To the public is a two-headed turtle




In the UK, the attention of the public is a two-headed turtle. The animal came to light in the house of 66-year-old turtle lover John Jones.

"I'm 55 years old and hold breed turtles, but never in my life seen anything like it. Turtle hatched out of the last egg in the clutch, I even had to help her get out of the shell," — says Jones.

Turtle got two names — Solomon and Sheba. Double name due to the fact that Jones did not know what half of his turtle.

Despite the strange mutation, 2-month-old reptile is completely healthy. Both heads live an independent life and sometimes even simultaneously chew the same lettuce, writes The Sun.

"It creeps along with the rest of my 37 turtles. Each head has its own brain. I'm sure, because sometimes they are simultaneously trying to crawl in different directions," — says Jones.

According to the specialist of turtles Tortoise Trust Jill Martin, a reptile can cost several hundred dollars. She added that the two-headed turtle — is a rare but natural.

"Two-headed turtle — that's just wrong evolved twins. Such things happen, but very rarely," — said Martin.

Battery News, 12.11.2004 12:57

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