The youth of today

The youth of today

Someone once commented on the behavior of today's youth — we have produced a generation b … Of course, the author of this phrase is not to say that absolutely all the young men and women — prostitutes, just now the youth was quite normal behavior a la the girl out of the house under red lights.

Dancing them quite frank, with the elements of striptease, wagging all parts of the body, eyes closed, and so on. They dress decently at least, as though now will have to approach the client and external data to evaluate its fall out with bare breasts and legs. Their conversations are reduced to a discussion of the stupid TV shows, stories vulgar jokes with stripping zamylennyh frazochek.
Vulgarity for them has become a kind of standard of behavior. They forgot such epithets as a clever, charming, beautiful, dazzling, sensual, replacing just sEksualnaya. Their main purpose is to attract more males, and the rest is not important. Most familiar in the role of females to see the girls who do not know how more exciting and excited, and then give it back. But then there are also the same guys.

Unfortunately this is the future builders of the beautiful change of Russia's future.

They did not build! For such cases require skilled hands and bright minds and, as they celebrated the genitals just useless from the point of view of the world of creation, things. Only what they need — is to have children. However, this is the last dream about the youth of today, referring to the fact that it is an obstacle to one's career, keeping their sexual life with other elements of striptease.
And here it is, a citizen of Doe, salvation is only in the fact that a good marriage, change the name to the more harmonious, choose a good profession and remember that it is not only female, but a normal person. And if her companion in life becomes intelligent and loving man, then we can say that life is good …

And taking care of your health today's young people are not at the highest level. Today they wear lightweight clothing for candid greater "attractiveness", and tomorrow swallow doxycycline, catching any infection. As can we change habits generation? And should they?

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