The union expelled from the territory of the plant

Administration of the Bobruisk Tractor Parts and Units issued an order for eviction of the branch office of the Free Trade Union of Belarus. The order signed by the deputy head of the company on ideology Peter Slobodchuk. The need for resettlement communities argumentuetstsa production needs. The trade union is considered illegal disposal and plan to sue.

Manor independent trade union is still in one of the factory floor. According to the head of the office of Michael Kovalkova, the administration proposed another room — in the former gatehouse of transport.

"Slobodchuk just decided to remove the governing body of the union from the plant, away from people. There are even bricked up entrance to the territory of the plant. Created the Commission on the forced movement of office equipment in a designated area for further work. We can fulfill our responsibilities to protect the interests of union members .'s for what we honestly it did fulfill hit a union, "- said Michael Kovalkov.

According to the activist, has prepared a complaint against the administration of the prosecutor and the court. On He said, administration by means of orders undermined the activities of an independent trade union.

In fact the factory administration recognize the issuing of the forced eviction of the trade union organization. The need for this is explained by optimizing the use of factory space for compact placement services company.

Let fulfills all our Belarusian laws, and nothing else …

"Generally evicted from the factory, we can not by law. Even if would have wanted. But moving to the needs of the production — it is necessary, peramestsim. Let fulfills all our Belarusian laws, and nothing else. You know how much we have in the factory of public organizations is? As much as twelve. This is the "Red Cross", and Youth Union, and the "White Russia". So, for each social organization production will be arranged? "- Said the deputy head of the plant for the ideological work Peter Slobodchuk.

According to Michael Kovalkova, enforcement action to evict the community from the current homestead yet. The activist said that going to evict the community is not the first time. Such measures the administration is doing, as the number of members of the independent trade union in the enterprise.

The plant three hundred members of the SPB. Community independent trade union exists at the Bobruisk plant of tractor parts and units from 1998.


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