Thoughts on creating anti-gravity platform Grebennikova

I rummaged in his Fail … and found one photo on Grebennikov leaves. I do not know whose it is coming from, but I found a sketch interesnaya.Esche a physicist friend who built the plane that was to fly on ionic winds. The real development, but there depended all the parameters of air ionization. Also, there was a problem of breakdown in the ground during landing and takeoff. I'll try to get any of the docks, but nothing I would zagadyvat.Poluchennye antigravity installation options, as a result of my calculations are as follows:
(Results are shown for the most simple implementation does not require a large investment)
The output voltage of approximately 5 volts. AC sinusoidalnoe.tok I counted 3 different ways, and I have obtained the values of 0.3 0.5 and 1.5 amps. I believe that the truth will be approximately poseredine.ya guided by the output power of 10 watts. I understand the error of those people who is chasing kilowatts, dramatically losing mass in the unit. For example, the notebook ASUS PC 2G consumes 9 watts of charging (looking at the power supply — it's written.)
Now for the form factor of my device. It is based on the working surface of the cylindrical diameter of 80 mm, but can be more. The height of the cylinder for one module will be 60mm, but in the aftermath, refined the design of this size can be reduced to 15mm. Weight, of course will depend on the material and complexity of the device, but in the end he navryadli exceed 500 grams, if you do the installation of plastic.
In my setup, involved less than 15 neodymium magnets 8h8h8mm. Industrial them cost about 8p per piece, but the actual price in the store 50 rubles per magnet that I was a little frustrating.
In the process of manufacturing such a device will be indispensable gear-shaping machine, milling machine, drill press. If we will focus on mass production, it will be possible to apply the packing and stamping.
Each such unit is a mechanical conversion of direct attraction of the magnets due to non-standard mechanical filling device.
The service life of the device will depend on the material from which the working surface. So far, the calculations on the fatigue resistance of materials and I did not make, from the consideration that there are small load.
The most pressing area for the production of such devices are considered plant mechanical watches. If you compare my setup with the Soviet mechanical alarm clock, its mechanics will be 3 times easier.
The errors in the manufacture of the device are undesirable, but acceptable. runout should be no more than 0.5mm
The maximum deviation of the linear dimensions allow 0.1-0.4 mm. This means that for the production of the device does not require high-precision machine tools. Again this is a seriously reduce the final cost of the device.
The electrical part of the common generator will be provided by a solenoid with a steel (or ferrite) core. I found it more expedient not to take the torque from the device, knowingly condemning themselves to the use of generators. The torque device according to my calculations, was about 15 newtons per meter. at rated rotor speed of 150 — 200 r / min. Electrician can make it difficult to normal rectifier control energy extraction solenoids.
At the moment I am compiling a supporting document for the details of the device, to later they ordered from the factory, or go with the existing terms of reference to the owners of the CO2 laser cutting metallov.Dlya start, I would like to build a more complex setup that will allow me to actually measure the dependence and patterns, optimize settings for graphics and coefficient multipliers for my theoretical calculations, perform a series of experiments. Cost of retail manufacture my installation will cost about 15 thousand rubles. This price includes a very large share of the payment of the factory masters, which will be to sharpen the details.
I have a simple uncomplicated experience based on Lego, which demonstrates the possibility of the existence of my installation. Of course, it bears little resemblance to the final version of the generator. experience will be an opportunity for investors in person, if he so wishes. In the course of the work reported for each stage of production, checks, amount and so on. I have no desire to spend the money on something else besides the construction of the plant.
That is, at the moment I want to get sponsorship in the amount of 15,000 rubles.
After confirmation of my theoretical studies, I patented device. With the sponsor, if successful, I am pleased to have concluded the contract, according to which I would receive 10% of the final installation in the sale, provided that the sale of each set I will do no less than 50 rubles.
1. I want to create a working model
2. At the moment I do not think it is possible to transfer your drawing for the calculations, and those job details and other technical information, other than as described in this letter.
3. I'm ready to make a simple demonstration of the investor showing the principle, not to look Jabberwocky.
4. I am ready to report on progress and for every ruble spent before

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