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For a man, it is important to be master of the situation, including a sexual relationship with a woman. And what do you do if you do not always work out the way you want? First of all, relax.

Ejaculationor ejaculation — This selection of seminal fluid from the urethra during coitus (sexual intercourse) or superseding forms of sexual activity.

Ejaculation is a physiological process in the male, occurs under the influence of the complex stimuli — visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory, arriving in the cerebral cortex, where sexual signals are fed.

Ejaculation has two phases: the first is the ejection of semen from the genitalia in the prostatic part of urethra, in the second phase of the seed is cast out of the prostate.


What is premature ejaculation?

Premature (Or accelerated) ejaculation— This is a man's inability to control ejaculation to a degree sufficient to obtain satisfaction from the sexual act itself and deliver its partner.

Ejaculation occurs prior to or immediately after intromission (the introduction of the penis into the vagina).

Most often this problem faced by young men. Especially during the first strong love when emotions overwhelmed and overflowing.


CausesPremature Ejaculation

The most common, especially for young men — psychological — Strong love, fear of intimacy with a woman, fear not satisfy her, etc.

The reason may be reduction of muscle tone sexual (A group of pelvic floor muscles).

Excessive sensitivity of the glans peniscontributes to rapid ejaculation. The special sensitivity of the head may be congenital or result from urological diseases. In these cases, even a small irritation causes ejaculation.

Rapid ejaculation occurs against a background of urological diseases — prostatitis, vezikulita (Inflammation of the seminal vesicles) colliculitis (Verumontanitis).


How to Treatpremature ejaculation?

In the SR treatment clinic genitourinary system, including rapid ejaculation, carried on an individual circuit for each patient.

The treatment of premature ejaculation include: consultation urology and andrology, sexologist, Psychologist, possible appointment of medical therapy. As well as functional biocorrection sessions using a hardware-computer complex "Uroproktokor."

By appointment urology and andrology may be a course Reflexology, Physiotherapy (Electric, laser, magnetic and vibration stimulus) and Herbal Medicine. VAUGHN clinics have all the necessary expertise and equipment.

Modern hardware complex "Uroproktokor" stimulates tone pelvic muscles, and are, in fact, the medical trainer. Thanks to the two to three week course is restored sexual health of men.


What is delayed ejaculation?

Deferred(Delayed or difficult) is called ejaculation that occurs (or did not occur) after a long exhausting sex.


The causes of delayed ejaculation

Chronic alcohol abuse— The first time it has a stimulating effect, and then — depressing.

The presence of organic diseases, in particular diabetes, can cause shortness of ejaculation.

Sexual exhaustion, associated with excessive frequency of sexual intercourse.

The disproportion of the structure of genitalspartners.


How to treat delayed ejaculation?

In most cases the problem is psychological. Psychologist ON CLINIC will develop an individual program for men (or couples), which will deal with excessive nervousness, stress state, the inability to relax and be liberated.

Androlog urologist may recommend a course of hardware system "Uroproktokor" that will restore healthy muscle tone sexual men.

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