Tiger orphan from Primorye being treated near Khabarovsk

Specialists Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre "cliff" in the Khabarovsk region have appointed a course of vitamins and antibiotics Tiger Cub orphan, found a few days ago in the village Svetlogorye Primorsky Krai, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, spokesperson for the center.

Emaciated cub, hunters caught about 60 kilometers from the village Svetlogorye Pozharsky district of Primorye, sent to gain strength in the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Khabarovsk Krai. This is the third cub, found in February in Primorye. Last year found seven cubs.

"Tiger Cub supposedly 6-7 months. He is exhausted, weak, response to external stimuli reduced. Male or a female is, the weight and size of the animal was determined after the beast stronger. While tiger placed in quarantine for a month, he was appointed to the complex treatment vitamins and antibiotics biostimulants, "- said the source.

He noted that since the beginning of the year is the second cub, who was taken to the center from nearby villages Svetlogorye. In January of this year, "Rock" brought the exhausted young tiger trap with a damaged paw. She successfully operated in and out, the nickname given lighter. During his stay in the center of it recovered to 15 kilograms — 40. Now Light is in a special cage, it taught to hunt and prepare for release into the wild.

Siberian tiger lives in the Russian Far East — the Khabarovsk and Primorsky regions. In the middle of XIX century the Russian population was more than a thousand individuals. Predation and destruction of its habitat has led to the fact that for a hundred years, the number of individuals was reduced to 50, and the Siberian tiger found in the 40-ies of XX century on the brink of extinction. After the measures the population size was increased. Recent surveys show that the predator population has stabilized at around 450 individuals.

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