkova, Dmitri Bulanov, who are accused of involvement in the riots.

19:45 Adjourned until 10:00 on May 17.

19:40 Uss hadanichala lawyer, the court turned to the service provider. It is necessary to find out where Vc called Statkievich. Abvinvachvanne says the square, Us claims that the house. The petition was supported by all but the prosecutor. The judge denied the request.

Lawyer Statkevich petitioned to the court Liabedzka caused him to tell what was happening in the square. The petition was supported by all but the prosecutor. The judge rejected the request. However, the judge has promised to return to this petition later.

19:10 Read to wiretap. Satkevich not mind.

19:00 Read pratkaoly interrogations.

18:38 After a 10-minute break, the trial resumed. Read the transcript of records of negotiations Statkievich.

General explains that nth collectedwithI found a movement for free elections.

18:23 Begin to see the new video from pl.Nezalezhnastsi. Videarepartazh The narrator tells a reporter.

The following snippet: Voices Sannikov and Khalip. Sannikov: Gather the officers to negotiate!

17:02 — 17:55 Again, watch the video.

The judge read the words Statkevich, where he calls the square. General explains that this is a quote from the speech at BT, who spoke was 2 to 30 minutes each.

The judge said we would see only fragments, since no charges at all performances, but only part.

Continue to search for a particular piece of video. The prosecutor said that it is technically impossible to choose a piece.

Statkevich not mind not to see.

Lawyer: Clarify what you mean when you said, "It is true that betrayed me, and we will come and take away."

General explains: I meant that the Belarusian people will take what belongs to him. After the election, perhaps. I hope that the government itself will understand that it is necessary to return. It is 10000 — is not clear, come 170,000 — will understand that it is necessary to return. Are not going anywhere.

The judge read out the words Statkievich the second performance on BT.

Statkevich confirms these words.

Vc also confirms.

Lawyers do not mind not to listen to the entire 30-minute drive, and only a few fragments. The judge said that they would try the case.

Found a piece of performance Statkievich before voters in Mogilev, "During the struggle in communist Poland one writer wrote that the laws of the means to deal with non-democratic regime is not possible, because the laws are written specifically against it."

IPad for the video: "This government understands only if you click on it. We will require their own. We have the right to public protest and to free elections. So — it is true that stole it. I'll be there and will strive to make a free choice. "

Lawyer: Explain regarding quotations about Poland.

Statkevich: I have often quoted it as saying that the area is not permissible. I've said that for a long time action in the center of Minsk and other cities are not allowed. I had in mind that this action will not be allowed.

The judge reads the citation Statkievich interview with Radio Liberty that the event will be peaceful. Reads in Belarusian.

This is the voice of the square Statkievich (interview for "Freedom"): "Those who come here, they help others overcome the fear …"

This is the voice of Statkievich video "Freedom": "The regime has no money for the dictatorship. If we simply disperse, they will retain power. Let's agree that if we do not want another 5 years of dictatorship, it is necessary to protest. And yet, the more people will come to the area, the less write Lukashenko himself. 're Going to have a look and we will decide. "

16:48 Recess is over, again viewing the video.

A voice said Statkievich: "Dear compatriots. We have a problem — a stone on the road. December 19 — a day of great harvest. Come to the Plaza. I am willing to take responsibility. "

Stankiewicz lawyer asks to show not only that piece, and the entire fragment of performance at the debate.

Judge: Tell me where exactly.

Lawyer: I do not know, because I did not show to watch the video of the case. Need to see the whole performance Statkievich, not just a piece.

The judge agreed. Viewers.

Statkevich in effect saying to the judge that the entire piece of the debate, where it was shown. Now look where told Us.

16:32 Break for 10 minutes.

16:30 You are watching TV debate between the presidential candidate who was on BT.

16:18 Ended preview of the next movies.

Judge says iPad for presentations on BT: "Come December 19. And you bring back to us what he stole — the election. " Going to watch movies Statkievich performances.

16:15 Question to the video: Is a victim's square on December 19? This is a question to you as an officer … Who will benefit 10-20 corpses, which will be on October or Station Square after some persons fired on the crowd from a vending machine?

IPad for: Where did you get this information? Please refer to the police that this is being prepared. The man said about provocation, I suggest the KGB, which are removed to talk to him. There is here with the KGB? Talk to him. No need to scare us. When we are frightened, that is, we are afraid.

15:17 Continue to view the video from the meeting Statkevich and Uss with voters. The participants are asked to Dmitry Usu.

14:07 — 15.10 The meeting resumed. Continue to watch the video. General answers questions from voters.

Q: How do I use Square, you can change the power? What can be achieved?

IPad for: Imagine, if you will a lot of people. People also think that they are few, and then they see that a lot of them. Power may think that it is necessary to give a fair election. In all European countries, it was so. First came out a little bit — youth, adults and then came out and went. Each country has passed through it: people had to stand up and take the power. And we've got the power, but from Moscow. And so it is not appreciated. And now the society comes to realize that the power to defend. So be it. This shouting and swearing, but the other is not given. I would also like simple, no problem to have, but there is no other way out.

The man's voice elderly. I am 76 year. I read all of the programs. Say you are writing a program or what?

IPad for: I wrote my own. Helped me experience, including the "chemistry".

Q: What would you say thank you Lukashenko?

Statkevich: For the obvious — that the country is Belarus. But he had to. Promised the Kremlin throne and he ran and drove all over the country there. But changed — now the patriot.

Q: Where to get money for reform?

IPad for: First, it is the business and investment climate, if at all, the law is decided, not by a single person. Investments us not go because there is no law, no courts. Officials have 3 times more than even the Soviet Union. And again, we have 9 special services. Why 9 million people? 170000 only in the Interior Ministry.

13:07In court adjourned until 14.00

12:23 start viewing another video. One of performances Statkevich and Uss to voters.

"We just tell how are we elections. You can like or dislike their bosses, but if you can not change them, then everything will continue as it is now. Small heads would steal and make good records, but they make up.

Nothing works in this system. How can we stop it? Come to the square and to show that we are against. Here is our offer, we look at the situation. "

From the speech Usa: Lukashenka does not respond to the letter. So I'm standing here, because I know the system inside out. There are deputies in the concept, which is responsible for ensuring that provide advancement in the electoral commission. I Kolganov my employee who was such officials told us how it's done. Their cause and define the parameters. Already report notes that the distribution list came to 77% for Lukashenko. All bonded.

12:19 Lawyer Tatyana Stankevich Requests Statkievich to explain why he was fired from a military school.

He recalls that the doctor had already prepared, and there made a statement that Belarusians can not be sent to hot spots, they have already navayavalisya enough. "I was laid off for three days."

The Supreme Council signed the Treaty "On collective security", but without the item that Belarusian military can go there. "I am proud that I have achieved"

Lawyer: And what do you say about your statement about the pressure on the government?

IPad for: I believe that peaceful protest and pressure. Assaults — it's seizure of power. And I called for a peaceful pressure. As at the Maidan in Kiev people protested, pressed on the power and achieved re-election. This is a legitimate action.

12:06 Switched to the 6th volume of the case.

Help from the Minsk city executive committee that he had not filed applications for mass rallies on December 19 and they did not give permission.

Resolution on the search of the Statkievich.

The judge asked the parties what else you need to announce?

At the request of the prosecutor read out the record of the search in SLC "Trylivm."

Lawyers did not ask to read.

12:00In fact, even paper appears that the mustache is not paid in due time stamp duty as a member of the Society of anglers and hunters. Recognizes said it was spaznenne, but paid.

11:51 Began to study the fifth volume of the case. Minutes of the detention of the accused Statkievich from December 19.

Personality characteristics: "On account of nowhere is not worth …" Administrative proceedings were prosecuted for violations of traffic regulations. fifty six characteristics of the detention center:

"The order did not break, responds to the comments correctly. Stubborn, physically healthy. "

An official warning from the Prosecutor's Office of Belarus Statkievich for intervention on BT with a call to come to the area that this appeal against the law, about the possible prosecution.

Read another warning Statkievich.

11:45 View the video ended. Pozniak lawyer calls time and says that you can see that Pozniak is, does nothing and gets hit by a club.

This is followed by footage clashes with the police, but there is no Pozniak.

Lawyer: Did you hear yourself when you got baton?

Pozniak: Yes, I am. He just stood there and hit.

Lawyer: And what preceded it?

Pozniak: I was just standing there.

Lawyer: On the 34th minute, the recording is a fragment, which shows protesters clash with police. You see yourself there?

Pozniak: No.

Lawyer: On the 35th minute fragment, as you pick up and you say that you are the victim. Why you have failed?

I do not remember exactly what happened.

11:26 Again looking at the video of the events in the square on December 19. Present in the room can not see anything.

11:20 The process resumed.
Two more witnesses from Bobruisk were not. Read out their statements to voice their testimony in court.

Protocol of interrogation of a witness Larissa Pashkevich which was on December 18 at a meeting with Statkevich and mustache: It was a meeting of about 30 people, most have come together with the candidates. About iPad for virtually nothing said Lukashenko criticized for not participating in the debate. Openly encouraged to enter the area. It was a lot of times. Before, I was in a meeting with Nyaklyaeu, there were about 50 people. Nekljaev partially spoke about the program.

Witness Tamara Kuncevich, head of the Bobruisk community of veterans: Speech Statkievich built on criticism of Lukashenko, and that the election commissions are no representatives of the other candidates. Openly called several times to come to the area to put pressure on the authorities. From Uss called the Square was not. I also attended a meeting with Nyaklyaeu, there were about 100 people. Negative statements against Lukashenka I have not heard. There was a soft call to come to the area.

11:00 Lawyer Stankevich note: all readings are written on the pattern. Break 15 minutes

11:55 Witness Maria Karpekina, works in the school № 23 of Mogilev, secretary. From performances Statkievich had the impression that the focus was not on the program, and the call to the Plaza. "Do not worry, I am a military man and I know how to deal with large masses of people," — said on the iPad for Karpekinay. "I took it negatively," — said during questioning a witness.

Witness Natalia Bakula, a teacher of computer science at school number 23:
"From the speech Statkievich impression was that the emphasis was on the fact that the elections will be valshavanne and to come to the area .. "I am a military man and trained" … "We are aware of our losing the election and urge to put pressure on the government." — Spoke Statkevich. I took it negatively. By the same questions that I asked were not answered. I had no intention to accede to calls Statkievich. " According to witnesses who spoke about the iPad for a "color revolution" in Belarus.

Witness Tatiana Sinkachna, Technical Officer School № 23 Mogilev. "The impression that Statkevich focuses not on the program, and calls on the Square. The meaning of his appeal: I am not afraid, I am a military man experienced abuvuchany. We know beforehand about our loss, but we want to declare itself. Statkievich questions he left unanswered. I certainly knew about the illegal cover the Statkevich and had no intention of joining. "

10:50 The prosecutor read out the testimony Makarchuk.
He participated in the "Inappropriate protesters to Government House on December 19." Showed that the policemen threw hesitated. Also, I saw a man wearing a police jacket, which he insulted. "However, my ammunition, he did not hit." Later, the media Makarchuk learned that it Klaskouski.

From the interview:
"What exactly did he say? What I calculated to find, and so forth. He also cursed my colleagues that were close by. "

Protocol of interrogation of a witness Semochkin, deputy director of the school of ideology. Was in a meeting with the participation of Statkevich and Uss. Showed that the calls were heard from Statkievich come to the square, as is election fraud. "The only way you can press the power went through it all countries" — said Statkievich. The witness testified that the questions to the candidate at the same time remained unanswered. He, Semochkin, the desire to come to the rally was not.

10:40 Four witnesses were not.

The judge asked what to do?

The prosecutor has to read their testimony. Defendants do not mind. The judge said that since the witnesses live in Mogilev, I decided to read out their statement. The same decision as evidence of the victim policeman Makarchuk of Grodno police, who "is a long business trip."

10:27 begins questioning the witness George Vasileni. Pratsue in Bobruisk in a boarding school for orphans.

Prosecutor: in a meeting on December 19 you were involved?

Witness: No, I did not have more time to spend on it.

Lawyers: You are in connection with what went there for a meeting?

Witness: Just listen to it.

Lawyers: And then where did you work? Nowhere was not working, took the job.

Lawyer: You said that the hall was divided into those who are for and against. And how about shared room?

Witness: I can not say exactly, were the speakers and the "pros" and "cons" of candidates. Perhaps 30 to 70.

Judge adds: When was that?

Statkevich suggests: December 18, 2010 was a meeting in the Palace of Youth. Examine the witness ended.

10:25 Alexander Klaskouski asks to make a statement on the video footage, which was shown in court on May 14 on it. Klaskouski says that the video falsified, partly filmed with a hidden camera, he explained the law only on the first piece, and what else is removed, the was not prevented. Asks to call Colonel Menshikov, that he explained what way did this video. Klaskouski says he is 80% rigged.

The defendants and lawyers supported the motion, the prosecutor against. Judge denies.

10:16 Court was witness Vasileni. Moustache seeks: NO characteristics in materials, diplomas, which I characterize as a person. I ask that the case. Lawyer lists these documents. Feature with ADO "Irylivm" — a very positive, including there reported charity Dmitry Uss. Also with the characteristics of the Minsk city — again very positive.

Also asked to attach to the case copies of the identity of the deputy, honorary diplomas, letters of thanks from school for charities, identity teenage sons, who is on hold, a copy of the disability second group of mothers Usa. There is no objection, the court decided to attach materials.

10:11 Hall filled with more than half. Relatives, some journalists, representatives of the German Embassy, the OSCE observers and human rights activists. The defendants are currently talking to lawyers.

People started to run into the hall.

Judge Lyudmila Grachev. Prosecutor Chumukavets.

Courts for Square

The trial Statkevich, mustache, Pazniak, Klaskouski, Kvyatkevicham, fungal, Bulanava. The first day of trial Statkevich, mustache, Pazniak, Klaskouski, Kvyatkevicham, fungal, Bulanava. The second day

The trial Statkevich, mustache, Pazniak, Klaskouski, Kvyatkevicham, fungal, Bulanava. The third day

The trial Statkevich, mustache, Pazniak, Klaskouski, Kvyatkevicham, fungal, Bulanava. The fourth day

Dmitry Savrasov
26 years. Suffers from a number of chronic diseases, including rheumatism, dangerous allergic reactions through that his life is now under threat.

Born in Minsk on August 25, 1984. He graduated from Minsk Medical College number two, worked for two years in medbratam infectious hospital.

He studied at the Institute of Modern Knowledge at the Faculty of Arts, studied performing skills.

Not interested in politics, a member of the political parties and movements have never been.

During the dispersal of a peaceful rally on December 19, he was detained and beaten, split the head. He was sentenced to 10 days in jail. After his release from prison in Akrestsin was arrested again on 12 January 2011, only for the fact that he refused to go on without questioning the official agenda.

Contained in prison Valadarski Street.

Alexander Kvyatkevich
He was born on February 4, 1987.

He graduated from the basic 168th Minsk school, then a vocational school in the specialty "joiner machine operator." Worked in production — producing compressors for machines.

On the area came by chance, wishing to see how events will unfold.

Was arrested, served a 12-day arrest for participation in the rally on December 19.

January 4 arrested as a suspect. Criminal charges are filed on paper "riots."

Is in custody in the KGB detention center.

Alexander Klaskouski
He was born on September 26, 1978.

He graduated from the Minsk secondary school number 55, joined the journalism faculty of Baku State University, and then received a law degree.

In 1999 he enrolled in the Leninsky district of Minsk traffic police as an inspector DPS. He was fired in 2005.

Detained on the night of December 21, 2010 at his home.

Taken into custody in the KGB detention center.

Dmitry Uss

He was born in 1971 in Minsk.

Lawyer, graduated from the University of Grodno in "Law".

With 16 years of working at the "Integral", after the builder.

1999-2003 years. The deputy of the Minsk City Council of Deputies.

2007 We also went to the deputy, but it did not register.

2008 was put forward for the deputy to the House of Representatives.

He participated in the 2010 local elections, but failed in Minsk city.

The head of the publishing house "Trivium".

He is married and has two sons.

Party affiliation.

He was born on August 12, 1956 in the village of Lyadno Slutsky district, Minsk region in a family of teachers.

1978 graduated from the Minsk Higher Engineer Air Missile School.

He defended his thesis in 1986.

He worked as a teacher of the Minsk Higher Engineering School of antiaircraft missile.

In February 1991 protest against the events in Vilnius left the Communist Party.

1991 Member of the Central Council and the Executive Committee of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Narodnaya Gromada).

1995 Chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (NG).

Period 1991-1995. Founder and leader of the Belarusian Association of the military.

He participated in the 2000 elections to the House of Representatives.

2005 was sentenced to three years of imprisonment for organizing on 18-19 October 2004 in Minsk street protest against the official results of the parliamentary elections and referendum. An amnesty period of restriction of freedom was reduced by a year.

The head of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Narodnaya Gromada).


prisoners, the area, the court

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