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Share my personal opinion, probably by far wrong, but obviously in the future much fun. So having studied in detail the advanced and can not be simplified to the specific concepts of mechanics in the background below the designated technical definitions, partly supported by an adequate modern science, I suddenly remembered from the era of the Soviet Union, a fantastic tale of "The Time Machine" and some of the criticisms of the theory restricted to the well-known myth of "Perpetuum "I ask not to be confused with … it's not the poppy" Time Machine "from VIA A. Makarevich and this is not the trehsmyslenny" infinite peace of Chemistry — Physics — Biology ", in another embodiment, sounds like figures disparate technologies, but is implicit in the principle of one And then — well, that has distorted science categorically deny all new introduction describing this crazy world, I'm sorry once well-forgotten old and traced the thought in this thread, this is the time when the theory of relativity by Einstein under the yoke of luminaries of science at that time was undeniable, exaggerating "theoretically proven," the availability of funds of the study, who was considered contrary to generally accepted social outcast, thereby creating a cult of personality in science, in other words Tyrannosaurus prospectors — Naturalists, parallel

and perpendicular to the pressing on the psyche of an authority created by the mass of the surface views., and who do you think?

A few examples of atypical absurdly extended without entangling subconscious haze mathematical calculations, formulas, and other wandering stray pages of textbooks sometimes blocking the mind, but using well-known and a proven scientific fact. On assurance and convincing observations of subsection Astrophysics Science inclusive world in which we are there from 4 billion to 14 billion years in the earth's chronology, a very curious number … and the fun is inconceivable for a long time it all: — the planets, satellites, solar system, galaxy, the Milky way, and others., including the flora and fauna of non-stop spinning and spinning like a girl in a frame or on the carousel is not it … forming a high-energy fusion reactions, and even making processes for cold fusion … in other words creating and destroying worlds and converted from one type to another type of infinite arrays of eternal darkness as energy and unconventional forced automobile engine — the compressor turbine. The discovery that lit up the mind, and in fact any of the known types of engines invented by man, good and clear description of the objects in the theory of engines, machine parts … be — then pedal a bike or a car engine — generator … so — works the same way — the same set up in principle — then the difference of methods of execution mechanisms, the scale of the same gyroscope precession of the banal and the fact that the Galaxy as a mechanism for all — is infinitely than ferris wheel in size … The conclusion is simple to outrageous, if the way of the world., which means the only perpetual motion machine a harsh reality in the concept of the universe, and not nonsense ancestors and contemporaries dreaming of free energy due to which modern science is still publicly ridiculed dissenters techies, but the rates for housing still growing and this housing is so — also depends on the different types of engines, as do we all … um … um … yeah.!? Developing the idea dare remind elementary law for thoughtful physicists — theorists of physics — practitioners, if that — it rotates or spins on their own without your intervention means there is an opportunity to force efficiency to get the benefit of the citizens so to speak, the clearest example of the great discoveries — mini bike generator to enable safe navigate in the dark and saved a lot of owners of two-Faith iron horses from abrasions and bruises., or otherwise already established and operating model engines do not require what is — or fuel, and experts working at the request of the strength of materials science and applied physics.

Next, and that — a "time machine" as previously discussed., But some modern scholars rightly believe that the distorted space in which we temporarily inhabit., Well … duck here this spiral of time, or the very torsion fields determines our Being that that spring shock absorbers and therefore as an ant happened to be there on the torsion bar suspension, a person can travel. back to the future or forward to the past, but all — it is better to use the phraseology of the great and mighty … without going into details we have rounded digits are superfluous to note bitterly admit it in the past have been impossible for anyone who has none, and it is possible in the future to those who have it, as in other elementary and perpetual motion.

Supplemental infa:

TORSION (twisting from the French. Torsion) — rod made in low gear torsional stiffness at the moment, is used to absorb the torsional — axial vibration of the suspension, and other mechanisms.

ENGINE — is electromagnetic kinematic — mechanical converter what — or type — the type of physical energy temporal chain of events that alters the structure of the local or global in:

1). alternating electrical current — direct current, discharge — a charge;

2). mechanical operation of the heating — expansion, compression — cooling and vice versa;

3). the amplitude of oscillations of known and unknown spectrum, and the processes occurring and make up the whole, if there is friction is inevitable, an electric static., in order to obtain a final surplus which performs efficiency — or the payload except for unavoidable losses. Converters are separated by purpose and use of the principles of action: — turbines, generators, internal combustion engine, jet engines, and even species using the properties of the previously accumulated natural resources — solar radiation, the planet's core, coal, oil, plutonium, methane, helium, water and more …

SPACE — it's a lot of concentrated gravity in its molecular structure of objects between which form a physical relationship which — or the wave of communication, similar in structure defined in the types — types: — the dynamics of motion, static mass, etc., in an invisible cause imperfection of human vision becomes apparent perfection of measuring equipment includes a multi-dimensional, vector, Hilbert space …

MECHANICS (the art of building machines from the Greek. Mechanike) — this is an important study of the motion of physical and other bodies in the aggregate definition of cause — effect relationships between them, to put it simply copying and restoration of the natural secrets. Mechanical methods are investigated and the location of any changes in physical bodies. The laws of mechanics are the same for everyone and are used for technical computing machinery, tools, building structures, space, atmospheric aircraft, robotics …

TIME — a modern system of accounts for the basic concept of the atomic second, independent of astronomical observations and other distortions of reality — the uniform component — the rhythm of space or scale of the measured interval distance, some scholars suggest it is our material space-time distortion, where time flows much slower or much faster

from the true, more simply by defining the past, present, future — the past …

RELAY (relais from the French.) — This is a technical device with two — three states of stable equilibrium is used for manual or automatic switching on and off of electrical and other circuits on the action from the outside. Known mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical, time relays … the views, the simplest example of a man and a light switch.

GRAVITY (gravity from Lat. Gravitas) is:

1). the same as gravity;

2). the same as that of the foliation statistical interaction between the structure of matter as in Puff Cake or something more meaningful to the child's toy in the matryoshka nesting dolls;

3). However, as the force of gravity from Newton, centrifugal force arising in the washing machine or other such axial rotation, or when the weight of the substance tends to break the molecular bonds balanced simultaneous friction particles in sagging of the center of mass of the fibers in the field of statistical dynamics gravitational acceleration or described as the forces of attraction — repulsion dependent on the strength of the charge — discharge potential static … like gravity and significant effect of a supernova explosion, and in fact (torque) force moment of time converting one form of energy into another space type from solid to liquid, from gas into a plasma … hot, cold, a word chimera.

COP (coefficient of performance) — a unit of measurement when power allows developed parasitically take excessive force without loss of efficiency of the main donor of a mechanical device and convert the energy expended in the same species produced different physical type of energy earlier alchemists that — as trying to squeeze out of the philosopher's stone bar gold through the power of thought and prejudice, as we know from the history of the world much later that — as the scientists had to invent the internal combustion engine, in order to speculate on the matter is justified.

Extensive material so briefly and wondering if the truth and the facts determined in the comparison is common to all spheres of life and whose mechanics postulates — that narrow cross speculation.

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