Tom Stoppard is Free Theatre

13 July playwright Tom Stoppard in London will present leaders of the "Free Theatre" Natalia Kolyada and Nikolai Khalezin, as well as opposition leader and a representative of Charter 97 Andrei Sannikov.

Website Index on Censorship reports that the company "Free Theatre" has been widely accepted in London, "but their struggle for freedom and democracy against the background of the worsening situation in Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko has introduced new laws to restrict the Internet and introduce criminal responsibility for human rights defenders and political activists who use the Internet to organize resistance to the regime. "

The website states that the human rights organization Index on Censorship is launching a campaign to draw attention to the state of freedom of speech in Belarus.

We asked Michael Harris, who in the organization Index on Censorship is responsible for communication with the public, explain why for this company was chosen Belarus

"Belarus is in Europe, but as regards European media attention to the situation with human rights in Belarus, it is much weaker than the media attention to the human rights situation in China or Burma. This is the main reason why we started our company. Belarus in Europe is given less attention than it deserves. "

During the presentation of the "Free Theatre" in London will znimatstsa short video with words of encouragement for the people in Belarus. These videos then the campaign organizers will put on the organization's website. Michael Harris explained Radio Liberty:

"We will take pictures of people who will come to play in the center of free speech (Free Word Centre). Idea we have this to record the audience, actors and political activists who came to this meeting. Campaigners will record a 60-sekundnyya video with words support of freedom of expression in Belarus. We want to create a "videastsyanu" which bears witness to the support of people in Belarus people in the UK. "

More about the presentation of the "Free Theatre" in London at our website later.

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