This week was the fourth in Racha earthquake

© photo - Alexander Imedashvili, NEWSGEORGIATBILISI, May 5 — News-Georgia Tsitsiya Mamulashvili.Fourth last week 3.5 magnitude earthquake occurred on Thursday in the seismically active region of Georgia, Racha, in They told Trend. "News-Georgia" at the Institute for Earth Tbilisi Ilia University.

Earthquakes have been recorded at 12.43 local time

On Monday, two tremors were recorded near the village of itching in Oni area: a magnitude of 3.2 and 3.4.

Earlier earthquake Oni area near the village of psora, a magnitude 3.3, was recorded on April 30.

An earthquake measuring 3 also occurred in Georgia on Wednesday night in Tsalka eastern Georgia.

"The fact that the recent increase in earthquake in Racha, means nothing. On this occasion, you can not make any predictions about the expected earthquakes. Racha — seismic zone, where earthquakes occur periodically," — said the source.

According to the institute, the local population has felt tremors of the earthquake, although it was not the average power and led to the destruction of buildings.

The most powerful earthquake recorded in Georgia magnitude 7 occurred in 1991 in the region of Racha and Imereti (Western Georgia), the intensity at the epicenter was 9 points. The earthquake caused the death of about 200 people, destroyed about 46,000 homes and 1,000 industrial facilities.

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